NDK Klothing Invades LA!

hahahha these guys.


i love these guyssss!

words to live by.

featuring ice cube and maylay.

old school feel. i love.

check out more designs, here.


M.I.A. - Zig Zag



He starts with a base, plywood panel, and then places pages of a phone book on top. He then draws out a face and pre-drills 8,000 to 10,000 holes, by hand. As he drills in the screws, Myers doesn't rely on any computer software to guide him, he figures it out as he goes along. "For me, I consider this a traditional sculpture and all my screws are at different depths," he says.

too awesome.

see more, here.


whose world is this?
the world is yours, the world is yours.

Raekwon Meet & Greet @ Steady Sounds

"II Glenna" 
pretty dope.

pic of me and the chef should be coming soon.
(it's not on my cam)!


another cool SHHO event.

Lil Wayne - I Hate Love

featuring natalia kills and ya boy.


9th Wonder Lecture @ UVA!!!

with sundown from actual proof!!

the man. himself. :))))

this is P.S. tell me she isn't the most amazing artist...
her website just launched, check it out, HERE!

it was my first time going to UVA. 
it was beautiful.
& very dark out...!
wish i was there during the day though but i got there right in time for the lecture.

dopestttt lecture i've ever heard.
9th definitely held my attention for the 2+ hours he spoke.
he basically talked about the history of hip hop and what he thinks about where we are today.
he let us listen to a bunch of songs that have been sampled--that we most of us never knew were sampled.
he was super nice and answered pretty much every single person's questions at the end.
he signed flyers for everyone.
& he took pictures with everyone.

just some quotes:
  • when i made a beat for jay-z, that was beat #1200.
  • gimme one reason i should like nicki minaj. its hard to like nicki when i bought the miseducation of lauyrn hill.
  •  there's no competition between producers, there's a brotherhood.
  •  if eminem was black, would he get the same recognition?
  • being on a label isn't great. they sit there and try to tell you what they think people like
  • im not gonna rule out a 9th wonder and phonte album!
  • yall can say 9th wonder was talkin about waka flocka. cause if he calls me, ill say, "get your wack a** off my phone!"
  •  i was wondering why he had a wave cap on. he was white. that is not hip hop, that is a costume. that is halloween!
  • you're not hip hop man, youre just dancin with big pants on!
  •  the internet, although it helped my career, it killed the hip hop community. when is the last time you made a friend over a song?
  • so who's tellin the truth? rick ross, is for the most part, drug free.
  •  whatever you see on tv, that's NOT what hip hop is.
  • how did we get to mr. flame?

wish i had my good camera.
unfortunately, i broke my camera lens a couple weeks ago.
it's been a tragic couple of weeks.

afterwards, we went to littlejohn's to eat.
it was fantasssticcccc.
& for how long it took me to find the place (when it was down the street)... i'm glad it was super delish!

pretty amazing night if you ask me! :)

thank you student hip hop organization at UVA!!
featuring lil wayne.

bow chicka wow wow?!?!
i'm not sure why he chose those words, but i def like this song... smh.

hahaha cute video.

The ILLZ - THE GOLD: Episode 3


featuring shimmy hoffa.

if i'm not actually in the video when it comes out,
i was on def set for this music video! :))))
yayyyy. flash back to the dopenesssssssss. 
man oh man, it's been a pretty great year. :)
met 9th wonder tonight. :)

9th Wonder @ UVA


if all goes as planned... 
i will be there!!!!
spontaneous decision to go after i found out about this at the student hip hop organization interest meeting tonight.

mini road trip, here i come! :)
hope i make it in time!
let us pray.

New ATE Clothing!

new gear from one of my favorite independent clothing lines!

check it out, here!!
featuring rihanna and kid cudi.

i didn't blog for 2 days, and i miss this!

the scene with kanye on the cop car is pretty dope.
rihanna looks great.
& kid cudi looks precious in his red jacket.
so this is not the best picture at alll.
[seen in the "kobe is... the black mamba" film].
but i like.


yay!! lupe's album shall be here soooon!

Lupe Fiasco - H.A.M. [Freestyle]


Coolroy - Charlie [Mixtape]

from what i've hard. i digg it!

pretty dope.
i want the white or yellow one.

legendary indeed.

simply classy.
i love these.
featuring j. cole.

oooooo!! pretty darn awesome.
i want to try this. right now.
featuring sir michael rocks.
this song makes me laugh. 
not sure if that's good or bad. hahaha.

hahahahahah. well that was very civil!!!

wow. VW? this?? dope. 

more info, here!!

Trey Songz - Love Faces

featuring chris brown.

J. Cole - In The Morning

featuring drake.

love love love this song.

CurT@!n$ – A Song For You


hahahah love it!

oh february 14th, i used to be so excited to see you.
i used to either buy a bunch of candy and valentines to pass around, or i'd make personal cards for everyone.
things have changed a lil bit.
however, i am so thankful that i have amazing friends to spend my valentine's day with. :)

don't let valentine's day be the only day you show people you love them.
truthfully, every day should be valentine's day.


Wikki-P - Who Am I?

money is great and there's nothing wrong with having it, but if you're a dummy it can only lead to destruction.

passion x leejay x ebrahim.

i'm mad it stops at 1:43 though.
i get it. but i need to hear the whole thing! haha.

i wanna do a 30 day project.
& a 365 one too. but let's start with the 30. hahaa.

idk why, but the first two pictures rotated themselves, and even when i loaded them on facebook they did the same--but when i edited it... it was horizontal...

why are those heart candies so grody?
just as gross as i remembered.
i only ate one.

Pusha T - My God

Terri Walker - So Hard

shout out to @sabataj for bringing this to my attention.

Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't be Long

featuring lupe fiasco!