Tank - If You Dream

LOVE this song!
definitely inspiring.
i needed to hear this song.

featuring tyrese, toni braxton, jordin sparks, omarion, faith evans, jojo, charlie wilson, tamar braxton, and steve russell.

killer line up.

it's on the more than a game [lebron's documentary] soundtrack in stores now.

get em britney!

his voice is insane.
but i think i like thissss, haha!
who's the girl?
i like her!

crunk rock releases early 2010.

happy halloween guys!!
be safe and have fun!


makes me smile.

invisible children is a cause dear to my heart. please check it out.

i would love to see the factory
& design some hot shoes!!

Jack Johnson - Girl I Wanna Lay You Down [Cover]

ahhh i love them!!

good music make my sad days so much better. & trust me when i say, it's been a sad one. made a pretty big mistake today, in my eyes at least. [i'm not prego or anything like that! things could definitely be worse. not that being prego is bad at all, just not the time, haha]. it's sad because things were starting to look up for me. i was starting to have more hope in things this past week. i mean i haven't given up though. but today definitely was a hard hit for me. i just wonder how many steps back i have to take to go forward. because all i wanna do is go forward.

but i'm sure my dad was right--we all mess up sometimes. it's an experience, a lesson. just don't do the same thing next time. look back years from now and this event that you're upset about won't even matter at all, so don't get caught up in the situation. just stand up and move on.

my dad's one of the strongest people i know. i have no idea how he does it. he has so much hope and faith. even when everything seems to be going wrong. everything he said to me made sense. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. but i just hope that i have the ability to improve and grow. because shamefully and honestly, a lot of times it seems like i keep making the same little mistakes. & that is pretty stupid, i know. it just pains me to think about how i'm gonna make up for being so irresponsible today. maybe i'm overreacting. maybe i'm not. everything seems to be adding up and i probably saw it coming, but in a way, never thought it would. but i'm chosing to learn from this and do better next time. lesson learned.

well, enough with being vague.




gah, can i go to ny at least once please?

alicia is gorgeous.
guess lil mama wasn't invited to dance alongside, haha.

haha thing song makes me laugh.
umm, i might like it though.
not really sure right now.

still studying.
shoot me!


hot fiyahhh.
love love love it!

"i get my energy from my inner g,
so tell my enemies they can't injure me."

"i'm on a losing strike, i'm on a winning streak."

featuring usher, young jeezy, drake, & rick ross.

i could jam to this.
i like it!

yo man it's only 2AM and i'm reallllly tired!!! but i gotta read these pages and try to go over the notes one more time. i'm actually pretty dang nervous about this test. i should have studied before. shoulda woulda coulda. i just gotta use the now to its fullest potential. so off i go!

night yall!

Kid Cudi : Better Recognize Showcase

onsmash x nah right cmj showcase.

hahha look how happy scotty looks.
with that grey goose.
that is grey goose right?
haha, $20 tho?
man i love kid cudi.

probably won't be anymore updates tonight... gotta study for my marketing test i have tomorrow. & do this econ homework i pretty much forgot about. fun times for me. i'm looking forward to a chill weekend. but overall, today was a good day. things are starting to look up for me, i pray they continue that way.


ne-yo's voice makes me smile.

i'm kinda feelin it,
it'll probably grow on me.
i feel like i've heard some song like it though...
what do yall think??

r. kelly's been gone for a while,
but untitled releases december 1st!
these are just a few of the polaroids andre wright jr has taken are all included in his book color of life.

pretty cool if you ask me.
polaroids are the ish man.
wish i had stocked up on the camera and polaroids before they died.

andre's blog.
you betta get it kobe!!
a sports figure on an italian men's vogue?
that's big.
from what i've previously heard, i like mike posner! be sure to check out his new mixtape! he's got kid cudddiii on it, along with big sean, bun b, glc, 3oh!3, and more.

click here to download it. it's also free on itunes, if you don't trust my link. haha. :p

oh & i like the salvador dali influence on the cover!

yo, i think i'm bout to grub on some chips and salsa and then call it a night... i need to study though. i got a marketing test friday... i've been meaning to study alllllll week but i just been so dang busy! i neeeeed to do well on it because i've already decided that i need my first out of two tests in that class dropped. i did so horrible!! yeah, my teacher drops one out of two tests and then doubles that grade... please let me kill it! :)

anyways, yall have a great night!

this is the album cover for rihanna's upcoming album.
pretty fierce if you ask me!
rated r releases november 23rd!

