Blogging: Things We Forget

okay, this is my "blogging" series,
much like my "youtubing" series.
[i'm gonna start randomly posting cool blog's i come across]!


here's one!

awesome post-its with uplifting/encouraging/random statements on them are posted every day at random places for the public to see. maybe it's me, but i love the idea. i'd be happy if i saw something encouraging while walking to class, etc.
don't mind me, i'm just reflecting.
wanted to express it somewhere.
more reflective that usual.
just some of my issues drawn out.
never for you to feel bad for me,
just hoping you can relate. :)

some thoughts on my mind right now... school has been slipping on me. or i've let it slip rather. this semester is coming to an end, and baby i'm thankful for it!! so maybe i didn't go hard this semester like i wanted. much like previous semesters i've screwed up. disappointing, yes. it's not so much the grade--i mean duh, part of it is. my gpa is drownnning! i'm just trynna get a good job when i get out. sometimes the gpa matters. if i plan to go to grad school, [don't know yet], imma need this ugly lil number to hike UP. but i'm not gonna let how these past few semesters went down get to me. can't dwell on the past ya know? i've adapted to that mindset this year. & it's working well for me, so hey! being positive really does work guys. fake it til you make it. im tellin youuuu. pulled me outta some sad crap i was in. don't drown in your sorrows; it doesn't do you any good. like aaliyah said, "cause if at first you don't succeed, then dust yourself off and try AGAIN!" >> yo i miss that girl!

so here's to a new semester, and heck... a new year! 2010, let's go. i actually typed out my resolutions for 2009 and it's looking pretty sorry. my number one resolution was to grow closer to God. to be honest, that didn't happen. [like many of my resolutions. i did go to the gym more... that stopped like 1.5 months ago. gotta get back to it, i miss it!] whoa, don't get me wrong, i'm not the devil. i have strong morals. i try to always do right. couldn't live any other way. but i want that close relationship with God i've seen other people have that i don't think i've ever had. & i def need to read the Bible more. i've been going to church all my life--and i never knew anything when we'd play Bible trivia in sunday school. you'd never want me on you're team. honestly. i wanna change that.

anywhoooo, the new year--yeah we all say we're gonna magically change and whatnot every single year, and okay, maybe that's not so realistic, but it really doesn't hurt to try.

so here's to a new year quickly approaching.

"tell'em go home, cause imma go hard."

simple. as that. haha.

well. let me go catch a quick nap.
running on 3 hours of sleep.
& it's bouta be a busy day.


wiz khalifa's album deal or no deal--seriously, LOVE IT. click here to listen to the whole album! listened to it for the first time yesterday while i was at the library, and i fell in love! it's the beats; they're crazy. & wiz does his thing.

she DOES put on a great if not entertaining show!

not too sure if i really like this song by him, but it's not bad at all!

Timbaland - Meet In Tha Middle

featuring bran' nu [brandy. apparently she changed her name?]

song is okay.
i'm not really loving it.

i like how the beat came in.
love it.
get it solange!

the original song is by the dirty projectors.

featuring justin timberlake!

interesting song.
diggin the beat.

i miss jt!!
where are youuuuuuuu!?

so i'm hearing i need this rihanna album.
i need to check it out ASAP!
check this out:
yall can bid on
  • an exclusive pair of yeezy's,
  • a rare loop dreams tshirt,
  • "glow in the dark tour" books,
  • & "thank you and you're welcome" books
& everything is going to be signed by kanye.

proceeds go to the kanye west foundation.

for more information, click here!

sooo i'm in the lib. & that basically means, i'm not getting work done. cause let's face it, i honestly can't get work done--anywhere. if it isn't someone distracting me, it's the internet, or something random... horrible i know. but yeah i'm just goofing off with my bud so i figured i could get a post or two in!

i did get some research done in the lib a lil earlier though. just a lil bit. ;) plus it was casual reseaerch for my 3-5 minute presentation on japan tuesday. why i'm not panicking you ask? heck, i don't even know... maybe that's a good thing. orrrr maybe i should take it a little more seriously.

