Happy New Year!

hey loves!

since today is the last day of 2010, i've been reflecting on the past year and it's unbelievable how fast it flew by. nevertheless, it's been a pretty great year, but i definitely have a feeling 2011 is going to be even better!

so i've been sitting here staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what it is that i really wanted to improve on and what goals i wanted to set for 2011... and the biggest goal was,

don't hold back.

2011 is going to be a big year for me. i told my girl amber the other day that it was time, the time for everything. & i really feel like it is. if there is something that i've wanted to do, i feel like i need to just go for it and make it happen. there's no better time to throw myself out there than now. i'm graduating from college in may, and then i will be entering the real world. i admit i'm a bit nervous and sad to say goodbye to the amazing people i've met, but at the same time, i cannotttt flippin wait! another chapter! any doubts i've ever had in myself need to fly out the window because they won't get me anywhere. it's like kanye said, shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud. that's my philosophy from now on.

i asked people on twitter and fb what their 2011 resolutions/goals were and here are a few of them:
  • drink more water
  • good grades
  • new job with better pay
  • find a group of real friends
  • get back in shape
  • make good music
  • find a potential love interest
  • save money
  • grow up
here are mine:
  • get right with god--i admit, i've lost a little faith, i need to revive that asap.
  • gain more patience--eh, i really try to be patient, but i just get so anxious.
  • get a job/internship--let us pray. god knows i need it.
  • exercise regularly--i'm not sure what happened last semester... i was doing so well. haha.
  • more acts of kindness--gotta give back in some way.
  • push to try new things--i love trying new things, so this is just a reminder to never let life get mundane. everyone knows i love adventures!!
  • be a better daughter--oh gosh. i'm horrible you guys. anything that i have bottled up, i tend to take it out on my parents. they definitely do not deserve it. & we all need to work on our communication skills with one another.
  • believe in myself--sometimes i'm the worst at this, and that's just the saddest thing! i have a lot going for me!
  • & of course, no holding back--what's the worst that could happen? you only live once right? gotta get in that mindset. this will definitely be a challenge because i'm not used to thinking like this... yet!

of course i'm not going to change over night, but i do believe that if i want these things bad enough, they will happen. plus, it's always nice to have something positive to work towards. :)

well anyways, happy new years guys! hope you guys bring it in with a bang! & if you're out drinking, please be smart and don't drive!! i'd hate for any of yall to get hurt! be safe!

[tell me this isn't dope!]

    a little informational for ya. haha. i found it pretty interesting. & the way the video was made was dope.

    it's all kinda crazy to think about...
    the fact that we could ALL fit in LA was mind boggling to me!!

    No Regard - Madison Square

    ahhhhhh no regard! wish they'd get back togetherrr.
    this isn't a new track, but new to my ears.
    & my ears looove it. :)

    i love sophisticated men.

    see the whole collection, here.
    featuring jay-z, nicki minaj, and rick ross.

    uhhh, it's a bit creepy, but it is called monster... haha

    sooooo i realllly love this. :)
    featuring casey veggies.

    life for, die for, coming soon.

    awesome. awesome. awesome.
    i still need to see eric play live at school before i graduate in may!

    Random Dope Picture of the Day

    the first x-ray image of lightening. pretty amazing right?!!

    read more on how this picture was taken!

    very creativeeee.

    see the whole collection, here!

    oooooooo!!! dope.
    here's a look at his mixtape cover and tracklist:

    releases on january 5th, 2011!
    you can even pre-order it now!

    phz-sicks is from woodbridge, va. watch out for this one. i see him doin big things.
    if you haven't heard any of phz-sicks's music before, please check out his youtube or bandcamp!

    p.s. he'll be in rva march 22nd. make sure you're thereeee!

    the ukulele, is amazing. nice cover.

    here's one he recently did as well. love.

    check out more form ariel p., here!!

    fancy, huh. i love it.

    check out the whole campaign, here.

