Magic Leopard Platform

now this is what i'd like to call living dangerously.
to die for.
featuring fiend.
featuring kyle christopher.

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You


do you not think so far ahead? cause i been thinkin bout forever...
featuring muzi.

sounds like a mush of the weeknd, ryan leslie, and drake?
maybe that's just me. haha.
either way, i loves!
ahhhh, sorry about the lack of posts lately!!!

let me explain.
just got back from taiwan. major jet lag.
now in tennessee. i can't explain how much i'm ready to go.
i'm just trying to get back to virginia.
or anywhere i can get a cool job ultimately.
cause it's not work if you love going to work, ya know?
i'm not made for a regular desk job.
just graduated in may, marketing major, fashion merchandising minor.
but much like my blog, id love to do anything that has to do with music, fashion, or art.
anything creative.
not sure what's next... but it's both an exciting and stressful time.

looking for a job.
looking for an apartment.
looking for a way out.

feel free to throw any ideas at me!
hahah, but seriously.

okay, done with my randomness.
yall have a good one!!


Smurf Exhibit in Taipei

i came across a cool smurf exhibit when i was in taipei a couple weeks ago!
i didn't get a chance to get a picture of each smurf, but here's a few.

check out more pictures by me on tumblr! :)

Free Concert This Saturday!!

free kid cudi/cool kids show at the dew tour in ocean city, maryland. 
i repeat, FREE SHOW!!!

mannnn, i'm definitely missing out on a great concert.
but there's nothing i can do since i'm out of the country.
you, however... if you're anywhere near...
you better be there!!!!! i swear!
featuring nickelus f.

people are so crafty these days.
this must have taken a lot of patience and precision.
i love it!

ahhh, i definitely wish i could do that.


that's crazzzzy man!



Etnies Skateboard House

toooooo dope if i may say so myself!

Lil Wayne - Sorry 4 the Wait


hey loves!!

i wanted to share a very inspirational read with you guys. my buddy @ticobrohayes linked me to it and i thought it would only be right to pass it along!


chaos theory drops next month. august 16th.

Personal - Chasing Balloons

always greatness.
personal is withholding good music from us, im telling you! 
hahah, sydney in theory coming sooner than later!
props to unkle luc for yet another dope video.

Chiddy Bang – I Can’t Stop


Tyler the Creator - Summer Camp Mix 2011

well im jammin the heck out.


Coolroy - Bet That

yeahhhh, dope track!
love coolroy.
make sure you have his mixtape charlie on your ipod if you dont already!

instant replay.
love this track!
i miss seeing bizniz perform, too live!

LRG Fall 2011 Collection

awesome video.

nice, i love this.


i posted a video by kevin sinatra the other day.

check out his mixtape!!

featuring jp and b-beck.

make sure you really listen. great message.

love this guy.