Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

this is not very christina-like to me, but hey.
& one of her outfit/costumes was a lil much for me. borderline scary. haha.

bionic releases june 4th.

hey lovebugs!!

 had a great night. got to get off campus and act a fool.
haven't had much time but to eat, sleep, and breathe the library lately.
so i was pretty dang glad to hop in my twin's car and enjoy the breeze.
he pretty much saved the day too!
i needed to go shopping for work clothes and my ride didn't work out.
so he swooped in and offered to take me. yay!
i had fun with him and my boo dacia.

eh, i probably won't get to post til later tonight.
training for my new job at chilis in the morning!
then heading to the mall to get some more work clothes.
 i wasn't that successful today.
got some pants but i feel like i paid too much...
they're nice though! blank skinny jeans with zippers on the bottom.
might return them if i have better luck at the mall!
so forever21, here i come!
pray that i don't get caught up and buy too much.
i've been spending too much lately... on food and clothes.
but both are necessities if you ask me! haha.
i know i'm bouta get paid once i start working, but that money is for other things.
like tuition. books. my trip to ny whenever that's gonna happen. my freakin bridesmaid dress!

off to catch some zzz's.
i'm gonna be so tired at training i swear!

unisex clothes are the best. freshness.

never heard of prep jerks before but i gotta admit they're pretty fly!!
coming soon. cute, i like it!!

Nike Free Run Music Shoe

i'm a lil late on this, but omg, doooppppeee!!

here's the behind the scenes!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I LOVEEEE THISSS!!!! so i'm sad the shoe won't really do this, BUT i still think it's a great advertisement to show the flexibility of the shoe. this is exactly the kind of creativity i need in my life on a daily basis. if only. yeah, coolest thing i've seen in a minute. the level of creativity and awesomeness is beyond words. that's it, i'm moving to japan.

& check out the japanese breakbeat duo HIFANA. they're pretty awesome. as you can already tell...
the countdown,
until fame's 2nd solo project "c'est la vie"

there's going to be a freestyle released each week, and there's probably going to be around 16 weeks before the big drop! [so 11 weeks left before the big release]! :) i support this guy cause he's down to earth and super nice. & this is some good stuff...!

here are the past 4 installments, and this week's new freestyle! 
check back each week for new releases!

Week 1: Phone Tap 
Week 2: Who Shot Ya
Week 5: 9th Wonder Freestyle

i like week 5 best. :) they're only gonna get better i'm sure.
hit him up on twitter and tell him what you think!!
so i was looking for a youtube version of eminem's not afraid [that i posted below] right? & guess what i stumbled upon--this greatness. i'm glad i was tricked! haha see, i'm usually annoyed when i click on videos and they're not what they say they are, but this... this is greatness.. would yall agree?!!

i'm bouta do a lil research. i might be a new bad news brown fan!!
i don't always like eminem, but this message is a great one.

 i'm not afraid to take a stand. everybody come take my hand. we'll walk this road together, through the storm. whatever weather, cold or warm. just lettin you know that you're not alone. holla if you feel like you've been down the same road.

recovery drops june 22nd.
produced by kanye.
 i kinda love this! :)
what about yall? yay or nay??

thank me later releases june 15th.
featuring david guetta and

i love this song. so meaningful and inspiring. makes me wanna change the world, do bigger and better things with my life.

when i get older, i will be stronger. i'll make it better, struggle no longer. when i get older, i will be stronger. they'll call me freedom, just like a waving flag.
featuring david guetta.

this is way different from her. 
what do yall think?!

