October 2011

hey loves!

again, sorry i've been mia for a minute.
so this month, finally got my own place.
wooo go me!
first time living on my own, outside of the campus dorms.
gorgeous house. i love it.
living with 2 strangers.
they haven't killed me yet.

still looking for a job.......................... ugh.
i've been holding out and waiting to hear back from these jobs i've applied to that i'd actually enjoy.
cause i really want to enjoy my job...
work--it's something most of us have to do for a huge chunk of our lives.
so many people dread their job.
i'm not trying to be one of those people.
life is too short to waste time doing something you cannot stand.
why not do what you love?
& if it's what you love, it's not work.
& that's what i'm really aiming for.
but times a tickin and i really need something to happen--SOON.
let us pray someone hires me--SOON.
cause rent isn't free.

which i'd like to rant about real quick.
so why does everyone want a free photoshoot?
lately it's been an obnoxious occurrence.
no boo, that's not happening...
i'm not even money hungry like that. at all.
i'd help if i could ya know?
but who's gonna pay for this crib? my food? my gas?
clearly not you...
the struggle is real.
& i'm just trying to survive.
so you should understand.

i digress! :)

other than that, i've been bumming.
i should really take advantage of this free time i've had.
doubt it's gonna be like this for long.

gonna try to get back to posting again.
but my laptop has been a pain. 
nothing new there.

hope all is well with you guys.
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featuring justin timberlake.

ahhhhh i miss justin sooooo very much!! but i don't really like this from him. sigh.

i will forever be in love with jb3, his smile, his creativity, his voice, his style, and his hair.
lmao. but really.

wow. the narration at the beginning.
i love that she is telling no one's story but her own.
i wonder what breezy thinks of the video.
featuring samuel christian.

whoa i love.

& that mural of ghandi is freakin amazing.
featuring playboy tre and meek mill.

hey boy, let's get married.
*serious face*

everyone keeps talkin about cmj.
i was made to attend music festivals.
song 3 of 7.

this is magical.
my mans davinci on the sax!!!
i had no idea.
song 2 of 7.

good stuff.
song 1 of nick's 7 songs.



you can tell he poured his soul into this.
heard it live today.
love that guy.

someone tried to ask me if i knew about nick today.
he was nice. and i'm glad he was spreading the word.
but it's like asking me if i know how to breathe.

heck yeah i know about nick.

slow motion for meh. just awesome.

dope location. i can only imagine the pics i could take.

Big Sean @ The National

where i was tonight.

 suburban district.
nickelus f.
cyhi the prynce.
shawn chrys.
big sean.

i was blessed to have the opportunity to take pictures at the show at the national in va tonight.
first big photography thing i've done, i'd say.
i do itttttttt, bwoiiiiiiiiii.

more pictures to come!!