Blu - Jesus


cool! that's gotta be insane!! me next!

I combined everyday soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid to create an eerie tale, using macro lenses and time lapse techniques. Black ferrofluid and dye race through bubble structures, drawn through by the invisible forces of capillary action and magnetism. 

pretty awesome.

gotta love erin paula!! make sure you check out her youtube page for more!
each time i watch tv, i see this h&m commercial.
had to find out the song.
it's a twist on duran duran's song.

M.I - You & Me

this guyyyy!!
i'm constantly bumpin his tunes.

cover by tyler robinson and brad doggett.

apparently brad just moved to LA in hopes of pursuing his music career.
it's always an inspiration for me when people pick up and chase their dreams.
best wishes to brad.

amazing talent!!

all grown up. i missed jojo! glad she's back.



featuring lil wayne.

Pretty Lights - Finally Moving

something i found today that i absolutely looooovvvve!

saw these guys on america's got talent last night and i was so impressed!
so creative, precise, and awesome!
i hope they go far!

featuring elzhi!
produced by 9th!


@Dormtainment - The Sitcom [Parody]

haha these guys are good!
& their house is gorgeous!

Louie Valles - Signed, Sealed, Delivered


The Weeknd - Thursday [Mixtape]


i effin love this man.
i'm pretty sure we need to be best friends.

featuring brad doggett and steve boone.

VCU rep! :)
forreal though, this is one of my favorite songs off the mixtape. so personal and honest. good music.

make sure you download the mixtape if you haven't already!

elzhi and fly u?!!!?


sigh. reasons i should be in nyc.

Sir Michael Rocks - Cell Dope

J. Cole - Work Out

i love how j. cole says flo.

 yes pleaaaaseeee!!!

so crazy.

featuring tyga and r.kelly.

i like old tyrese better.

very funky. i need those pants. now.

featuring nas.

common is so scruffaaayyy!

these are yummy!!

for the gentleman that like to look dapper. i approve.
check out the whole lookbook.

The Way Bobby Sees It

The Way Bobby Sees It is a gripping documentary about Bobby McMullen, a competitive mountain biker on a mission to race the most demanding downhill course in the country. Adding to the difficulty: Bobby is legally blind.

With the help of a guide and a rigorous training schedule, Bobby is determined to race his bike down a course riddled with obstacles and flanked by steep, life-threatening cliffs. But, the racecourse isn't the only challenge in Bobby's life. Between thrills, spills and jaw dropping helmet camera footage, we see how Bobby uses humor, determination, and unshakeable optimism to battle adversity - both on and off the bike.

i love documentaries. if you have the time, you should watch this. it's truly an inspirational story. 
simple things like our vision or our hearing. are you thankful for it every single day? 
imagine if it was all taken away... i couldn't imagine.

pretty dope!

Kid Cudi - No One Believes Me

M.I - After I'm Gone

on repeat.

Kanye West & Jay Z - Otis

Blu – My Sunshine

featuring nia andrews.

yes. blu is always a yes.

this guys voiiiice. forever love.

French artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard hand sewed 65,000 old CDs and laid them out on inflatable mounds to create a sea of discs. It looks like" a still sea of metallic dunes." The art exhibit is called "Wastelandscape" and is located in Paris.

oh how i wish i could see this myself!! crazy!

stargazing in this bed sounds amazing.

whoa. simply beautiful.

shout out to illusive media for another dope video!!

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger

featuring christina aguilera.

you can't change your situation, the only thing that you can change is how you deal with that.

seems like a promising movie!

lmaoooo, these guys are too much. hahaha.
this is great!! loved the dance scene!
honestly, i feel like today is more my mom's day than anything. if you only knew what she went through to bring me here. sometimes i forget that on august 9, 1989, i almost didn't make it and was nothing but a miracle. which only means one thing: imma own this life. i am so thankful to have made it to 22. so today, i'm going to spend the entire day with the person that made it all possible. 

Thurz - Riot

featuring black thought.

la riot drops tomorrow on itunes!

Street Etiquette : Sartorial Sounds Rehearsal

very very nice.
makes me miss the poetry slams held at my school.
i love everything this guy does.

The Social Tattoo Project

today, i was introduced to the social tattoo project by a friend of mine on twitter.
pretty interesting idea.

check it out!

i like to say tattoos are a work of art.
& a lot of people have tattoos of just about anything you can imagine these days.
especially if you are someone that loves getting tattoos...
why not get a tattoo of something important to show that you care about world issues?
& i like the part where you don't know what you're getting... a little risky.
but at least you know it's not gonna be something foolish like big bird or tweety bird or a frog... :)
(sorry if you have any of the mentioned tats).

pretty cool.
spread the word.

learn more about the social tattoo project on their website!
follow @social_tattoo.

if you don't download this, at least listen to track 11. gotta love justin bieber.

Personal - Six Piece Orchestra (Preview II.)

this guy. magic.

"i won't lie down, i'd rather die for the truth i did tell."

"i don't believe in race,  don't think we should have separate titles cause the color of our face."

i'm always excited to get a coolroy update in the inbox.
this is truth. instant repeat. and repeat after that.

Fam-Lay - Beach Cruiser

ahhh man. this is hot.
produced by the chad hugo. love him.
i could tear up thinking about how i missed the fam-lay show hosted by slapdash in richmond a month or so ago.
click the picture for the link.

just heard this song from the video below. 
i'm late, but i freakin love it. 
cool video too.

Corey McLemore - The Definition

could this be real?!

roll your windows down and put this on blast.
featuring omen and voli.

whoaaa. these, are beautiful.
the white ones are my fave.

very minimalist. very simple. very robot like.
i wouldn't be able to do it.
i love the lavish life in a lot of hotels.
it's the extra stuff that i love.
the view, the hd tv, the pool, the gym, the decorations, the breakfast, etc.
interesting concept though!

do you think americans would appreciate this?
"We celebrate Arsenal's 125th Anniversary with a forthcoming ode to the club's history and future, directed by Ryan Hopkinson, revealing the passion, forward-thinking philosophy and belief in youth that the club inspires through game-changing Gunners."

Aion Clarke - I'm On One [Remix]

wowww. what a masterpiece.

lmao, i love these guys!!!
chaz is such a trooper.
it must be a blast living in that house... unless you're chaz.

i love everything about this video.

looks fun!

this was made in hopes of encouraging people to hang up their coats.
i see it as a cool chair and a great way to store extra hangers. haha.

the i8. whoa.