Donny Goines - Dream Awake

hmm, what do yall think?!

it's a good message.
i gotta research more about donny.
i have no idea who he is.
or if i like his stuff.

i'm in between classes right now... i've embarrassed myself multiple times already today. it's only 11:35! haha. gotta be able to laugh at yourself sometimes! yall have a great day! [p.s. why is it sooooo cold today?! well, compared to yesterday. & tomorrow it's hot again. the weather must be having mood swings!!]

whole lot better than the last video!

both drake & trey look nice! :)

ahh, i loved this song sooooo much when it first came out. i still love it, but it's been so overplayed...

rushing to class.
i'll watch it later.

happy monday!

yeah i still like the new boyz!

had a good sunday.
class at 9 in the morn.
& i've been tired since 10pm.

David Sides - Michael Jackson Medley

love david sides!

this is pretty calming to listen to before i go to bed, which is soon! it's 5AM for pete's sake. haha. it's been a fun day. barely did anything, but it was def fun. :) i had a speech impediment today. i was saying a lot of things wrong. haha, mannn!!

Lil Boosie - Loose As A Goose

featuring foxx & mouse.
ew. his voice sounds so crazy!
aww, another death upon us. i don't think i ever remember hearing about so many deaths all at once in my life. it really urges me to try to live it up, although that might be one of the hardest things for me to do. i'm so dang uptight it seems... i hate that!! seriously. i gotta do stuff that takes me out of my comfort zone... but it's so... comfortable!! ugh.

only 36!

read the article here.

i love her. she's so gorgeous. she usually looks way older than she really is though!! looks can be deceiving!

someone commented on youtube that she sounds a little like ashlee simpson. i definitely thought that before i read the comment. but yeah, i def loved ashleeeee!! still love her. she's in melrose. i bet that's gonna be a fun show!! remember when she was on 7th heaven?!

first time ever hearing this song. yup. love. i can relate.

i didn't like this song when it first came out cause it was played on the radio so often. but right this moment, i really love it! :)

featuring kid cudi.
this song has grown on me since i first heard it. i i love everything kid cudi does.

the kid is adorable.

haha, first soulja boy post on here i think. i'll admit his stuff is freaking catchy... so yeah i do like some of his stuff. i know a lot of people don't like him. oh well! anywho, i love me some wiz.

this song though... eh.

the first one was great as well.

good music warms my heart.

i'm getting a different feel from mary j in this vid... i'm not sure if i love it.

another mario snippet.

>> more baldy pics...

song isn't bad. but i been loving more slow jams lately.

Drake - Forever

featuring kanye, eminem, and lil wayne.

i'm too tired for thoughts.
pretty hott though.

"it may not mean nothin to yall, but understand nothin was done for me, so i don't plan on stoppin at all."

goodnight babes!!

that's my BOY!!!
yeah i'm a bit jelly!!

not sure if i'm feeling the song........... but um...

can't wait for the album.
love this song.
i know i've heard it before.

yo i'm sore from the gym!! yes! :) except i did one too many ab things and i'm sore from yesterday, so today i couldn't do that much cause i was weak. sadface!!! i still did some ab buster things though! go me.

this might just be my favorite song off the album. what can i say, i'm a hopeless romantic!! i'm starting to be hopeless though! but hey, i'm still young right... i gotta focus on being the best me right now! :)

but yeah...
i LOVE this song.
a whole lot.
the lyrics are lovely!

yall got a favorite song off the album yet?? i mean... i love most of em, this one just stood out to me most.

just got back from the gym right... i'm tiiiiiired!

Trey Songz - Ready [Album]

are you ready for this? this album right churrrr?? this album right chur is FIYAH! i love it. peep it. & make sure you cop it when it releases next week!!!! the album cover isn't bad either!! ;)


bout to go to the newly renovated gym at my school's other campus downtown. it's not far; it's just a 10 minute bus ride away. but chyeahhhh, it's AHHHHmazing! like it's the motivation i needed. hope not too many people start showing up. cause i used to use that dinky gym last year cause i didn't want to be crowded when i tried to work out at the main gym. now it's better than the main gym. like.... WHOA, i'm telling you!!! so if you go to my school, hit up the other gym, it's nice! :)

ps. is it weird that i like being sore? it makes me feel like i've done something with my life! :p if i don't feel it the next day... i feel like it was time wasted... ?

yall feelin this or no??

i've followed him on youtube for quite some time now. yeah, i kinda love this song! :)

haha this song is silly.
much like kid cudi.
gotta love that.

