Updated Layout!

yay i finished the layout before 3/1 like i wanted! how yall feelin bout it?! thought it was about time to switch it up a bit... it's been lookin the same since i created this blog [may 09?]. i wanted to keep it similar but change it up some! let me know what yall think! yay or nay?

[still a few changes i gotta make!]


effin LOVE.
ahhhh, this guy can't do wrong!!!
instrumental is bangin.
crazy addicting.

in the lib.
typed up my marketing notes.
trynna update the blog's layout by tomorrow.
we'll see if that works out.
it's been a while... well--i've never changed it.
so i kinda planned to do that by 3/1...
yeah, tomorrow.

just drank some grape soda.
i keep burpin grape.
not cute.
but at least it doesn't smell like hotdogs!
:/ haha. embarrassing moments of my life.


featuring t-pain.

yes. love the drumline goin on.
i gots love for b.o.b!

spring must be coming! excitement!
featuring mr. hudson!!

effin love this!! :)
colors are bangin.
love the red ones best!

Sunni Ali Ber - Yurugu

you gotta listen/download this!!!
i am shocked right now.
tender age of 18. talent.
this kid sounds like L-U-P-E. & i effin love it.
not saying he's better at all.
but this track... i adore.
new fave on the lookout?!

thought i was trickin thinkin he sounded a lil like fiasco, but i did a little research and quite of few people said the same. hype. we need more artists/lyricist like lupe, although i don't think he can ever be replaced. i know sunni probably just wants to sound like his own self, but it must be nice to be compared to such a great musician.

what do yall think??
p.s. download/listen to another song by sunni [dark light], here.
download it nowww!

vizzy zone mixtape--> march 26th!

oh dang!! 5th book by lupe?!!? never knew he wrote books... wtf. where have i been?! i might just start reading again for that! hahah >> that sounds HORRIBLE. but i honestly don't have time to read for fun anymore... barely have time to read these textbooks, ya know??

i absolutely love lupe.
i don't want the lupe fiasco show to ever enddddd!!
featuring tiara wiles.

i likes the kid daytona.
cool video; something different.
featuring stalley.

featuring ludacris!

:) party song!
def didn't like it when it first came out,
but now i kinda love it. haha!

Ransom by Adidas Originals 2010

kinda like these.
1st&2nd pair.
bright colors.
hmmm, idk if i like these or not?

available at nordstrom.
:( RIP McQueen.

buy these babies, here.
i love the look of the new blog.

AFRICA Fashion Show!!

i was telling you guys about my friend bolaji a few weeks or so ago and i had mentioned that he was having his own fashion show coming up... well the time is this weekend!! & i'm so hype!!

the theme of his show is Africa. here's a little info:

"AFRICA" will be comprised of eight scenes, which will discuss pertinent issues that the continent undergoes that the media does not properly showcase to the rest of the world. The first six scenes will discuss the problematic circumstances in Africa, which are: the Sierra Leone diamond crisis, the Nigeria pipeline bombings, the rapes and war outbreaks in the Congo, the war and slavery in Sudan, the Eritrea versus Ethiopia feud, and the AIDS epidemic plaguing the entirety of the continent. The last two scenes will propose the solutions to these problems, which are: Education and Unity. Each scene will be opened up by a performance to ensure that the audience will be entertained through the duration of the show.

so all you needa know is it's going to be an amazing show that you DON'T wanna miss... especially if you're around the richmond area this weekend.

who: you--as in, you and you're friends gotta come out and support this greatness.
what: the africa fashion show, duh!
when: february 27th; 8pm.
where: greater richmond convention center [how flippin cool is it for a STUDENT to produce his own fashion show and have it at such a big venue?!! i'm amazed]!
why: cause you're gonna be missing out on something epic if you aren't present.

& an added bonus: michael taylor [renown richmond couturier/parson's graduate] will be debuting his clothing line during the intermission.

let's talk money: so now that you already know you wanna be there and have written it down in the planner like i have weeks ago... i bet you're wondering how much is this thing? well, it's $10 for students with a student ID; $15 for general admission. when i first asked bolaji how much admission was and he said $10, i was like dannng man i'm a broke college student as it is. i mean imma definitely be there because i support--but $10? he bouta be ballin outta control!! haha. but then i thought about it, and for this show to be at the CONVENTION center and all the time he put into it, $10 is not asking for much at all. he's literally been working on this show for forever. but here's the kicker... all of the money is going towards the SOUTHERN SUDAN PROJECT charity. this guy is doing this for the greater good. isn't that the most beautiful thing you've heard in a while??

"The media portrays Africa as a large mass of land that is simply a National Geographic spectacle, only worthy of Discovery Chanel documentaries and “Feed the Children” commercials. My goal is to illustrate a more truthful depiction of Africa."
-bolaji oyegunle

see yall at africa! ;)
& you better believe i'm gonna have pictures!! stay tuned for that!

i had an awesome day. friends and laughter are all i need in life. real talk. goodnight!


