Eres swimwear S/S 2009 Campaign

i like it!! really classy! i'm feeling the simplicity with a touch of nice detail with the ruffles/accessory. :)

love the raquel zimmermann playing both roles. these ads remind me of that one episode on america's next top model when the girls had to embody different types of men. remember that?! no?

not bad.
some of the pieces look nice.

see the rest of the collection here.

people's creativity never cease to amaze me! i wanna try to do some art like this!!!! wow! i absolutely love it!!! one of my new favorite artists for sure. hands down.

a blip about papermonster: "Stencil art/graffiti continues to evolve as a means of expressing messages throughout the world whether they be political, emotional, or spiritual. PaperMonster's work as a stencil graffiti artist and designer explores the beauty behind eyes and emotions conveyed through the facial expressions of women. His artwork can be found on surfaces such as wood, plastic/plexi, canvas and any other flat surface imaginable. PaperMonster incorporates both stencil and pasting collage techniques to create one of a kind pieces of art. Each piece brings together cultural fragments consisting of anything from Asian typography to original paper currency from countries throughout the world."

check out more of papermonster's artwork here. you won't regret it!!

trey speaks on "ready", producers he's worked with, new style, upcoming roles, etc.
interview here.
lookin good trey, lookin goooood!

ready - september 1st!!!
are you ready?!!
you know ya girl is!

"my life move faster than a leopard sprint. round the world got a lot of spots like leopard print."

love it.

i can digg it a lil... haha.
def thought it said...
diss track towards mariah.
listen to the track here.
read the article here.
WOW. crazymessness.
he didn't hold back though!

not much to comment on.
but i will say this...
sorry... but,
this is not music.
this is unnecessary.
i know music comes from within, life experiences, or whatever, but targeting people... that's just stupid... in my opinion. i'm not just talking about eminem, but a lot of other people as well.

come on man,
what is happening to music these days?
oooh!!! nice! i got a nikon d100 when i was 16. i wish i could work the thing to its best performance. the manual is way to thick though. << ugh, how stubborn of me!

read more about the new nikon d300s here.

Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Putipanda

how could you say no to this face??
hunting pattern?? ... hmmm. not really sure i like it. pharrell looks good though! haha.
...just in case you forgot your swimwear.

cool eh?! i was flabbergasted the first time i saw an ipod vending machine in the mall! this is way more realistic, i think. because they're gonna be set up in the standard hotels. if you're in one of those hotels, you won't have to go out and get a swimsuit if you don't want to! & they come in cute little bags! hope other hotels catch on to this idea...

launches august 8th.

yes! i love belts & bags!! nice job borba margo!
see the rest here.
so apparently rad hourani is a unisex clothing line. cool concept right? except i personally don't feel like it's really all that unisex... but i do know some boys that would rock the heck out of some of these pieces! i do like the line though! edgy!

by linden gledhill
ummmmmmmmm, WOW!
i love this! really awesome.
& pretty!!

see more here!!

trench coats will never go out of style! so boys, go out and get you a nice one!! a nice tailored suit jacket wouldn't hurt either. instant sophistication! check out bespoken.

halle berrryyyyyy hallleee beerrrryyyy!

her daughter [nahla aubrey] is GORGEOUS!!!!! no surprise there! let me get dat baby! & can i look like that after i have a child?! thank you.
do yall go to tanning beds?! i've never gone to a one [never found it necessary & it looks kinda scary] but for those of you that do, you might wanna think twice! >> click here to read what the international agency for research on cancer says about sunbeds and uv radiation.

"Combined analysis of over 20 epidemiological studies shows that the risk of cutaneous melanoma is increased by 75% when the use of tanning devices starts before age 30."

there are other ways to be tanner besides baking in the sun and going to tanning beds! & being tan doesn't necessarily mean beautiful. i know for me, i kinda feel like the media favors people looking tan and what not but yeah it miiight make you look a little more glowing and healthier... but in reality, you could get skin cancer not long down the road... plus i think it's all about how we look at the idea of being tan. quick example, in taiwan, they like girls the opposite almost. everyone is pale! & i don't think that's because asians can't tan easily... cause i'm asian and i can tan like no other! enough with the random example.

just love the skin your in
. & if you wanna be tan, get some self-tanning stuff or at least get the proper sunscreen!!

oooh, that's cute!
toilet paper can now look classy!
hahaha. :)
comes in bunches of colors.
check it.

Lose Your Mind Limited EditionT-shirt

shawn chrys x im-king t-shirt!!! freshhhh! i love it. a little hesitation on how the clouds might look, but i love the colors, love the graphics. LOVE!

coming out this fall!!!

city with no seasons : august 11th!

2009/10 ad campaign.
it's cool she partnered up with them.
oooh, check this out!!!
[lupe remix]
you won't regret it!!
i love it.

sidenote: i canNOT wait for lupe's album!! yessss babbyy!

really interesting collection. that i might like. still contemplating. i definitely like some of the stuff though. i'm just not sure about it as a whole. check it out you guys!