ooooh, and my friend, he made me and my friends homemade sweet potatoe pie!! i'm exxxcited!! i hope it's as delish as it looks!!! the bad thing is, we don't all live together so i won't get to take it home with me... i don't think i'm gonna get a taste tonight! haha, dang.

now that i've written about my personal life too much...

you know how i love pretty much everything right?? yeah... this.... is wretched. & anything with sasquatch in its name... questionable. butttt if you like it, you can get it here. & goodluck manuvering around the site cause everything is in japanese. which reminds me...

i need to go to bed soon.
after this last millionth load of laundry.
cause i need to get up at a decent hour.
[probably not gonna happen].
cause i need to do research.
for my project on japan. :)
finally a project i don't mind doing.
what a blessing.

& everyone is coming back from break. i been on my hiatus like i always am during breaks--i don't see ANYONE. i don't mind solitude sometimes. it's kinda scary. anywho, enough solitary confinement, back to life/school!

i'll take that tote bag, thank you very much!
toooooo bad i can't get it.
cause it was an exlusive package for wellgosh's 21st birthday celebration.
basically this post was pointless.
forgive me!

idea though:
maybe i should make a tote bag like that!

featuring mr. west himself.
yall know i have an undying love for the piano so when this song started, i had a feeling i'd like it. i love the collabo. :)

oooh, i love all of the routines!
i wish my body could do that!!
& i love this song.
like i really love it! haha.

Timbaland - Maniac

featuring chris brown and keri hilson.

it's mediocre.
not really feeling it...

Sammie - Thanksgiving Song

haha, fool.

yay for talent,
& yay for a mixtape coming soon.

i like it!
like the piano :)

this is one of the tracks on untitled,
which releases tuesday, december 1st!

aww, i love a guy who can play the piano!!

sooo, from these pictures and stories i'm hearing about black friday, i'm kinda glad i'm not out there!! i'm sure the deals are pretty great, but i bet i wouldn't save enough money to pay for a psychiatrist afterwards! haha. people FIGHT over sales man... i want no part! remember, there are sales online too! but yeah... one day i'm sure i'll take part, just not today...

did yall take part of black friday?!
got any good exciting, crazy stories?!
i wanna know!

maybe i should go to sleep soon...


Kidz In The Hall - All Night (Make Up Sex)

featuring marsha ambrosius. [love her]! i'm jammin. download it here!!

this song is gonna be on their free EP, which releases december 8th!! free? yes!! i love the giving mood everyone is in! it's such a beautiful thing. let's keep it up.

you can also download another song from the EP called the grizzly man, here.

i like the dance scenes!

malice n wonderland in stores december 8th.
produced by yeezy.

i love it.
great artists.

"praises due to the most high Allah, praises due to the most fly prada."

love the scarf.
random siting: remember the post i posted of these christian louboutin blue bondage ankle boots? here's a knock off from forever 21, except they unfortunately don't have it in the blue. when i saw them, i was like heyyy, i've seen this somewhere before! still not sure if i like them...
you can get them for $32.80!
definitely better in blue,
but hey.

off i go, as i do online window shopping. i'm trying to get inspiration as to what i want to make. i'm in the mood to sew. think i want to make a shirt. i'd make a dress, but with the sheer peach fabric i have, no liner, is not cute.

hope yall had a Blessed day!

i randomly discovered this guy doing the lupe cover i posted below on someone else's blog a couple minutes ago. i'm watching his other videos and i love them! his name is ariel [pronounced R-E-L he says, haha]. most of the covers he does, are my favorite songs!! pure talent. & i loooove the ukelele!

check out his youtube page.
i hit that subscribe button in a hurry.

here are some of his videos:

well now that i overloaded this post with his videos, i'm bouta be watching ALL of his dang videos... smh! :p
before we get to the cover,
soooo have yall listened to all 22:16 minutes of the mixtape yet?! [if not, download it pronto!!] i surely had it on repeat all day! it's crack. wish there was more to hear but i can't complain!