Mel-V - California [Teaser]

speaking of no regard...
mel-v from the crew.

check him out.

yessirrrr, he makes good music!
i could listen to this all day.

hahaha. love these pictures! :)
japanese brand.
get more info, in japanese... here.
clean. i can digg it!
releases this saturday [february 27th]!

coldest winter indeed.

imma watch this later.
guess what.
i have a test at 2.
i found out/remembered about it at 2AM.
last NIGHT.
the fudge?!
pray for a girl.
bouta go back to the bathroom to study.
yeah, you read right--bathroom...
it feels pretty effective so far.
no distractions.
hahaha, call me weird.
if it helps me get a good grade,
it's bouta be my new study spot.
i don't care what yall think! :)


free ihop, anyone??

Peugeot Concept

this is like some movie on another planet.
the world is moving too fast for me!
hahaha, i wanna try one of these out though...
pure awesomeness.
my question is if it's gonna hurt my butt.
but it looks really cool!!
super nice bright gym bag.
i can digg it! :)
but for the price...
i believe i could get a bomb personal trainer, forget the nice gym bag! :p
the word futuristic comes to mind.
the colors are bangin.


double screen is pretty cool.

back to more blogging soon. i was literally in the library yesterday from 3PM til 2AM. & today i have a full day of classes and a group meeting. smh. school.

have a great day!


Mishka Los Angeles Store Exclusive T-shirts

for anyone that lives in/near LA.
these are niiice. i likes!
very exclusive--so go asap!

Mishka LA
1547 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA

man... imma be all up in LA one day. until then... back to the books.

featuring JT... who i miss dearly.


caution: reflecting/ventilation: i'm trying not to take life personal right now, but it's getting kinda... personal. seems like i get bad news more than i get good news. & most times i can stay positive about it and move along. but sometimes i get caught up. my minds been doing that for years. so sometimes i fall back into that habit. i'm just gonna take every day as it comes. i'm gonna try my best to stay positive and chipper as i usually am, but forgive me if i'm zoned out and quiet. that should be okay too, right?

i rarely talk about how i feel. about anything personal. to anyone. any issues i have, i tend to keep them to myself. like you might know that i'm having a tough time, but that's probably it. cause i feel like i'm burdening someone in making them listen. cause i've had one too many times where i've told someone something and yeah, they were listening--but they didn't hear one thing i was saying. THAT, to me is like... why am i wasting my time and breath? i've been let down so many times that now i'm just like nahhh i'm gonna keep it to myself and my diary and i'm gonna get through this on my own. horrible philosophy though. i know that. but it's where i'm at today. i'm trying to change. & i'm trying to trust. but it's just where i am right now. bare with me.

so tonight, i was talking to my friend [thank you] who really gets what i'm going though right now... [i didn't even have to tell her what was wrong and it made me feel a whole lot better. we just talked about not being able to talk to people about our issues and why... haha kinda ironic huh? is that the right word? sometimes i just need someone i can relate to. or someone that is trying to relate. effort, please. i'd do the dang same for you.] & i came to the conclusion that i'm gonna try to do less worrying, and have more faith. sometimes i forget that God wouldn't put anything on me that i can't handle. so i'm gonna handle it, as best as i can. what else can i do, ya know?

just had to speak on some things. vaguely, yes. but still. & this time i don't really care if anyone was listening. this time, it was for me. :)

this is another reason i've taken it as my mission to be there for anyone that needs someone to listen. because i know how important that is. i'm gonna be there for whoever may need me. stranger, best friend, acquaintance, etc. i've said it once, i'll say it again--i'm here if you need me. with no judgment. my ears aren't just for music. ;)

maybe you can relate?
maybe not?
[was this too personal?
it won't happen often i swear]!
either way, g'night!!


my friend richie was telling me about vampire weekend... i definitely need to do some more listening! this is a really nice song to chill to!

hahah the cameos in this video are hilarious!

love this song.
video is... interesting? haha.
featuring ludaaa!

cute video!
i can't help but love justinnnn!
hope he stays adorable and good forever!
bomb! i love it.
the line.
the pictures.
i looove it!!

see the rest of the collection, here!!
cooool ish.

more info, here.
yay!!!!! i love marshaaaa!!!!

do it to it >> download!

Nylon TV Fashion Week Fall 2010 : Jeremy Scott

aahhhhh, the man is a genius.
i love this guy.

i WANT that style/fashion sweater dress. SO BAD!!! i love big loose sleeves so much right now! i definitely didn't notice the words when he first held it up. i'd be forced to have my arms out alllll day if i was blessed with that awesomeness. hahah. :)

aye, this song is poppin too. what is it!?! LOVE!

simple clean lines.
very neutral.
diverse. yay!
love the dark background.