The Cool Kids - Tacklebox [Mixtape]

better a couple hours late than never! it's finally here!! 

[artwork by bryan woodland].

go rva!

download it here!!

& by exclusive i mean there are 20 of these suckers made.
the french designer koeurélé hand-painted these watches. 
hmmm, i'm hoping the paint doesn't chip off! makes me wanna do some more diy projects of my own! :)
the mixtape tacklebox drops later toooonight!!! 
you'll definitely wanna check back for that! 
i'm already planning to come home from work and download that ish immediately!
meanwhile, check out mikey and chuck as they talk about the mixtape.

tabi Bonney – A Place Called Stardom [Mixtape]

download it here!!

tell em go home cause imma go hard, go hard or imma go home.
featuring shanell.

really LOVE this song!

yeah, i'm runnin outta time, i'm runnin out of space. feel like i'm runnin around, but i'm runnin in place. we all in the race, i'm just another sprinter. if there's no finish line, then who's the real winner?
random post! i went to 7/11 today to get some watermelon rings, and this is what i see at the counter--silly bandz. & now i feel the need to go back and get some. smh! i have no idea why i'd need them though. haha.

rubber bands are no longer only circular... isn't that awesome!!?!? well i think so... haha! :)

365 by Luc Alexandre

cool ish. this guy took the challege to take a picture of himself every day for a year straight. & it's not a lousy self-portrait either, this stuff is edited to the dopest of dope. check it out!!

this seems like something cool to do--if i could keep up with it. hahah. hmmm. props to luc for doing such an amazing job!! :)

never heard this song before but i think i like it! haha.
cool video.

the actual song starts around 1:45 if you get impatient. haha.

Suburban District - Back N Forth [Teaser]

i usually don't post any teasers but i really support these guys and yall need to see what they got coming!

[directed by will bryan of smooth dirty productions]

if you haven't figured it out yet, suburban district is the ish.
here's some links you need to hit up:
make sure you follow them on twitter.
& visit their website!!
check out their new freestyle--rosa parks freestyle, here.
also, while you're at it, if you haven't downloaded their most recent mixtape don't mind us we're just the future yet, go ahead and download that here!

p.s. did yall see that NDK t-shirt? yessir! what about that dreamers t-shirt? more info on them coming soon. :)

local talent doing big things. can't help but support.
featuring dwele.

i digg it!!
featuring chitap tha ripper and christian bale.

hahah i really love it. listen/download here!!!
this looks sufficiently cute! i love justin and drew!!

Through My Eyes: 5/20/10 NYC Part 2

these are some more pictures i took from new york. :)

i might put some up from my other camera but i don't know yet...!
sooo here are a FEW of my pictures from my day trip to the city!! i have way too many to sort. i don't know how photographers go through/edit so many pictures. i love it, but it just takes so long!!! well, i don't have photoshop so it takes me uber long editing online, but hey it gets the job done. there should be more pics coming soon! :) enjoy!

man, it's only been a week and i already miss it soooo much!! who wants to go on another trip!?! just say the word and i'll pack my bags asap! :p
these are nice! :)

buy a pair, here!

buy you a pair, here.

i was in the mood to do a DIY project tonight and this is what happened. i was inspired by all these cutout shirts  i saw at forever21 yesterday. first time i've ever done a back design like that, but it was super fun. all it took was serious investigation/picture of the shirt i saw yesterday and some youtube tutorials. cut a lil too much on the sides... not sure if i like it that much, but hey, i'm gonna wear it anywayyyss! :)


CXXVI 2010 Summer Lookbook

some cool stuff, check it out here!
featuring alicia keys!!

you never see it coming, you just get to see it go.
featuring miss keri baby!

awww. i got chills at the end. ugh, i just like them happy endings...
i'm late but this is cool!

"The trouble with most of us is that we'd rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism."
-Norman Vincent Peale

 think about it. when we get criticized, yeah most times it kinda sucks, but if the person means well, try not to take it to heart... learn from it. however, i know a lot of times when people get criticized, they just don't want to hear it, they end up thinking they're being bashed or picked on. we're all guilty. i'm like that sometimes too!! if we all actually changed what we were being criticized on, we might all actually be better people... but yet most of us only want to be praised... but let me ask you this--how are you gonna improve if everyone thinks everything you're doing is great? i mean, you can't be perfect, can you? there's always room for improvement people!

mkayyy so this is pretty tight. i mean you gotta be in london... but if you are from there or ever visit, this is something cool you should try! you can see pictures from the past and overlay them over real life... i don't know if that makes any sense... haha.

get app/more info, here.
looks like MIA is gracing yet another cover. june/july issue. my boy jasmon brought these pictures to my attention. he was right, they're pretty awesome.

june issue.

still fierce post-baby. love it.