@ the BET hip hop awards.
i can digg it.
they definitely did their thing.
i can't even think like that.
like i said, i can digg it!!
reebok history type video.

loved the beat with drake on it,
but lupe killed it too.
of course.

love the picture.
love the freestyle.
yay lupe, i missed you!

i heard the beat drop.
this is my song.
haha, i love it! :)

& he's such a sweetheart.
looks cool.
i probably would fall off somehow.
gravity isn't always my friend.

got $14,000 to spare?
buy the air board here.
& let me test it out.
but i'll def be mad you spent that much on some recreation type thing...

more information.
pretty sweet.
& night vision.
i would love to have one of these or a flip cam!!

more information.

right before i posted this...
fire alarm.
but hey, it was a lovely night to be outside so i really didn't mind. got to catch up with the bestie. haha.

Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up [Freestyle]

i love it.
LUPE is that dude.
can't wait for the album to drop.

longest day ever.
tomorrow/today might surpass that.
bouta pass out after i make some birthday cards.


Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya [Video]

premiered this morning on mtv.
oh my gosh, love!
this video is awesome! :)
he's bacccckk!
haha & tyrese at the end. ;)

graffiti will be in stores december 15th!!!

unreleased song.
i loveee it!!! :)
john mayer is that dude.
& i like wale's different feel on this track!

not my favorite song.
i don't mind it though.

what do yall think?!


hey guys,

stanley rayfield is an amazing artist. he goes to my school and i've seen his artwork on facebook. very talented! go vote for this guy's portrait. props to him for entering contests like these! :) go out and get what you want!

>>>here's the link.
it'll only take a second.

thanks babes!

right now i think this i just okay...
i don't hate it though.

aww, i misssseeed frankie j!

okay! i think i digg it!
it's late, i can't think properly.
i'm pretty sure i love drake though.
until he gets overplayed.

hmm, not bad!
i like his slower songs though! :)

One Zero Zero Zero!

heyyyy everyone!!
guess what this is?!!

my 1000th post!!
yup, 1000th!
can't believe it.
i've been compulsive!
haha, :)

i wanted to change the whole layout at the same time i posted this so you guys could have something new to look at but i don't quite have the right now.
it takes me forever, :(

anywho, i just wanted to thank you guys for checkin out the blog and especially those who subscribe and those who keep coming back! i love you guys! haha.

if there is anything you want me to improve, change, tweak, etc, definitely let me know! hit me up on here or twitter [link on the side]!

happy sunday to yall.
i hope you have a wonderful day!

i got a busy day ahead.
interview at 2:30.
ahhh, wish me luck!!!!!
i really pray i get this job,
but if i don't that is okay too.
i want it because it's a job at school.
& that's convenient for a car-less student!
haven't told my mom about it yet.
but i hope i can surprise her with good news!
then i'm going to the hospital with my friend even though i pretty much hate the hospital!
i swear if i catch something from ANYONE, i'm gonna be more than pissed.
people seem to act like they don't have manners anymore.
openly coughing all over the place like i don't breathe the same air they are polluting!
that bugs me!
cover your mouth!!!
but i digress. :p
then i got homework to do.
moreeeee homework.
& 2 tests to study for.
when will it end?!

again, thank you guys for visiting, i hope you come back! & tell your friends!


Common - Make My Day

featuring cee-lo.

this is the jam.

"sometimes i wanna chill, sometimes the best things in life are not even planned"

technology is mind blowing these days.
i love this.
wow. ahhh-mazing!!!
coolest thing ever!!
they look so real!!
you can actually get him to make you a custom pair and buy it!

david brownings website.

how about...
i just woke up at like 4.
that's ridiculous.
when i actually have time to sleep,
anywho, i definitely missed church.
i was supposed to go with my friend today! definitely stayed up too late watching gossip girl while trying to get some homework done so i could go. haha. oops. & i even curled my hair. haha.

have a great saturday night loves!


Mike Epps Cheesin

he's so happy.
hahhaha makes me happy!

featuring ludaaa!

mmm, don't like the video,
but the song is cool!!!

the shooting looked so...

manhatten was so pretty!!
ugh, new york, i been missin out!
one day!
soon i hope!

i love this.
he's awesome!
all 6 of him! haha.
the beat boxer is nice too.