check out this alternate cover someone made! it's quite awesome!

oh, & if you're a lyric reader like i am, you can find the lyrics for the whole mixtape here!!

finally, check out this cover of solar midnite [from the soundtrack of new moon] that i absolutely fell in love with:

they both killed it! :)
so yeah, this is pretty gangsta alright.

some of the pictures are pretty fresh.

album rated r is out now.
go get it!
but don't go to itunes, go to amazon.
you can download all of the songs for $3.99!
[my friend wasn't lying when she told me this, i thought she was! haha].
can we say wowza?!
also, check out the other deals amazon has due to black friday!
some things in life are far too fierce.
>> such as sb shades.
& sb himself, stevie boi.

i love!! i'm totally inspired to do something creative and artsy! a lot of his shades are more editorial than realistic [i suppose... unless you wanna walk down the street with half of your vision, but fabulous as ever...], but amazing nonetheless. i like the playlist on the website too!
every other day, people talk about money money money... except thanksgiving day... wonder why that is. few of us will say "i am thankful for money" so why do so many people focus so much of their daily lives on it?! it's different if you say you're thankful you have a job and can provide for you and your family. i just find so many people hold money so highly and it's yet another thing you can't take with you in the end. it's not what really matters, not for me at least.

i am thankful for God, because He stays blessing me, and i am blessed to have Him in my life! i am thankful for my family, because they love me for me, are always there for me, and support me no matter what i do. i am thankful for my friends, because they are amazing people who keep me laughing and keep me sane. i am thankful for my health, because did i ever tell yall i'm a miracle baby and i wasn't even supposed to enter the world?! i am thankful for my education, because although i often say i hate being in school, i know it's more than a great opportunity that i can say that i am in college and learn the things i do, plus deep down i love it... deeeeeep down. i am thankful for a place to live and realize it's a blessing, because each day i walk across the park on campus, i see people that can't say the same thing. i am thankful for my struggles, because they have taught me so much, have made me stronger, and have made me the person i am today. i am thankful for the fact that i am alive, [duh!] and i hope that while i am, i can impact people's lives for the better. i am thankful for art, [fashion, music, etc.], because it keeps me inspired and motivated. all in all, i am thankful for everything in my life, because i KNOW i have more than enough to be thankful for, and for that, i am grateful.

today, few of us talk about materialistic things... because at the end of the day those things don't really matter. let's make everyday like today. remember what you say you are thankful for and start focusing your life around that. & don't just be thankful today--be thankful EVERY DAY! be thankful for each and every day that you get, because remember--tomorrow is not promised; it's a Blessing.

don't take anything for granted.

on a lighter note,
& eat some yummy foods for me!


p.s. for those that aren't celebrating the thanksgiving holiday today or ever... have a great day! & stay thankful.

(what inspired me to write some of the things i wrote in this post >> here).
[such a boring cover, but it doesn't even matter one bit!!]

this is what you have ALLLLLLLLLL been waiting for... or me at least!!!!!!!!

the mixtape is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pure excitement!! :)


01 Intro
02 The National Anthem (Radiohead)
03 All The Way Turnt Up (Travis Porter)
04 Fireman (Lil Wayne)
05 Interlude
06 Angels (rmx) (Dirty Money)
07 So Ghetto (Jay-Z)
08 Say Something (Timabaland)
09 Thank You (Jay-Z)
10 The One (Slaughterhouse)
11 Popular Demand (Clipse)


fair warning: lupe wanted it in cassette style... so the whole mixtape plays as one song file... pretty cool if you ask me. good thing i can listen to a whole lupe mixtape and not want to skip a song! :)

if you don't like that, you can get the split up version here.

i'm thankful for lupe's good music, among many other things. i think i'm going to post something about thanksgiving later today. :)
happy thanksgiving babes!

another mixtape december 25th.
"friend of the people"
bomb christmas present if you ask me!!

featuring LUPEEEEEE!!

i know it's break cause i'm over here downloading all types of music! bloggin like crazy. wanting to go online shopping--too bad i don't do that. my mom forbids it... smh. it's probably a good thing. i'm sure i could get really addicted to it.

i pray i get things done!!


Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind : Part II

simply beautiful.

i love both versions. but this sounds so much more stripped down and honest... i'm sure that does NOT make sense... haha whatever.

& yes, sweet potatoes are pretty bangin!
so dang classy.
i love looking at sketches!!!!!!!
i like that it's on graph paper.
ugh, i wish i could draw...
i do love doodling in class! haha.
these are cool.
check him out.
featuring gucci and soulja boy.

i hope the actual video is in good quality cause right now it's not... hopefully they didn't pick any pixelated videos to include -- i don't like that.

it's cool he got the fans involved.
even though i don't like this song!

i know i've gone a little blog posting crazy, but i'm on break and i'm going to be bored, so get used to it! although, i have NO reason to be bored with everything i need to do! just enjoy the massive amount of posts these next few days!

for everyone traveling, be safe!


The Museum of Modern Art | MoMA
11 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019
TEL #: 212-708-9400

November 22nd, 2009 - April 26th, 2010

my friend jasmine would love to see this exhibit!
& since i haven't been to NY... ever...
maybe i should convince her we should go!!

his comment about striped socks made me laugh.

i admit his stuff creeps me out and i'm not really a fan, but as far as his artistic skills go, he's weirdly awesome.

for more info about the exhibit,
click here.

umm, coolest pen ever.
it's got:
  • microphone
  • audio jack
  • speaker
  • infrared camera
  • usb connector
  • & more
  • on top of being a pen...
i want it.

see a video about it here.

i swear the pace technology is going is going to surpass me and it's gonna be a sad day when i'm super lost as how to work something as simple as a pen.
can you imagine that?!
i can't?!
granted i barely ever watched,
i was never home in time
[my school ended at 4pm,
& that's when it came on].
but it's always been there...


it's supposed to end september 9th, 2011.

well at least she's ending the show on people while it's still popular, ya know? better that, than have people end her show for her!

read more on it here.

they betta workkkk!!
the boys killed it in heels!
they turned 180 degrees while squatting in a jump in heels...
yall see that? 1:44 mark.
everyone looks so dang chipper!!
wtf is drake wearing!?!
come onnn,
things like that make me wonder.
famous people need to get it together.
they clearly can afford the best.
yet they're caught wearing the questionable.

basically, this article is about wale, drake, and kid cudi demolishing the gangsta persona that comes with hip-hop. i concur and i love. :)

if you want a copy of this article, pick up GQ's Man of the Year issue, December 2009.
good cause. good shoe.

(RED) Impact
· In just three years, (RED) has generated over $135 million for the Global Fund to support AIDS programs in Africa with a focus on women and children.
· 100% of this money supports Global Fund- financed HIV/AIDS grants in Africa; no overhead is taken out.
· This money has supported programs that have reached more than 4 million people in four countries, this includes reaching nearly 80,000 HIV+ pregnant women with treatment to help ensure their babies are born free of the disease, helping to put nearly 80,000 people on antiretroviral treatment and providing access to HIV testing and counseling to more than 3.5 million people.


As a way to help eliminate AIDS in Africa, Converse will debut two exclusive Chuck Taylor All Star styles in December. The (RED) Leather Jacket shoe and Vena Cava for Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists shoes will be available at the New York, San Francisco and London (RED) pop up stores. In addition, the African Canvas collection of Chuck Taylor All Star shoes made from canvas sourced in Africa will be available at the New York and San Francisco locations. Three new Jack Purcell (PRODUCT)RED African Canvas Chuck Taylor All Star shoes will also be available online and at select retailers globally. Converse will also continue to offer people the capability to express their originality with the MAKE MINE RED option on, which features updated colors, patterns and styles for the season. Visit for more information.

if you didn't know... i love free.
free music = happiness.