Kid Cudi - That Girl

the instrumental is snazzy!
i love it.
the song itself,
i love!!!
yall already know.

she was sooooooo talented! :( it has already been EIGHT years...

go here to watch a playlist of her videos.

featuring keri hilson!

hey i like this!
i'm not sure if i like the part where keri sings really fast, but the verses and chorus are mad catchy! catchy songs always get my vote. haha.

this isn't bad at all.
i don't love it though.
not my favorite.

what do yall think?!

awww, i'm feelin this jammy jam!! but uhhh, what's up with the baldness though?!!? grow hair back ASAP mario! welcome back.

love it, of course.

i know i haven't been posting as much lately. & that i've posted mostly music >> it's just faster/easier. [college is already getting busy, man]. but more people are visiting the blog than when i did post a lot... anyways, thank you to everyone who is reading this. i really appreciate yall!!

Chico Debarge - Oh No!

just heard this song on the radio. & i looooved it!! kinda reminds me of maxwell? but yeah, this is my new jam. :)

yall like it?
check him out.

i've been hearing a bit about LMFAO lately. i skipped this video when it first came out a couple days ago, but i decided to give it a listen/watch tonight.

my thoughts:
diggin this ish!!
something new and fresh.
like the beat.
imma def check out more.
yall should do the same if you're feelin this.

i just listened to i'm in miami trick. i like it too! you can check it out here. it's silly and fun. they remind me of chromeo, just a lil bit. emphasis on lil.

yeahhhh man.
i LOVE this.

yall like it?!

Mya ft. Bun B - Show Me Something [Video]

look at mya still gorgeous as ever!

featuring boogz boogetz.

i fell asleep while blogging.
knocked out for 6 hours.
woke up just now,
& it was really warm!!
WHO turned the thermostat to 76?!
i admit i like around 72,
but 76? oh heck nah.

it's been a long day.
& my wireless is being ignorant.
so i'm not gonna watch this.

i got soaked in the rain.
never have i ever.
i had an umbrella too.
had to change my destination,
& go to the closest place to grub.

one of my favorite songs.
these girls are good.
i tnk beyonce did better though.

check out their youtube.


i love keri,
but i don't love this.

Jay-Z - Run This Town [Video]


this song still reminds me of houstatlantavegas by drake.

featuring drake, the dream, & kanye,
i like this video!

okay girl!!
this girl is talented and beautiful.
& her hair is awesome!

:) i like.

its been a couple days since i posted anything. yall know why?! school started.

Ne-Yo - Can I Feel You

i hated it at first,
then i kinda liked it.
it's aight.

sidenote: i'm hongry. with an o. it's speaking to me right this minute! cause yall were beggin to know how i am in this moment. haha. i'm gonna get ready to go out and eat... but i hope SOMEONE is awake when i call! i feel a good day brewing. yay!
i approve. :)
simple, but cute.

you know what, this is kinda cool! it would come in handy on lazy days and days i have tons of stuff to carry when it rains. but uh, where i'm at... if i used that... it'd smack me upside the head and fly down the street. for some nature-ly reason, it gets really windy here when it rains most times... i'm not in the windy city either! i've broken like 3 umbrellas! never in my life have i broken umbrellas before i came to college. so i resulted to a nice bubble umbrella... which i loved cause it never flipped inside out, which was my problem with my other umbrellas. except. i broke the bubble too. on a non windy day. no clue what happened just got a new one over the summer. it betta not break. imma be sad. wellllll, yup. that's my umbrella story for you. :)

get it here. look at that. amazon in japanese! haha. cool.
this dude is crazy talented. i'mmmm jealous!

check out his interview with complex!

it's nothing too exciting for me,
but i still like the song.

yeah, so imma post a few more things if i can find some stuff/not fall asleep. i drove back with to school with my dad today. took like 12 hours... 2 extra than usual. cause the tire freaking exploded!!! scared the crap outta me. i heard some weird sounds and i was like do you hear that dad? he was like i have no idea what that is. and BOOM, and i lost control of the car for a quick sec but thank God i got back in control and pulled the heck over! of course it wouldn't be convenient enough to just change the tire and keep a moving. of course the jack wouldn't raise the car high enough. how does that happen!? soooo yeah. had to get some cop to come help us... well he just stood, but we just needed a better jack. whew, well... hour plus some later, we were back on the road. got to school at 8pm. hung with cool peeps. now i could just fall asleep til thursday when schools starts! tomorrow shall be fun though... i love non school days!

sidenote: it's an icebox in my dorm/apartment. like... i'm about to have to put on a hoodie, and burry myself under blankets, plural. not coooool!


ohhhhhhhh gahhh!!

highlights for me:
  • painted in hairline & eyebrows
  • "doo doo up on everything"
  • "u equal mess equal doo doo"
  • "she's like a walking toilet"
  • "back it up and dunk"

luh dis boy.