Timbaland - Rumors

featuring miss keri hilson and jay-z.

ah, i think it's okay.

yall like it?

i just ate the saltiest broccoli in my life. the deli tried to kill me. do they not taste it before they put it out?!!?! anyways, off to finally SLEEP!!! haven't slept in like 2 days. be back later yall!


classic. this video always brings a huge smile to my face. hope it brings one to yours as welllll!

first of all,
i enjoyed his performance.
quite a lot. haha. serious face.
beat boxin, i love.
he sat on someone's car.
the camera man stayed behind the gate the whole time.
& the fact that he said "smokin on that granddaddy, make ya wanna slap ya grandmammy!"
& "we bouta get hyphy wit it!"
& the names he said were hilarious.
& "i'm homeless right now, but if you get me that direct loan..."
& snoop dogg.

this jank is the jam.

okay, enough fun,
i got a project to start,
AND finish by tomorrow.
goodness gracious! ugh.
it's okay though.
i'm gonna start changing my ways little by little.
i'll get there.
baby steps right?

as far as timeliness goes... this is mad late. but oh my, i love this song. yeah i said it! don't act like you don't like it!!!

it's my freakin jam!!!

never really seen the video til now!
those are some nice cars!
i want her hair.
isn't she like 15-16?
her brassiere is showin...
mmm i don't like that...
young girls don't even look like young girls anymore...
but yeah.

anyways, this mahhh jammmm!

Chris Brown - Crawl

the new song!!!
i can digg it! :)

are yall glad he's back?
did yall miss him?
i sure did.
i love me some breezy.
i'm telling yall. they've become one of my favorites very quickly! here's a playlist for yall to listen to. it's their wild young hearts album. maybe you'll feel the same way i do after you hear a few jams!!

nap time?! yes? i'm crazy tired. haven't slept since... the other day. if no sleep tonight [i got a project due tomorrow, ugh], i at least need a nap. i'm gettin delirious. & my eyes are super red. not a good look! all that aside, the weather was beautiful today. 75-80 degree weather is the best thing ever. i absolutely love it!!!! too bad i can't be outside right now. anywho, my nap is calling! i'll tell yall about the guest speaker i heard today later. patricia honeycutt cantor. amazing. she's done it all. i was truly flabbergasted and inspired!!!

sidenote: this blueberry bagel i'm eating... divine. it's basically all i've eaten all day... haven't had any type of appetite lately. wonder what's wrong. i love food. am i dying!? haha. :p

at 5:43AM, this is the most amazing thing i've everrrr seen in my life. hahaha. i want it. i will GLADLY be a transformers for halloween. probably not the most comfortable costume, but heck, i don't give a care.

i'd be sittin at that table for hours.
cause that's how silly i am.

you can get it in 3 different sizes:
22 x 26 x 28 inches [$1500],
40 x 26 x 18 [$1800],
or 50 x 26 x 18 [$2100].

buy it here!
& then make sure you invite me over to see it! :)

i want!

but for $164,000?
i could...
ummm >>pay tuition.
eat a whole whole lot of great food.
have a new fabulous wardrobe.
buy a boyfriend ;) jkkk!
purchase half a nice house! hah.
but man, this seems really cool.

more information here & here.

how horrible!!
i swear if this happens to yall imma be so upset!!!!!

crazy ish.
my dad got the daggone shot.
he's okay though.
i pray he stays that way!!
my mom was buggin me to get it today and i said noooo mammmm cause i hate shots!!
& now that i saw this?

really scary when she stops running... oh gosh. this is so horrible!


i've never smoked before...
but if i do...
is it guaranteed imma smile like that?!

now how was he the only one?!
he knew what he was doin!
smart guy. :p

i love acoustic!
it really shows if you really have talent or not!
the noisettes, talent.
one of my new faves.
haha, i know, i knowww i have many faves.
but they def make the list!
anyone i can jam to...

i heard them on one tree hill [one of my favoritestestestest shows!] the other day. they were performing don't upset the rhythm. basically, i was jammin!

oh and i wanted to share with you guys something i realized/learned tonight...
you can sulk around, or you can motivate yourself to do better. it's always your choice.
back to studying my loves.


