Kanye West - The Joy

featuring pete rock, jay-z, charlie wilson, curtis mayfield, and kid cudi.
featuring consequence.
first time dressing up. EVER.
i didn't even plan it out like i wanted.
but i gotta admit it was pretty fun.
got my friends to tat me up. BAM. kat von d! hahaha.

a million people asked me if the the tats were real which made me kinda wish it was!
& it's not like i didn't know dudes love a girl that's tatted, but it was definitely confirmed tonight!
fun times!!

happy halloween guys!

back to the books for me today... :/

Flying Lotus - PieFace (My Dry Wet Mess Remix)

yeah, can't wait for man on the moon 2!!
shoutout to the all city chess club blog for posting a link!!!

oooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!! yayyyyy!!!!!!
30 songs?!!? YESSS!!
[but... i only get 25 free plays... smh]!

can't wait til it releases november 2nd!

Boyce Avenue - Briane [Live]

i adore boyce avenue.

hahah cool!
we had a halloween/pumpkin carving thing going on at our cafeteria yesterday... here were some of them!

pretty dope!! i didn't carve one. i would have cut a finger or two off. haha.
what a beautiful way to end a beautiful day!

i don't know about you, but i'm so in love with the sky.
if i could, i'd watch the sun rise and set every day.
simple things.

pretty dope. listened to the whole 40 mins with ease.

i liiike!

download it now!!
featuring akon and t-pain.

...i'm confused...

awwww! i like nicki without all the extravagant makeup!
& that man is beautiful!
here's some more of the pics i took in nyc!

T.I. - Ya Hear Me

plus every rock they throw, i use as a stepping stone.

"Inspired by a TED talk by Stefan Sagmeister we packed up a Canon 5D and traveled through South America, Europe, and New Zealand. This is a little of what we saw."

i need to travel the world. i need it.
featuring drake.

featuring cameron wallace.

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On


i'm already addicted to this song. it's definitely a feel good song. :) repeat, repeat, repeat!
featuring jesse boykins iii and theophilus london!!
privileged kid--dope events, every time!!
strange matter--the dopest lighting, i swear. i love it.

Masta Mic from Russia

pretty dope!
featuring swizz beatz.
but they treat you like doo doo.
featuring bj the chicago kid.
love lykke li!

i'm surprised i like the song. but i dooo. hahahahah.

Kanye West - Runaway

pretty extravagant. i love it!

do you know what i hate most about your world? 
anything that is different you try to change, you try to tear it down.
featuring christian rich.
featuring mos def, lupe fiasco, and big sean.
featuring juicy j.

Through My Eyes: 10/22/10 Yo RVA Raps [1]

couple performances from last night.
pictures coming soon.

ohbliv and louie v are already my faves, but last night, i became a new fan of j pharaoh & the manhattan project!! they're awesomeeeee.

i missed donnis perform in town the other day. i'm sad. :(

Through My Eyes: 10/21/10 New York Day Trip [1]

took a day trip to new york with my friends jas, cordell, and kj yesterday!
it was my 2nd time being in new york. wish i coulda stayed longer but i had a great time!
i needed to get off campus and nyc was the best place to go! :)
nice start to my couple days of fall break!

[more pictures coming soon].


i love watching musicians create music!! it always amazes and inspires me.

J.Cole – Im On It


confused by the concept of this video, but i love travie.

cool video! but i kinda wish there was just 2 versions or something. i don't really like that it's 2 in 1 frame for some reason... ? i know it's suppose to contrast though.

his voice is different. i like it!!
featuring pharrell!

Skeme – Pistols And Palm Trees (Mixtape)

soooo flippin adorableee!!!!!
don't know how i feel about all the makeup, nails, and ish, but cute video!
what's up with the fake lip ring bejewels...?

Lacoste "Blu, Blanc, Rouge" Collection

i like the simplicity and sleekness of these.

hmmm, i wouldn't be able to pull em off, but i like!!