beautifully made video.
i cannot waiiiiit for sydney in theory.

 my favorite collection--so far!

drops april 4th!!

featuring mr. porter.
featuring glc.

Theophilus London - Century Girl

featuring devonte hynes.

LA Capital - Damn It Feels Good To Be a Mascot

va talent.

this weekend has been a blast.
i love that we keep shocking everyone with our wins.
a lot can happen if you work hard for it and believe.
i absolutely love it.


david sides is my fave.
i love this song! :)
featuring chris brown.

i love the moral of the song.
that balcony view. wow, amazing.
brad doggett is the best.

Through My Eyes: 3/25/11 ELITE 8!!


the unity of tonight made me happy. 
the happiness. the pride. the love. 
it was truly beautiful. 
definitely night to remember. 



Chiemgau Impressions

my new lens came in the mail yesterday. 
so thankful i was able to get another one as soon as i did.
pre-graduation present.
best present ever. besides the camera itself of course. :)

besides the flower pictures,
these pictures were taken in the fashion building where i go to class. :)

Puppy Love

i just melted.
this is absolutely adorable!!

all three versions.
all three boys.

victor kim.
chester see.

quite adorable.

Novel - Internet Novelties #7

i adore watching people make beats.
it's amazing.
featuring ace hood.

digg it.
featuring show tufli.

the show i've been waiting for, for a while!
it was pretty amazing!! :) 
thank you to every single person that came out.
& for those that didn't, you definitely missed out on a dope show!!

oh, & if you're not familiar with fly u, get familiar asap.
it never hurts to expand your music list.

more pictures of the concert coming soon.

Farma Wesley - Peace God


hey loves!

so i'm sure you guys have heard about japan and how intense things are over there right now.
it's so unfortunate and my heart definitely goes out to them.
whether you know people in japan or not, there are people struggling to SURVIVE out there so please do what you can!
they need as much help as they can get and there are plenty of easy ways for you to help!

-to donate $10 through the american red cross, text REDCROSS to 90999, or donate through their website.
-to donate $10 through the salvation army, text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888.
-to donate $10 through unicef, text JAPAN to 864233, or donate through their website
-to donate $10 through save the children, text JAPAN to 20222, or donate through their website.
-to donate through habitat for humanity, go to their website.

-buy a cool klp "the rising sun" t-shirt from karmaloop for $20, and 100% of proceeds will go to the red cross.
 -buy a "we pray for japan" bracelet from lady gaga for $5, and 100% of proceeds will go to japan. there are also options for you to donate in addition to buying the bracelet.

 -buy a "japan relief" t-shirt by tory burch for $29, and 100% of proceeds will go to red cross.
-buy a "rebuild japan" t-shirt by dissizit for $30, and 100% of proceeds will go to japan relief efforts.

-for each random commercial you watch, causes will donate $0.10 to japan. it's super easy, try it! go here and click "give a minute"!

-look. this isn't the time to be modest!! i know you guys are talented people. use your talent to help raise money if you don't have much money to personally give. i definitely know what that's like. i'm a pretty broke college student.

here's some ideas:
-are you a designer? design a shirt for japan, get the pre-sales going, and have proceeds go to japan.
-super intelligent being? share your intelligence by tutoring and give the money you make!
-artistic? sell some of your artwork and donate the proceeds.
-musically inclined? get some of your musician friends together and have a benefit concert!
-full-time partier? plan a huge house party and donate everything you make!
-whatever your talents are, YOU CAN HELP!

anyways, i got an early graduation present that is on it's way--a camera lens!! (cause i stupidly broke mine) & after trying to figure out ways you guys could help japan, i was trying to think of a way i could personally help!

here's my idea: PHOTOSHOOTS FOR JAPAN!! i'll donate the proceeds to red cross or whatever japan relief organization you want! i'll get my lens by friday, so hit me up!!!! :)

& there should also be local stuff going on around your town in regards to helping japan.  i've read about benefit concerts in different cities and such. keep your eyes and and ears open! do your research!!

more ways to help save japan, here and here.

surely more ways to help japan will surface.
in which case i'll update this post. :)

live to give.

this is unbelievable!
these look soooooooo real!!!

'London to Paris', directed by Grace Ladoja, documents 10 riders from all over the world making the track bike journey from London to Paris to meet Lance Armstrong as the Tour De France 2009 comes to a close.

pretty cool if you ask me.

love the design.
energy efficient too.

nice. i like.
check out 10deep's spring 2011 lookbook.

pretty cool!
check out more from peter lee johnson!

Through My Eyes: 3/18/11

so i probably need a new blogspot or tumblr for my pictures specifically, but until then, i'm posting them here! hope yall don't mind!

shop im king, here.

shop official, here.

amazing. i need to be there.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wish i coulda been thereeeeeeeee!!!

ah jump is so classic!
featuring pusha t.
featuring jack davey.
produced by flying lotus.

get your own ATE t-shirt, here!!

Through My Eyes: 3/17/11

i simply love the sun.
i say it all the time.
but i really do.
the sunrise/set happens everyday, but it's never the same.
any time i get the chance to catch it, i do.
 it's just one of the simple things that i really enjoy.