Zoei Toh - How Great Thou Art

aww, adorable!!!
observe the mic compared to her face.

almost made me tear up a lil!
reminds me of my younger years.
i was so involved in the church,
singing solos and what not.
those were the days.
i need to get back to it.

here's another vid of zoei.
2 years ago.
hahaha, cute.


it's simple.
i like it.

awww there are meteor showers tonight. now tell me that wouldn't be an adorable date... to go somewhere cool to watch the stars with a special someone. doesn't even have to be somewhere cool really... mmm, one day.

lots of studying to do.
test tomorrow.
makes me sad.
today wasn't a good day.
real talk.
i can't seem to catch up in school.
i'm so far behind.
honestly, i feel defeated.
& i'm so disappointed.
this has been going on for a while.
i just can't seem to focus.
maybe it's cause i don't like my major.
maybe it's cause i'm not being taught.
& everything i have to learn on my own.
i don't like school in general.
whatever it is...
i just need to get focused.
everyone seems to be doing fine.
so why can't i?
i don't really know what to do.
take classes over?
keep going?
i guess i'll figure it out.
hopefully sooner than later.
i'll bounce back right?
at this point, all i can do is hope.
i pray i don't lose hope.
well, i just felt like expressing how i feel.
& this is how i feel.
& now that i've gotten too personal,


gah, i love alicia!
she looks so beautiful!
love this song.

"all the people in the world, and you can still feel lonely. what's the point of having it all without the person you love? sometimes you just need to start again, in order to fly."

>>>i totally agree with that statement.


her album the element of freedom releases december 1st!

i took this product description directly from amazon:

This is a rare partnership between two geniuses at the top of their crafts -- Kanye West, who was named "the smartest man in hip-hop" by Time magazine, and Bill Plympton, an Academy Award-nominated animator, cartoonist, and illustrator.

Through the Wire is a graphic memoir that illustrates the lyrics of twelve Kanye West songs to tell his story, from his decision to drop out of college to pursue his dreams in music, through his days spent folding chinos at the Gap while struggling at night to make a name as a producer, through the pivotal car accident that eventually set him on the course to stardom and the epiphany of realizing exactly who he had become:

"...They say people in your life are like seasons
And anything that happens is for a reason..."

Plympton illustrates each of the songs in detail, his vision of Kanye's world. The songs are annotated with explanations of the references in the songs, biographical components that illuminate the lyrics, and their meaning on a deeply personal level.

The result is a one-of-a-kind book that initially grabs you and stays with you forever.


hmm, this book seems kinda cool! :)

if you are interested, it is on pre-order here.
otherwise, the book releases november 10th!
is this okay?!
is this allowed?
um, this is really awkward to me.
granted simpsons isn't really a kid show...

& WHY does marge have...
human lookin boobs?!


but if yall enjoy it...
hey, to each his own...

Dawn Richard - Superhero

i'm a little late,
but yo i'm feelin this song!
go head dawn!
love the picture too.

ugh, are her and que still together?!
they were the cutest!!!

awww, i like it!!
i like the video too!
i've talked to these guys randomly on facebook and they're both super nice. i support em. :)

if you like the remix and wanna download it, click here!

check out their myspaces:

Timbaland ft. Drake - Say Something

you know you love it!!!
i do! :)
directed by spike jonze.

take 11 minutes to watch this:

what do yall think?!!?

play-by-play of my emotions
[cause i know you wanna know]:
made me chuckle in the beginning.
then i felt bad.
then i was like wtf?!!
then i laughed.
then i was disgusted & closed my eyes.
then OH NO popped in my head.
ewww/question mark.

>>>ooh that's deep.

it kept freezing on me,
testing my patience!
i had to play it all the way through on mute and then watch it. it helped a little, so if it's freezing for you, try that!

ahhh, tons of homework to do. off i go, until i find something else to distract me... which can easssily be done! ah!

yall have a great night!


featuring gucci mane.

i love drake.
the end.

man it's incredibly late. 5:17 AM actually... yeah why am i up?! i'm gonna be dead tomorrow/today. & well... i have tons of stuff i still need to do: finish cleaning, actually start studying for my business information systems test [gross], do my business communications project [bleh], laundry, etc. it's been pretty much a sucky "fall break". besides the cold gloomy weather, i got some sad news to start it off thursday. it pretty much set the tone for the whole break. been bummin ever since. now i'm rushing to get things done. slowly but surely though. ugh! i wanna run away i swear. just pack my stuff and go go go! it'd be good for me, i promise. i have so much stuff i can't let go of. [which is why it's taking me more than a full day to clean my tiny little room]. i just need to run away! leave everything behind. early morning rant.

have a happy sunday!