check out hey champ's remix - tape.

all you gotta do is enter your e-mail above.
if you wanna listen to it first,
click here.
simple enough riiii?
& from what i've heard,
i like.

sooo, i'm officially on thanksgiving break as of about half an hour ago. yay! & my plans for today... sleep. sounds lovely to me! :) i would say imma straight bum all break, but just because it's a "break" doesn't mean i really have time to take one... finals are coming up man... every grade i get counts since i haven't been doing so hot. eye on the prize. [i hope, yall know i have adhd]!


these are basically vids to promote the organization : summit on the summit. it's purpose is to fight the global clean water crisis. i love lupe!! :) & look, it's kenna!

Make a Difference Monday #1

this is awesome!!
be inspired.

not quite sure what chi city does to be able to randomly pay for everyone's breakfast, but hey, props to him for giving back. he coulda gone out and bought himself clothes, shoes, etc., but he didn't. & that makes me smile. it's nice to see that there are still good people in the world.

"started with a little breakfast, made my whole day!"

"have a really blessed week, and if you can, spread the blessing to somebody else."

more covers.
i like the second one better.
but i love them both.
can't get enough of this song actually.

tell me these guys' voices aren't amazing?!
check them out.
>>christopher john.
>>andrew garcia.

smh, this doesn't look like my homework!! gotta finish this case study that is due tomorrow. i'm struggling on this one little part. i'm bout to be like... eff it. cause honestly, i wanted an A in this class [fashion] sooooo bad. [i'm not close to getting an A in any of my other classes; dang shame]. so in this class, i have an 87 right now. close right? not close enough. there is 200 points left before the semester is over... and to get a 90%... i need 199 of those 200 points... UGH! so i'm pretty much like... i don't even need a really good grade on this assignment. but i'm gonna finish typing it up right now and get it over with. i'm sure i'm making it harder than it seems because i swore i was gonna fail the last case study and i got an 85. a positive attitude surely goes a long way. my days have been so so so much better lately because of it! why make things worse than they are?

til next time,

here's ryan tedder again...
producing for WIZZZ!!
that's some serious ish.
don't sleep on him yall.
he's crazy talented; he's going places.

tell me the beat isn't fiyah.
i love watching beats [in general] get made.
i find it seriously amazing.
i need a friend that lives in the studio or something so i can join in on the fun!

get wiz khalifa's album deal or no deal now!

here's the actual song:

yoooooo, check out this version of cudi's sky might fall. it's genius. not new, but genius! i love it!! never really listened to novel until tonight and man, i like his music! :) i been missing out for sure.

awwwww junk. i can't even lie man, the boy is fly. he seemed mad motivated on run's house. go him. he's going places.

listen to his joint. i think you might be surprised! click here.

his mixtape first flight releases november 27th!
it's coming sooooooooooon guys. there's finally a name for it!!!

enemy of the state : a love story

i'm so excited!!!

he's backkkk.

AMA Performances

here are a few performances,
if you missed it like i did!

what is alicia wearing? i don't like it.

that can't be comfortable.

she still got it.

she almost looks like the old mariah.
she's aged pretty dang well!
haha at the choir that came out,
but they sounded good!

shoooooot, i wanna know what love is too!
hahah. ;)

chill song.
pretty guitar parts.

get it janet!
still fierce.
mj def lives through her.

lily is awesome.
she's different from other artists.
& i like that.
i like taio!
ever since she''s like a star.


featuring kanye, common, john legend, cudi, and big sean.
tell me that isn't an amazing line up?!

random picture i came across tonight...
i basically posted it cause i wanted to tell you about this email i just got... haha.

i didn't get to see the AMA's since i was in the library and since i don't even have a tv at my dorm. but don't cudi and drake look nice?! haha they look like they're wearing the same exact thing except in a different color. i don't know about jeremih... he has on fake suspenders...

soooooooo, i just read this email from my RA about meeting with 2 out of 3 of my roommates tomorrow night. not even sure what this is about. but we shall see. imma speak the truth, that's for dang sure. it could get ugly. stay tuned.