    Downtown Mayhem Presents "The Exchange"

    made men, coming in january!!
    featuring june summers.

    yeahhh, i adore this song!!

    life is what you make it. i hope you make a movement.

    i just became a bizzy crook fan.
    it's the simple things that keep me grounded.
    sometimes i forget that everyday is a gift.
    & something such as seeing the sunset is never promised.

    i don't know how many times i've repeated myself,
    but there's something about the fact that each and every sunrise or sunset is different.
    it seriously fascinates me...!
    i love the sky. :)

    featuring young roddy and trademark.

    baby boyyy was presh.
    dope track.
    featuring STS.

    go lola, go lola, gooo!
    it's about dang tiiiiiiiime!
    my boy chaya a.k.a. j1s has been making beats for ages now and he's finally letting the world hear some of the goodness!! :)
    i'm so excited for him cause his stuff is legit, i think he's gonna go far if he keeps it up!!

    check it eooowwwt.

    & he raps too! click here to listen! i loves it, but judge for yourself!!
    featuring skeme and coolroy.

    yessssss! i diggs ittt. repeat!

    rawth, hahah that's cute.

    skipped through the songs fairly quickly, but these are a couple of my faves off the ep:

    in my mind:
    gotta get up:

    i'm a bit confused..... why are these $375? but maybe it's just me...

    yayyy traphik!!... he's my faaavve.

    Dare To Think

    i like it! dope ad for universiteit gent a.k.a. ghent university in europe.

    Technische Universitat in Munich, Germany

    hahah, the germans clearly know how to have fun!
    i mean i know we're lazy enough... but this just looks super funnnn!!
    [& a little intense and claustrophobic, but amazing nevertheless]!
    we NEED one in every building at my university asap!!!

    woke up to snow falling.
    it was a nice surprise.

    i'm not really a snow person. but it really is quite beautiful. there's something very peaceful about it.

    not quite sure what's going on with this video, but i loveeee this song! :)
    [idk why the audio and video are off...]

    ahhh, i love this song. repeat.
    almost forgot about it. def needed to hear it. lupe is that dude.

    classy cover. i love it.
    hey loves!! 
    yikessss, i've been m.i.a. in the past couple days for many reasons, one being i just drove home from school.
    it took 10 hours and i was knocked out the whole day after i got here.
    BUT, i shall be back and posting like a maniac in nooo time!!

    i wanted to wish you guys a veryyy happy holidays!!
    be safe when traveling and stay warm out there! (haha i sound like grandma).
    but seriously, remember it really isn't about the gifts during this time of the year. 
    it's about jesus's birthday!!! (if you celebrate it, which i do),
    & the people in your life and expressing your love for them!
    please don't forget to let them know how much they mean to you.
    i figure since i can't get everyone a gift, the least i could do was to send them well wishes and remind them how amazing they are.
    so i just spent the last 2 hours personally texting each and every single person in my contacts,
    & altho i probably now have carpal tunnel, it was very well worth it!
    god has blessed with some of the most amazing people in my life.
    i also wanted to thank you guys who read my blog whom i don't even know! thanks!

    & i also hope you guys have a blessed new year!
    i wish nothing but success for each and every one of you.
    with the new year coming around the corner, i have a lot to think about and a lot of goals to set.
    i'm not saying i'm definitely going to accomplish all of them, cause that'd be a lie, but it's good to have something to work towards!
    2011 is going to be a great one for all of us, i can feel it!!

    supposedly i'm supposed to have a white christmas... we'll see if that works out!

    & a special shoutout to my bestie waheed! it's his birthday today! happy birthday love!!


    12.21.10 Lunar Eclipse / Winter Solstice

    well, as i've mentioned a million times before, call me crazy, but i am obsessed with the sky.
    the total lunar eclipse happens at least once every year (i think), but the fact that it was on the same day as winter solstice is what made it a rare occassion. 
    the last time both were on the same day was in 1638, and the next time it will happen again is in 2094.
    (i def got super nerdy and did too much research on it--ahah i should have taken astronomy as an elective, it's toooo interesting).
    sn: i thought it was too cool that you could watch it all go down on USTREAM! 
    i still went outside to see it myself though!

    it was simply amazing!
    glad i got to experience it with my friends ana, kristine, and juan.
    i couldn't get good pictures of the eclipse, 
    but i caught the sunrise on the way back to my place this morning and that was just as gorgeous as well!

    have a great day guys!!