Dress N3 by Sebastian Errazuriz

i love it.
might be a little uncomfy to sit.
had i had this idea for my wearable art: non-fabric project, it woulda been bomb! [had i been able to create it...] but i liked my ribbon halter top anyways!

more art by sebastian errazuriz.

yall know i love onerepublic!
well if you didnt...
i DO!!

love this.

featuring missy elliott!

okay queen latifah!!
she looks great!
the song is okay.
i feel like it's missing something.
...a little oomph.
love the cameos! :)

on the soundtrack of the new twilight movie: new moon. besides the fact that i'm excited to see it, lupe's on it?! niiiice! i love lupe! miss his old style, but his new rockish sound works too!

click here to hear it!

just now heard it, couldn't find it anywhere til now! :) yay!!
i love it.
not quite sure how i feel about these...
do yall like them?!
one thing i do know is that the color is bangin!

buy em here.
there's only 72 pairs,
betta act fast if you digg em!
hmmm, i likes!!
buy here.
something different. cool!
translucent see-thru display.
choose from black or white leather, or silver mesh wristbands.
ugh, i couldn't find a picture of someone wearing it to see what it would look like...

would you buy it?
$380, if you would.
for you gaming gamers:

sidenote: i still don't have any urge to play guitar hero... haha sorry guys. i just know my fingers and brain wouldn't be able to cooperate with each other. maybe one day i'll try it.

but i'd choose dj over guitar any day.
[part 1&2]

ooooh, i love the picture!!

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say [Video]

ahhh, LOVE.
love the video too.
lighting is amazing.
don't think i've heard of jason before this song... but if he keeps making songs like this, i'll follow his music! :)

hmm, his eyebrows look freshly waxed..........................

& yay for him having hair!
haha. much better.

it sounds like something i've heard before, but hey i like it. never heard of pixie lott before. not bad.

yes! that's one big reason i'd love to go to new york one day. the people. i mean yeah, i'd love to go shopping, but i have always wanted to see the different types talent up there! :)
oh so bright.
very simple.
i love it.
i swear in 10 years i'm not going to be in touch with the new technology and i'm gonna be soooo lost!!

buy it here!!
[as of right now, there's 1 left].
so hurry it up!!!!
hmm, i mean... that's not bad seeing you can charge a whole bunch of stuff... ANYwhere!!!
ugh, just awesome!

i loved the cover when i heard it a while ago, but i really LOVE this video!! the animation is bomb. the drawings are awesome. aw, my notes used to be like that; i'd doodle all over the notebook! haha. it wouldn't be that nice though, that's for sure.

cross between car & motorcycle!
kinda cool!

more information.

Diddy's Girls

adorable twinnnnss!!!
makes my heart smile!

beastin as usual.
this is lovely!

alicia looking as gorgeous as ever.
love her make-up.

Colbie Caillat & Jason Reeves - Magic [Cover]

i love it.

beautiful babies at the beginning!!!
aw, tell me aiden didn't remind you of aaden from jon & kate plus 8?? cute baby glasses.

so adorable.
i could never hate.
cute baby love. cute video too.
i'd love a guy to do something like that for meeeee! haha.

"only you shawty"
haha aw.

i'm not sure if this is new or not,
but i'm pretty sure i love it
nice chill song.
john mayer, is the man!
i could listen to him all day.


I Knew You Was A Snake!!


my friend sent this to me on facebook last night. it's flippin hilarious!!! bout to watch it again. guaranteed laugh. :) i will be forever grateful to her! haha.

rahj is soooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!

awesome quotes [basically the whole video]:
  • he's acting very american, and not in a good way!
  • beyonce is my favorite in fact!
  • dear nykki, thank you for showing me the ways of american love.
  • you are my favorite buddah call!!! [hahahhaha tooooo funnnnny!!!!]
  • who the h___ is nykki?!!!!?
  • hello, sir are you still there?!!?
  • you think that's clever, you think that's a pun?!
  • there's someone on the line that sounds like my wife...
  • i'm too angry right now and i'm pissing!
  • your boys and your dogs? your homedogs?!
  • the american women, they use the mouth, you don't use the mouth!! [wtf?!!! hahahahhaa]
  • 25% of the time you're on the periodical anyways!
  • 100% of the time you're on the stupid!
  • sir, why are you laughing so hard?!
  • it's just you, and me, and nykki, in some kind of sick triangle...
  • the american women, they are open to having another woman.
all the while the radio host is laughing his butt off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm dead!