i'm gonna try to go to sleep seeing that it's 3:30AM, but since i've got a million and one thoughts in my head, it might not happen... ughhh! i'm gonna be tired tomorrow!

night loves!

click here to see it.

when my friend told me she was loading the video so we could see it... i jokingly said she probably bounced off her butt. low and behold... she did.

when we saw this, we died. plus we had laughter kept up inside [we didn't want to get hurt] because of these twins in the library cussing each other out... ."shut up you dumb a__ b___" "you're the dumb one" "shut the f__ up you dumb b___" hilarity. and part scary. i thought they were gonna get physical. ALL AT THE LIBRARY. smh, i didn't get much done; i never do.

Timbaland ft. Soshy - Morning After Dark

timba is a creeeper in this vid!

thought i've never heard this song before, but i actually think i have. i like it! who is shoshy!? all tatted!

i swear vampires are the new thing.

ryan tedder and orlando dixon.
[i've seen many covers,
& this is by far my favooorite!]

just discovered orlando today.
but let me say, i'm impressed.
truly beautiful voice.
& ryan tedder is amazing as usual.

saw new moon at the movies today!!
it was awesome!!!
saw the time traveler's wife at school.
ahh, i'm a sucker for chick flicks.
just watched one tree hill.
planned to go to sleep, but i can't.
so hopefully after vampire diaries...
cause it's getting late.
& i forgot [until tonight] that i had a case study to do by tuesday!
so it's homework day today,
need to get up around 12 and grind.

goodnight guys.


Toni Braxton - So Yesterday

featuring trey boo.

toni looks great!
can i age like that please?!
i don't quite like the hairstyles she chose, but i like the wavy one!
that rust/orange dress was pretty!
& i love the passion in trey's face.

i love this song!!

is this a new song?
was this on her album?!!
i swear it wasn't... cause i had it on repeat for the longest...

i like.

ps. i love the whole off the shoulder look that's everywhere. love!

featuring pit bull.

fun fact: i used to be soooooo obsessed with j.lo!!! i even did a project on her in middle school. LOVED her!

i believe her new name is lola... why?

not sure if i like this new look she's sporting... or this song. sadface! but tell me... how do the celebs keep their bangin body afterrr kids?!?!

featuring kobe.

i like the chorus.

she's toooo fierce.
ugh! i can't be hatin on a youngin!
she has a star tat??!
iiii want a star tat!
i prob won't get one though,
too permanent, and no meaning to it.
i want it on my wrist...
not a good look in the corporate world.
maybe one day...

i think i like this guyyy!
i love whatcha say sooo much!

Katalyst HQ: Crazy for Kenna [ft. Kid Cudi]

hahaha, too funny!!

friend of mine got this from his friend and sent this to me. felt the need to post it.

i mean DANG.
had that been MY child?
omg, i woulda laid hands.
now i'm not talking about a spanking,
i'm talking straight up strangling!!!
i woulda choked him out.
& his voice is soooooo annoying!!

i do admit he's pretty quotable though.

"i did lightly slap her on the cheek to show her how that feels, so i hope that makes her think about what she does"


so i definitely fell asleep at like 10pm while i was uploading pictures on facebook of this pageant my friends were in... woke up around 1... not even that tired anymore... i'm excited about the weekend!! might go see new mooooon, basketball game, hanging with a friend i haven't gotten to hang with in forever, maybe see the time traveler's wife, chillax, etc.

i keep thinkin i shouldn't go to class tomorrow and just call it a weekend... haha, we'll see. just seems pointless to go.


Nelly Furtado - Más

i enjoy music in different languages forreal. even though i don't have a clue what they're really singing about! haha. good thing there's subtitles!
for laughs.

dang, that musta hurt real bad!!
i've always loved sliding on wood floors...
but uh... yeah when the girl sat down to make sure her friend was okay or whatever... she def kicked her in the head. hahahahhaa.