K. Michelle - Fakin' It

featuring missy elliott.
i luh herrrr.

it's aight.
it'll probably grow on me.
it already is.
it sounds catchy,
that's what always gets me!!

that's it for today guys! i'm stressed. buying books couldn't stress me out more. i mean, can i pay less please?! liiiike can i pay free-ninety-nine? most of my books are over $100. wtf. wtf. wtf. i mean... i'm taking 6 classes... you do the math. i'll prob drop a class but still... i'll need the book for next semester anyways. everyone's telling me to use yall should def check it out if you need to buy books. they're a lot cheaper. you rent the books and you send them back at the end of the semester. pretty cool. i'm looking at ebay right now... they're a lot cheaper than the book store as well... and you can keep the book... cause i'm trynna make a profit when i sell my books to people next semester!! but why are the books from places like india and malaysia?! seem kinda sketch to me... i don't know mannnn, i wish God would just drop some books in my dorm. haha. seriously though!

& i'm bout READY for financial aid to process my stuff already. i'm pretty sure i'm not getting any money. pisses me off.................... worries me as well. definitely coulda done better in school last year. a LOT better. i did well freshie year and they gave me quite a bit of moolah. now they're just being money whores. excuse my language. i'm a bit infurriated with them!

enough with the rambling. heading to bed soon. church early in the morning. then i gotta pack my life up and get ready to head to school. it's like... i want to bring more stuff... to make living easier... but uhhh, i got the smallest room eva... saddens me. & i'm dreading that 10 hour drive!

yeahhh, i digg it.


are the boys back?!
or am i fooled? is this old?
i loveddd themmm for the longest time!!

& you know what,
i sure do like this song too.


love this.
sing it girl!

that voice,
i could listen to forever.

i love me some lloyd!
i don't think i like this song though...

Boyceavenue - Yellow [Cover]

these boys are amazing if i haven't mentioned them before!!

as for this song, it's amazing as well! one of my favorites. i absolutely love coldplay. they did a good job on covering it.

goodnight forreal this time.
i got caught up on youtube. :)

i kinda like these!

do you??!

well i think that's it for today. i've been bumming around all day. my excuse: it's cause i'm sick. & i'm exhausted from it. sweet dreams loves!!

i love the whole unisex thing!
& them shoes are fierce!

see more pieces/buy here!!
doesn't get me too excited. i've been disappointed with bbc lately. get it together boys!!! i maybe like the red shirt a lil bit.

what do yall think?!

these are pretty cool.
at least i think so.
love the black & white!

alife's website.
shutter shades forreal. cool! stainless steel. nice.

releases november 2009.

hahah this could be useful at my school. i've heard of people having their tires stolen when they left the library... i'd be pissed!!! no one would steal my tires though, my bike is cheap as a pack of gum. guess the perk is that i won't have to worry bout anyone stealing my tires, seat, etc. and if they do... i wouldn't lose but just a $20 bike my dad bought from some random person! haha.

anywho, this is a good idea. i love it. looks odd, but i love the idea.

[designed by chris boardman, olympian cyclist]

featuring pharrellllll!!
hmm, well i know for sure that i like the beat/instrumental! haha. aww, i used to love me some nelly. the love can always come back someday!

paramore kicks major butt!
hayley's hair is freaking fierce.
their album "brand new eyes" releases september 29th!

Louis Vuitton House

haha, kinda hilarious. kinda cool. kinda like it. kinda why would you do that.

sooo, i feel sick. ughh. why meeee?! bout to head to bed soon. i'm going to be renewing my passport early in the morning.

and... i'm watching this abc news special on subway..... i looovvvee subway!! but how "healthy" is subway?? i bet not as healthy as i'd like/think. sodium is off the wall i know that much. but as long as no one tells me how bad it is for me, i'm gonna keep eating it thinking i'm doing myself a favor. ignorance is bliss... but it's ignorant to choose to be ignorant. blah! but it's like the most money sufficient/fufilling meal on campus. i'm def gonna be grubbin at subway a whole bunch this year! just a random snippet of my thoughts for you. hahaha.

goodnight loves.

