9th Wonder Lecture @ UVA!!!

with sundown from actual proof!!

the man. himself. :))))

this is P.S. tell me she isn't the most amazing artist...
her website just launched, check it out, HERE!

it was my first time going to UVA. 
it was beautiful.
& very dark out...!
wish i was there during the day though but i got there right in time for the lecture.

dopestttt lecture i've ever heard.
9th definitely held my attention for the 2+ hours he spoke.
he basically talked about the history of hip hop and what he thinks about where we are today.
he let us listen to a bunch of songs that have been sampled--that we most of us never knew were sampled.
he was super nice and answered pretty much every single person's questions at the end.
he signed flyers for everyone.
& he took pictures with everyone.

just some quotes:
  • when i made a beat for jay-z, that was beat #1200.
  • gimme one reason i should like nicki minaj. its hard to like nicki when i bought the miseducation of lauyrn hill.
  •  there's no competition between producers, there's a brotherhood.
  •  if eminem was black, would he get the same recognition?
  • being on a label isn't great. they sit there and try to tell you what they think people like
  • im not gonna rule out a 9th wonder and phonte album!
  • yall can say 9th wonder was talkin about waka flocka. cause if he calls me, ill say, "get your wack a** off my phone!"
  •  i was wondering why he had a wave cap on. he was white. that is not hip hop, that is a costume. that is halloween!
  • you're not hip hop man, youre just dancin with big pants on!
  •  the internet, although it helped my career, it killed the hip hop community. when is the last time you made a friend over a song?
  • so who's tellin the truth? rick ross, is for the most part, drug free.
  •  whatever you see on tv, that's NOT what hip hop is.
  • how did we get to mr. flame?

wish i had my good camera.
unfortunately, i broke my camera lens a couple weeks ago.
it's been a tragic couple of weeks.

afterwards, we went to littlejohn's to eat.
it was fantasssticcccc.
& for how long it took me to find the place (when it was down the street)... i'm glad it was super delish!

pretty amazing night if you ask me! :)

thank you student hip hop organization at UVA!!