Alicia Keys - Dreaming

love the purple lipstick.

this is a nice calming song,
it's about to put me to sleep.
[only cause i'm crazy sleepy right now!]

finished my 3rd test this week like an hour ago. yessss!!! nappptimmmee! then i got to do this "come meet hall council" thing for my dorm. oh joy. i hope i'm awake enough to make people wanna join and input their ideas on how to make this boring dorm more lively and social. :)

awww, you can really see he cares about the girl. he seems smitten. :)


awww, that's cute.

this is what he said about the video:
"I created this song a week ago from all the inspiration I seen from many charities. This weekend I was able to participate first hand with 2 major charity organizations. Both of them are dedicated to helping child abuse, high risk teens and homeless teen awareness. I cant go on without stressing the powerful impact these organizations have made on me, my life and others. I want to encourage everyone to help people in need. Thats why me and my family are now behind a new organizations called "Families Helping Families". Our first step is to use this song and video to raise money for any charity organization that needs help. Spread the word and forward this link to everyone you know and charities."

nice message.
it's always refreshing for me to see young people work hard to help others.
or anyone helping others for that matter.
in this society, i feel like everyone's out for themselves [and it's made easy to be that way] but when i see people giving back to the community or doing what they can to uplift people, i become truly inspired--to inspire others.

& whatever city ro is in, i wanna see what that's like! it looks fun. i swear i want to travel the world. i have to make it happen you guys! :)

featuring saukrates.

there's something fun about this song.
no clue, but i like it!!

yall remember the OC, the show? that bomb show? i missssss it!!! the theme song, california by phantom planet.

theeeese guys.
i could listen to them forever.
absolutely love this.
[love the end, hilar].

here's the original. def thought sean kingston sang this originally. definitely was shocked cause i don't like him that much. kinda confused how i been reading sean sung it though??? this is my new jammmm though! :)

so i looked it up and supposedly kingston has his own record label now and he signed IYAZ... more info here.

ugh, now i gotta go study for this last test i got this week. managerial economics. ew right? i was gonna say i prob won't post anymore for tonight, but that's probably a lie. you know me. ;)


still can't believe he is the son of the papa from growing pains!!

B.O.B. - No Mans Land [Video]

ah i'll watch this later!!
i know i like the song though!

i love alicia,
so i'm sure this is great.

back to my studies.
gotta write this analytical report,
& then study for this fashion test.
don't even get me started on that class.
[not to mention i'm mad tired and i gotta stay up at least most of the night if not all night for the second night in a row!! -- did pretty well on my test i took today though. results came out super duper fast! don't know how i got an 85 though... i couldn't focus at all when i was trying to study]!!
bouta go back out to see if i can get a better view of the meteor shower in an hour. cause when i was out there earlier with the friends, barely saw anything move. i swore i saw SOMETHING though!!! hahaha.

featuring cam'ron & pharrell!

heard the very beginning of this,
diggin it!

featuring lady gaga.

i heard this was great.
i had to make time to watch this.
of course beyonce looks amazing.
loved the superhero type get up in the beginning, it was cool!
gaga looks normal!
she was worrrrrrking it!
& i hate beyonce's nude get up.

never heard this version til today.
it was cool to see these 2 minds get together.
looooove it!
so i'm about to repsent yall with some new videos. i don't have much time to load and watch them all and give my opinion [cause i know yall care] but maybe i'll come back later and do that.


featuring lil wayne.

is shakira back?

V Magazine : Natalie Portman

ugh, so much for being productive.
it's 6:35 AM and have i really studied at all?
clearly i could have just not procrastinated; could have been productive and be fast asleep by now!
i seriously need to get my mind checked.

meanwhile, natalie portman looks amazing in the december issue of v magazine!

click here for a behind the scenes look at the shoot!
goodness. i love.
ray charles, marilyn monroe, & johnny cash.

basically, leon thau recently messed up 3 of his decks. but instead of trashing them, he decided to fix em up, paint them white, and create these masterpieces with black acrylic paint-markers. amazing.