from what i see, i'm pretty darn sure this one is better than best i ever had. not too much boobs and butt in this one! i mean, don't think it can get worse than that last vid. haha. i still love drake though! imma need his leg to heal up though!!

step it up breezy.
you can do betterrrr!

now velcro like thiiiis, i could do.
don't know why i like these,
BUTTTTT i do. :)
i love kermit! i think these pieces are fresh. hey, maybe that's just me... i'm pretty sure some of yall like it?!

now available here.


courtesy of [with a few minor corrections]:

Kid Cudi has come a long way from Wendy’s, where he worked as a fry-and-nugget cook at 14 so he could afford cool clothes. “I was determined to be the first kid at my school with a full Sean John outfit.” recalls the now 25 year-old Cleveland-based MC. “That was the fly shit back then.” That same determination has steered Kid Cudi (pronounced CUD-ee) into a position as one of hip-hop’s most promising prospects. After writing his first rhyme at 12, the artist, born Scott Mescudi, plugged away at several odd jobs in his hometown (bartending, valet-parking) before temporarily decamping to Brooklyn, where he met his manage, former Def Jam A&R Patrick “Plain Pat” Reynolds, and threw himself into recording. Last summer, Cudi released his genre-jumping mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, featuring “Day ‘n’ Nite.” A haunting tale with a ridiculously original beat about a castaway stoner. “I wanted that one innovative record that could change the game.” says Cudi, who also lent lyric and vocals to Kanye West’s Auto-Tune-fueled 808’s & Heartbreak.

Despite a temporary retirement from rap earlier this year (”What I was aiming for was destroying certain things around me”), Cudi’s drive hasn’t decelerated. With his debut album, Man on the Moon: end of Day, dropping this month via Universal Motown and West’s G.O.O.D Music, he hopes listeners will learn a bit about him, and about themselves, in the process. “The whole album is about self-reflection. My sound is my voice , what I go through. I talk about my journey-and nobody else can talk about my journey but me."

get em scotty!

willard wigan makes tiny delicate things; micro-sculptor to be exact. just saw him on the conan o'brian show. wow, this guy is talented!! precise to say the least!! wow. i'd never be able...

visit his website!
haha, random gossip. along with everyone i know being pregnant,

kourtney kardashian is preg! all i gotta say is, i bet that baby is gonna be adorable!! as of now, no official say on who the father is. it would make sense if it's scott... whatever his last name is. if it's not scott---oh la la!! haha.

article here.


kendra from the girls next door is expecting a baby boy!! with boyfriend hank [nfl player for the philadelphia eagles]. seems so soon after she split with heff, she's got a whole different life. get em kendra! i love her. that girl is craaaazy!

article here.

Amber Rose : Complex Magazine

okay okay, shawty fierce.

click here to read the interview.
amber talks about her childhood, recent fame, bi-sexualness, kanye, etc.

haha, and i know you fellas [or ladies] probably wanna see more pictures of her and the video of her at the photoshoot...

click here for more pictures.
here for the video.

luhhh dis!!
yay ch!

ah, gotta hurry and post some ish cause i wanna see this meteor shower outside! i missed it yesterday. [didn't even know about it until i went to google, and the logo had shooting stars in the picture and i was like... what?!] they say peak times are 12am-5am. i betta see some cool stuff! i'm excited. yeah, call me a dork. whateva! yall should go outside and check it out though... psh, don't tell me you don't find shooting stars cool... i always miss these things... this time, i betta not!!! i got things to do early tomorrow so hopefully my eyes see something amazing quickly. then imma snap some pictures and call it a night. no mosquito bites please. & that stranger dog better not keep jumping on me. [my dad just brought the ugliest thing home... the boy jumps up and down like it's breathing... get off meh]. night!

oooh, i like! his fashion drawings especially catch my fancy.

check out more of his work!!
baby milo and hello kitty are a such cute couple dontcha think?! haha. love it. i swear she got a boyfriend though!! well, in taiwan she does... hahaha. probably a fake shirt i got. haha, don't ask!

oh my effin gosh. this is ahhh-mazing!! my friend brought it to my attention. uh, it's just awesome! love.

this was the reason the album is now set to release september 15th! it's some really nice art though, and the music is gonna be even nicer. worth the wait.

