Ohbliv 11.11.11

one of my favorites.
ohbliv is a genius.

but don't take my word for it.
hear it for yourself.

The Weeknd - The Knowing

trippy vid.

Calling All Designers!

show us what you got.
rva fashion week is in april 2012!
get ready.

All 1's.

i really don't have much to stay except...
it's 11.11.11!
make your wiiishes alllll day! haha.
i'm pretty sure it's gonna be a great day.

thank goodness i work in a little bit instead of tonight.

concert at 534.
nick f.
elle maxwell.
farma wesley
and a lot more!


yall have a good one!


UVA SHHO Presents Stalley & Kendrick Lamar

(i thought i posted this the night of.... it was saved as a draft. smh.)

all i can say is it was epic.
such a live concert.
wish i coulda met the two afterwards.

Black Milk & Danny Brown - Black and Brown


im not quite sure what this is. but im really enjoying it!
featuring nas.


Мишка Presents The Green Monster

lmao, you can spot me takin pictures. :)

11.11.11--yall need to be there.
i got work... but um... hopefully i make it in time to see nick and a couple of my faves perform.

featuring foreign beggars.

A film crew follows two serial killers documenting their exploits.