AH MAN, what a good laugh. hope my roomies don't hear me laughing in here alone!! :)

featuring richie wess & yung dred.

hmm, i think it's okay.

i like this song.

man, it's 5:22 AM.
i'm super tired,
haven't gone to sleep yet.
procrastination yet again.
i can't comprehend anything i'm doing right now so i'm just gonna take my little nap now and then get up early [7:30-8] to finish my project. if i somehow miraculously understand how to do this crap, i'll go back to sleep before my 12:30 class. but i doubt it. i can't believe i let this happen again. i swear to change every time... guess it takes a lot more than preparing and setting your mind to do something. you gotta take the steps to do it. be dedicated. something's gotta give.


Chris Brown - So Cold

song got leaked.
it's gonna be on his upcoming album.

i love it! :)
can't wait for the album!

umm, so yeah, i really love this song!
love their style. pretty fly.
haha. ray j? is that you?!
man one wish & anytime were my jams.

now i know all my posts today are basically from the same site, but they had some cool vids i wanted to show you!

baby got moves. :)
hit the booty doo!
i love this baby!!
mama was so hype! haha.

well if it isn't tiffany evans.
she better sing!
i don't like the faces she's making.
but hey, if it helps her sing,
then cool.

is her hair pink??

back in the day. i have a friend that told me she was a hottie without all that costume and makeup! he was right. she looks normal here! haha. dont get me wrong, she's pretty fierce with all the leotards and crazy outfits. i really like the jam she's singing! is it a cover of something or is it her song?!!? hmm.

featuring robin thicke!
hmm, well i kinda like this?!!
not really a ricky ross the boss fan but uh, this isn't too bad to my ears!

aww cudders looks adorable!!
haha he's so silly, i love it.

awww andy's all grown up!

i know a lot of yall are mad excited about the 3rd toy story coming out! i'm a little bit excited. everyone is hyping it up so i'm def gonna see it. it's a classic.

out june 18th! 3D!

i swear i'm gonna try to post more in a couple of days. i'll be on "fall break". i'm off thursday and friday... they call em "reading days" but wtf is that. i'm trynna not read anything in a textbook at all! i bet i'll have to though... i'm a bit behind in some classes! anywho!

have a great day yall!!

p.s. whyyyyyy is it so breeezzyyy outside?!? too cold to be awake! nap time, before i hit the gym with the girl!


featuring timothy de la ghetto!
really love the beat.
something different.

in theaters october 28th.
album out october 27th.

The Game is Back?!!

well....... i've been hearing things about it possibly being back. but i thought maybe they meant re-runs?! haha. i hope it comes back! didn't wanna get my hopes up, but i liked the game!!! who knows if it's 100% official. if yall find out, let a girl know. cause this source isn't that reliable. peep it.

fun day. went to the mall with my loves. saw transformers: revenge of the fallen. liked it. need to see the previous transformers. such a beautiful cast! shia. megan. tyrese. fergie's boo--forgot his name. well yeah, i'm tired as heck. bout to watch this week's episode of gossip girl that i uploaded earlier. & then off to bed i go.

goodnight babes!

hahaha i love this. :)
& i love this imogen heap song so muchhhh!

go maroon 5!

U-N-I "Pulp Fiction Part 1" ft. Fashawn

cool video.

new moon!! :)
soundtrack in stores october 20th.

yeah, i like this song!

it's late.
off to watch one tree hill.
got class at 9 so i don't have time to waste.
but, today was a good day.
went to class.
went to target.
went to open mic.
it was great.
lots of talented folk.
they inspire me.
lots of ego too.
not everyone,
just a few people.
it's sad.
don't let that be you.
it's okay to believe in yourself.
i encourage yall to do that.
but never let your ego get in the way of your talent and you being successful. cause sooner or later, it's gonna get in the way.
think about it.
no one likes anyone that thinks the world of themselves.
be humble.
just some thoughts i had on the situation and how out of hand some people can become.

goodnight yall!