Yung Joc - Choose Me

featuring chris breezy & pleasure p.

nice lil jam.
breezy doin his thang.

i'm quite a bit late finding out about this.
i still hate the whole "trend".
stop it as soon as now!

well it's a good thing you can barely tell. it's not as BAM as cassies! [& i mean BAM as in BAD].

apparently it's a re-shave, cause she had it done here in 2008...

it's a really relaxed collection. i like!!
jacket is fresh!!!

available for purchase here.

click the picture to download the mixtape!
or go here if you're not quite sure.
[listen to the songs before you download].

yeah... um, i don't know bout this. it's alright i guess. but i just wouldn't buy it for myself...

the first shoe also comes in the same design with light blue accents and also one with fuchsia accents.

the second shoe also comes in a creme and also a dark gray.


this watch is going to be part of mastermind japan's fall/winter 2009 collection. it's gonna be priced at around 16,000 big ones.

mastermind japan's website.

awww i love this!!
the animation is fun.
yup, i want that book!!

not sure how i'm feeling about this song. i kinda liked it at first, then i kinda didn't. whateva.

i'm kinda digging this song.

i like the instrumental.
the song is alright.

yalls thoughts?

i died!!!! [laughing that is, for those of you that don't get my lingo, haha]. she was soooooooo serious!! you betta tell'em hillary!! sadly enough, the translator that asked the question, that made her snap, made a mistake and asked what she thought mr. clinton thought about whatever -- but instead what was meant to be said was mr. obama. oooooh shawty!! sucks for the translator. he meant well! & clinton too. she musta been having a bad day!

read the article yourself!
this really isn't much of a gossip site at all.
but i had to blog about this.
sorry bout the title.
that was totally rude!!!!

so, i'm sure many of yall have heard already...

sometimes i'm immature, get over it.
she's a hermaphrodite.
IS IT TRUE?!?!!?
i need to know!
she says it is...
haha, but do yall trust her??!

this is what she said about it:

"It’s not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that I go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female. It’s just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. The reason I haven’t talked about it is that it’s not a big deal to me. Like come on. It’s not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. I have both a poon and a peener. Big f*cking deal."
-Lady Gaga

okay, so i gets it. it happens. no one is born perfect. perfect in our own way, yes. but perfect? never.

but did she have to tell the world?! part of me is like YAY lady gaga for telling everyone and being proud of who you are. most of me is like it woulda been great had you kept that one to yourself. goes with the saying : some things are better left unsaid.

one thing though : the GIRL rocks the heck outta them leotards!!! & for that, i can't hate.

>>> so i'm researching trying to find an article for you guys since i read about this a few days ago but couldn't let it go. had to tell you guys about it. but uhhhh, i just read that she's a ... man. like completely. imma ignore that article until more sources say the same. until then...

wait, is ANY of this true?!
maybe it is. maybe it's not.
maybe she just wants more press...
she's definitely getting that.

abcnews says it's ridiculous.
gossip sites says it's true. duh, gossip. but still.

hm, i don't know mayne.
just something... interesting.
ugh, i'm off to bed.
this blog was way too long for its irrelevance to my life.


i found out about hey monday a few months ago. i like em a lot!!! it's slighty beat into my mind that they're like paramore cause everyone keeps comparing them. but i think they've got their own sound. theyre just another rockish/popish band with a lead girl singer and all boy band members. the lead singer cassadee is so adorable!! but yeah paramore rocks more!

visit hey monday's myspace!
visit hey monday's official website!

B.O.B. - No Mans Land

okay bahh-beee rayyy!
not bad!
love a dude that can play guitar!
nice authentic utah background.
it's something serious!
a lil snip snip.

ummm, i luh dis!!
i need the whole song!!
so i kinda wanna start posting quotes i like/come across. i mean pictures & videos are the bomb! but words can be really inspiring & powerful too! i just wanna inspire at least a few people in my lifetime! ;)

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

- Marianne Williamson

nelson mandela has quoted her a few times and people have actually mistaken her quotes as his. nevertheless, these are some nice inspirational quotes. for me at least. sometimes we forget how much potential we have. remind yourselves immediately!

oh miley!! it's about the climb, not the pole boo!! did you forget!?! & the girl got a nose ring. i mean that's cool, but she's a younging!! [do i sound elderly?!!?] let's not have a million little girls askin for poles to shimmy on. [it was a ice cream cart though... but clearly a pole!!] well, anyhow, i hope she focuses on the climb and doesn't climb poles and go crazy on us!! i still love the girl. hannah montana too! haha.

here's an article about it, although i saw it with my own two eyes! haha.

sidenote: i hope the younger generations to come, as i get older [haha], do not get worse than they already are. some of yall are wilin out!! unfortunately it's just more of an issue when you're in the public eye because you have tons of people and little people watching your every move.

sidenote: just saw a commercial's for miley's new line at walmart. she betta work her name!