Talib Kweli - Palookas

Lupe Fiasco & Trae The Truth - Bad Don't Seem So Wrong

love this song.

what do yall think?
 i don't mind it! 

check out his youtube videos
he does a lot of covers, but he has his own music too!

Kid Cudi - Mojo So Dope

this one goes out to my twinny jasmine. aaahahaah. 

 i love it.
this song is the ish.

featuring lupe fiascooo!

get the gear, here!

omfg i love one tree hill AND kid cudi!! yay!! hahha.

check out laura izibor too, she's amazing.

classy british shoes. i like it!!

check out the whole lookbook, here.
featuring kanye.

remeber that NDK post i posted yesterday?
spot wiz in NDK at the waken baken tour in richmond, va.
pre-order one, here starting midnight!

i love love love john legend.

download it now!!
listen first, here

NDK "Cool Grey Varsity Hoodies"

it's so inspiring seeing my friend ryan do so well with his clothing line.

...you know you want one!  :)

peep the 2010 holiday collection on the site.
i hear he's got some special pieces coming soon! stay tuned.

[& don't forget to follow ndk on twitter].
featuring pharrell.

uh oh!!
you guys, it was crazy--my computer had the most intense virus yesterday. i could barely get online and couldn't open any programs. my own anti-virus couldn't even detect it. but i figured a way to delete it, and now it's gone!! thank goodness! go me! hahah. :)

anyways, i was recently introduced to bei maejor's upside down mixtape by my friend devan. & i've been listening to it non-stop. & while i've been offline due to my computer issues, i was informed there was a volume 2! first thing i did when i got back online was download it! :) yay!

Tyga - Like Me

produced by ritchcraft.

Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me [Cover]

Laura Izibor - If Tonight Is My Last

love her voice.
produced by flying lotus.

a lil late with posting this.
saw it on my friend jamar's fb page.

featuring rick ross.

cool video.

Fly Union - Value Pack 6

download it now!!

yay yayyy!
featuring  tommy c, j. reyez, and lil crazed.

flippin dopetastic.
i love teruo artistry. 
you definitely need to check out more of his creations!

& for it to be 3:45am, i'm jammin tooooo hard to this song. hahaha smh!!

omfg, amazing.
loveee ittt!
immediately a new fave youtuber of mines!


featuring solange and devonte hynes.

this, is my jam.

haha love the video!!

Katy Perry - Firework [Cover]

niiiice!! LOVE.

this could really be a good life. :)

Bruno Mars - Grenade

Rydaznrtist - Lost

get a land of the kings hat, here!

good stuff! love love love girl talk!

TheBeatboxHitman ft. Drama B - RapaDamaDrama


another cool vid from bobby ray!
i know i posted manchild the other day, but this video has extra stuff at the beginning.

it's like special balls, like teflon balls.
dopeeee. i need one. or two!!
get yours, here!

i looooveeee paramore!

dopest kid. ever.
featuring mike posner and big sean!
featuring john legend!

the boy is clearrrly hitting them notes! nice!

check out more of his youtube videos!!


check out more of this guy's youtube videos, he's amazing!

N.E.R.D. - VEVO24s Industry Hustlers: N.E.R.D.

no matter what you're doing in the world and what you're going through, you can make it.

perseverance is the word.

wealth is of the heart and the mind, not of the pocket.

juice box. ♥

i love this guy!
check out more of his youtube videos!
featuring L.
the end was scary.
love the video though!
guess it's the cool thing to be a bird these days.
wretch 32 is from the UK.
featuring la roux.

cute video.
featuring freddie gibbs.

Thee Tom Hardy - Always In Command

that voice. is amazing.

love. this song.

Amanda Diva - Manchild

love her voice.
erika david and d-pryde.

not bad, but i def love the original!

Rihanna - What's My Name?

featuring drizzy.

soooo i swear i listen to this song at least 5 times a day.
it's just super catchy. & i love it.

& the red hair.
i kinda like it on rihanna now...
hahaha i swear she can pull anything off!

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights [Mixtape]

download it nowwww!!!

link is updated! download away! :) 


where you goin so dressed up?
where you goin so dressed down?!

how do you ease your way past kanye's security?! haha they must have not been doin their job. good thing. big sean is the ish.

flippin dope video.

New York City - Timelapse

ahh, beautiful city.
i must go back. asap.
featuring wale.

bored out of my mind in services marketing class; doodling kept me awake. haha.

Kid Cudi - Maniac [Live]

dope video.

watched this in class a few minutes ago.
i was dyinnngg!!
i've seen it before but judging by the laughs, i don't think everyone has been exposed to this hilarity.
so here it is. laugh away. :)

intense video.

Personal - A Beautiful Evening In A Closed Mind

sydney in theory, better drop. soon. i swearrr!!
featuring slim thug and play n skillz.

awesome clothes. inspiring.

at the end of the day, fashion is fun.
it shouldn't be something taken so seriously.
it's really about expressing who you are as an individual.

why be comfortable, why be stagnant, why settle for something that is safe when everything is in front of you?
jra x tori kelly x aj rafael

man on the moon ii: the legend of mr. rager--out today!!

featuring ricky ross the bosss.

look what i had for dinner!
[don't worry, the whole plate wasn't all mine! hahah.]

first time going to this restaurant called sticky rice.
1/2 off monday nights 10:30-12:30.
it was superrrr yummmyyy!!! :) 
i will def be going back!

Fashawn - Bart Simpson

releases in 2 sets.
november 27th and december 11th.

see the whole collection, here!

classic, old vintage feel to em. i like!

in stores november 20th!

check out the whole lookbook/prices here!