Introducing ATE Clothing's Website

so yall know i came back home to tennessee for a couple weeks. & those couple weeks pretty much flew by. got a couple days left before i head back to the V-A, which means crunch time! so i'm gonna leave you with this info:

2010 is quickly approaching us, which also means ATE clothing's website is about to launch!! now, if you live outside of VA, you can get with the program and get yourself some fly ATE gear for the new year. :)

tell me the logo isn't fierce.

don't know what ATE clothing is all about? familiarize yourself! >> ATE stands for ancient thread empire. ATE clothing, based out of richmond, va, was founded by [my buddy] esmel meeks in 2008. here's the best part: not only is it a fresh clothing line, it's also for a good cause. part of ATE clothing's funds go to tuition scholarships for underprivileged children. BAM! that's some good ish.

here's just a few of the shirts and sweatshirts they've put out:

niiiice right? ATE has pretty much taken over my campus. that's how good it is. i just got the black sweatshirt last semester. i love it!

ATE is definitely a must-have for 2010.
i gotta cop me some more!

hit up the website 01.01.10.
don't be late getting your ATE. haha.
& tell all your friends all about it.

word of mouth is crucial.
make ATE clothing worldwide!

click here to be a fan of ATE on facebook.

p.s they're launching a kid's line along with the website. & let me tell you, it's adorable!! gotta cop some for all the cute little ones in your life. they need to be fresh too. :)

p.p.s. oh! & one of the graphic artists for ATE... check out his blog, here. richie pope, talented guy.

hope you guys have a happy new year!!!

2 tracks off of cudder!
& cudi responding to the drama around him recently.

i love the man on the moon.

David Sides - Right Now Na Na

simply beautiful.

sooo, brain freeze, i have no idea who the original song is by. well, off to target to return some stuff. pleaseeee, let there not be an enormous line!! & then SONIC's happy hourrrr! :) bouta see my friend becca. it's been ages. i'm so OLD.

Birdman - Money to Blow [Parody]

hahahhaa!! this is too funny:

they killed it. :)

check out candy slice's youtube!

here's another parody they did:

this makes me smile:

so adorable.
a man by the name of pogo took sounds from the movie up and made this lil jazzy number. awesome. i love it!

see some of pogo's other creations, here.

up is the cutest movie. if you haven't seen it... hop to it! [especially since my son is in the video, hahah]!
cool, right?!?
my only concern would be for the last 2 seats... isn't it kind of a reach for the 3rd person to hold on to the 2nd person? if the 3rd person wasn't steady, the 4th person would be outta luck. haha, i'm just thinking of safety issues [i would], but besides that this is pretty cool. only one made for marketing and advertising purposes in south africa.

more info, here.

Diddy's Daughter Singing

for cuteness sake:

awww >> chance combs.
oh gosh. cuuute!
i want her!!!!
kids are so adorable!
can't wait to have em.
[when the time is right of course. haha. had to say that for you people that assume weird things].

so i was telling you guys about how much i love youtubing this guy back in june... & now he's about to come out with his own album!! yay!

exposure >> january 19, 2010.
featuring jay electronica, j. cole, & mos def.

"Genesis of Style - Genesis – ’a coming into being’ or ‘the beginning of’ and when you think of it in relation to style – ’a way of expressing something that is characteristic of a particular group or period of time’. This “genesis”, so to speak, is not about convincing different individuals to dress similar to us; from the video you can see the variation in style from person to person, but more about a revival of awareness of personal style. This multi-borough video project, starting out in the Bronx, should change the face of Street Etiquette and everyone involved."

what is your definition of style?

"style is a reflection of my mood, my attitude, my character. it's my voice before i ever say a word."


it's said to be coming january 2010!
[i'll keep you guys posted, for sure].
seems like it's gonna be a great year!
can't wait! :)

yet again, empire state on my mind.
i need to make moves, fast.
i wanna see what it's like already!

well i'm off to take a drive down memory lane. literally. going downtown. hope it hasn't changed too much! although i'm sure it has. seems like they're renovating the whole town. haha.


can i just say. i'm super excited DRAKE is coming to perform at our homecoming concert?!?!?! i heard he was coming a week or so ago and since i wasn't 100% positive, i kept my mouth shut. but remember how i said i was madddddddddd excited?! this is why!! :) yayyyyyyyyy!!