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming

ahhhhhhhh i was so excited when i saw the video was out!!!! :)

aww, the little kids are adorable.

today, nobody cares, but oh tomorrow... they will.

they said my future was dark. you see me now? just look around, i'm beaming.

lasers, baby!!!
ooooh nice man shoes!!!

i love this guy.
you can download the individual tracks you like using the player below, or go here for the whole mixtape!! :)  

featuring my love justinnnn!!

ahhhh, she's so lucky to be working with him!!!
i don't really like this song though........


i've come to bring you richmonders good news!!
[if you don't live around here, sorry]!

soooo, today i got a stussy shirt, a mnwka shirt, and a 3sixteen shirt all for... $25. yeah you read it right! only twenty-five bucks!!! shouldn't have spent any money at all, but i couldn't resist. i mean i kinda knew what i was getting myself into when i heard from my friend meeza that they were having a sale! haha. funny thing is, i'm not even a t-shirt kinda girl. exceptions gotta be made sometimes! the mishka shirt was an xl, but i'm gonna make a tote bag with it. i'm hype cause it's got the infamous big eyeball on it!! yay!!! :)


well let me fill you innnn...
HENRY on broad street is going out of business. [so sad. i hate when cool stores close because business isn't working out]. BUT they are having a biiiiig sale! they said it themselves--on their window is a sign that reads something along the lines of "yes, we're closing and we're having a big a** sale!!" hahaha, i loved it. i wanted to take a picture but of course i left my memory card in the card reader at home, but i had my camera... smh. no use!! :(

but yeah, everything is cheap cheap cheap!
all girl's shirts were $5
all boy's shirts were $10
all jackets, sweatshirts, hats were $10

now, if you live in rva, and you don't stop by... your loss!!

>>but be fast!! they're definitely gonna be gone by this friday.
the guy said they were supposed to be closed last weekend, but since his lease doesn't end til the end of the month... this friday is the last day he's gonna be around.
i told him i'd let people know about the sale, so yall go get some stuff for cheap!! :)
ehhh, i kinda like the white, black, and blue ones. not that much though.

coooooooooool!! :)

check out more of ausra's artwork!
pretty awesome stuff.

download it, here!!!
featuring T.I. and playboy tre.

what am i talking about, i need it myself!!!!
must get it ASAP.

when you thinkin bout summertime, i'm thinkin bout the winter. when you thinkin bout breakfast, i'm heatin up my dinner. i was plottin this moment back when yall was ridin spinners.

all that money and the fame don't change the fact that you lame.

i got em sayin who dat, who dat?? 

yesssss, loveeeeeee.


Usher - There Goes My Baby [Live]

this song is so beautifullll! :)
one day... right??!

love the duo.

she's been MIA forreal. very real video. hope she's back for good! :)


i've never seen freaknik, this is interesting! haha.
featuring dr. dre and queen pen.

this song makes me happy.
don't know why i felt like listening to this song this morning.

yall have a good one!
volunteered at my first fashion week! :)
it was super duper funnnnn!!
honestly some of the best days of my life!!
soooo thankful my friend christina invited me to come along and for her driving me there every single day!!
i never get to do things like this for the simple fact that i never have a way there. 
& even through the chaotic backstage life, i still had a blast.
& that's how i know i gotta get into the industry!

[pictures are blurry cause i didn't wanna be flashing all over the place].
this was the 2nd fashion show i ever helped dress for:
[don't have pics from the 1st show bc i left my purse in the car]
my boo kiara gettin her makeup done!!!! :)  

gorgeous wedding dress worn by one of my favorite models tatiana! :)  
me and amber definitely struggled a lil bit trying to tie the back up super fast!

3rd show; these are more bts pictures from the finale show for rva fashion week:
show was about to start!! sneaked out to get a picture; full house baby!!:

after partyyyyy:

kinda sad that i didn't see the shows because i was backstage the whole time, but at the same time, i was glad to take part and help all the models get out there in their awesome outfits. :)

went to another show tonight. it wasn't part of fashion week, but it  was at my school and it was pretty awesome! finally got to see a show. haha. pictures up once i get a chance, promise.



idk what it is but the rangers are addictive!
fly lil fellas.

i love nyle. :)
i love me some jasmonster!!

<a href="">Sometimes It's Hard Waiting by Jasmonster</a>

the chillmatic--> MAY 4th. hype.

 really lovin this song right now, and this remix!
new friend of mines, check em out on facebook!
want want want.

check out the whole collection, here!