Donwill - DPPLGNGR


Soulfully, Me and JF Mac - The Resurrection

"Our next project entitled "Still Hotter Than July" sponsored by LRG will be released July 1st. This is a concept project in which every song will be a Stevie Wonder Sample (inspired by Stevie's album "Hotter Than July"). For this project we will be giving any producer a shot at making the project alongside 9th Wonder and "The Soul Council". 9th has asked that if any producer is interested to send your Stevie Wonder flips to GOOD LUCK! And it can be ANY Stevie Wonder of ANY Album ..... Deadline for submissions is Mid June! Get them in as early as possible ...."
i got this info directly from actual proof's twitter.
feel free to hit them with any questions or concerns you may have!
to work with 9th!!!...  what an amazing opportunity.
i suggest you producers get on it right now.
if you're really about it........
& multiple submissions are allowed!!

do it to it.
i know i have some super talented friends.
& i wouldn't mind getting a first listen either. lmao!

featuring ll cool j.

featuring anthony hamilton.

Words from 9th Wonder

Tabi Bonney - Sunlight

Pac Div – Fallin’

one of my faves off the mixtape.

this is so beautiful.
i absolutely love frank ocean.

I DID IT!!!!!!

today (well technically yesterday), i GRADUATED!!!!
can you believe it?!
because i can't.
it's still very surreal to me.

anywho, i should have more time to post now that finals and the craziness of graduating is done.
check back.
but it's been a very long day, so goodnight!


Yonas - Shy Kidz

featuring rick ross.

Blu - Doin' Something

featuring pac div, u-n-i, jdavey, tiron, and ayomari.

let's make these dreams come true tonight.

The ILLZ - November Sky [Unofficial Video]

Mickey Factz - In Search Of


intalek is a beast.
same with ritchcraft with the beats.
featuring skrillex.

i like!!
i've posted some of kevin's art on here before. but he has more work that needs to be seen.

check out more of kevin's artwork.


eric stanley is such a beast.
he's gonna go soooo far with his music, i know it.
& if you've ever met him, you'd know he has the attitude for it too.
such a humble talented young man.

Roxy Grey Presents Jb da Pilot

met jb a couple months ago.
pretty dope guy.
featuring michael bolton.

featuring lil wayne.

jlo still looks great!
i used to be so obsessed with her!
featuring steve aoki.



 between enjoying the last few weeks i have with everyone before we graduate,
& finals...

i've neglected.
i'll be back and running normally, soon.



Wale & Meek Mill - 100 Hunnit