the end. :)

if you know where i go to college, here's the info:

concert : feb 3rd. | 7:30 | $13 w/student ID | $36 general

tickets go on sale the 19th.
>> shawty, i'm in there like swimwear. & i don't have class til 2 any day of the week... so front row here i come. [or close, haha]! sad thing is, this year i have to compete with a whole bunch of freshmen to get my ticket. last year the ticket sales started way before school did. i definitely went back to school early just to get my ticket! i mean come on... N*E*R*D. >> DUH!

p.s. someone wrote on the fb event >> "who is drake?" i coulda slapped em through the computer screen. ;)

Classic: INOJ - Love You Down

this is the jammmmmmm!!! i love it.
way better than a christmas story.
by the way... WHY does TBS think it is a good idea to play that movie for a whole 24 hours?!!? i've yet to see it all the way through... & seeing i only have like 10 channels, you'd be surprised that i haven't succumb to it.

anywho, download it here!

hope yall had a beautiful christmas full of happiness!
whoa, these are so artfully made!
the top 2 seem impossible to wear!
i mean OUCH!

click here to see the whole lookbook!!
some pretty cool bold pieces.

buy them, here!
yesss!!! merryyyy christmas to me & you!

download it, here!!!
[straight from]

[BUT please know i waited a LONG time to try to get on the website and download it cause i'm suspecting too many people were on it, so be patient. tore up my nails waiting]!

OR, just download it, here.
[it's a 3rd party link, but it worked for me]!
>> i suggest this link, unless the link above loads for you.

now to work on my resolutions--that i will hopefully fulfill!!

Amerie - More Than Love

featuring loso.

i've never been in love.
there, i said it.
but i definitely believe that love isn't everything.
you gotta trust.
trust is BIG.
featuring mr. hudson!

beautiful video.

seriously though,
i wanna be forever young.

[don't tell anyone, but i definitely thought the song was called forever young]?
well, they say they're back.
you be the judge.
>> get the mixtape, here!!
for the season's sake... there are a couple christmas-ish songs i like... here's one:

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
And I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree

I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you

I won't ask for much this Christmas
I won't even wish for snow
And I, I just wanna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe

I won't make a list and send it
To the North Pole for St. Nick
I won't even stay awake
To hear those magic reindeer click

Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding onto me so tight
What more can I do
Oh baby, all I want for Christmas is you

All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of childrens'
Laughter fills the air

And everyone is singing
I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa won't you bring me
The one I really need
Won't you please bring my baby to me, quickly

I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby, all I want for Christmas is you

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

hmmm, so now i just gotta find out who my "you" is. :p

aww. is it that sunny inside though?! ;)
recently "i'm beaming" was leaked out and not by lupe himself.

read what he has to say here on his 2 blog posts on myspace.

"to whom it may concern"
"and to clarify"
hey loves!

it's christmas eve. it honestly doesn't feel like it for me. but then again, i'm not really sure when christmas ever felt like the "traditional" christmas for me. we never did the whole set up the christmas tree. sing carols. put gifts under the tree. family come to visit. decorate the house. none of those things. & you know what... yeah i've always wanted that--and one day my family and i will have it. but tomorrow is more than that. more than the lights and gifts. it's Jesus's birthday!! & it's ALWAYS been that at my house.

maybe it's not the best christmas i've ever had. maybe i won't get any gifts tomorrow. sometimes it happens that way. i get it. times are hard. they've always been hard. & i figure i get "gifts" all throughout the year that i don't need anything on one specific day. i've always had that mentality. i'd rather my parents NOT give me anything and save that money for... idk---tuition?! or maybe a... CAR to take up to school? either way, i have everything i could possibly need. my friend reminded me just today that it's okay if i don't celebrate christmas like everyone else--think about all the other people in the world that would love to be in my shoes. i have a family to come home to, i'm gettin my education on, i have plenty of clothes to wear, i'm pretty healthy [haha], etc. >> so many things to be thankful for. [hey, a j-o-b would be splendid though]...

merry christmas [or whatever you celebrate tomorrow] and i hope yall have a great one. remember what's truly important this holiday season. enjoy your gifts, but most of all, enjoy the things that are priceless in your life. :)


p.s. none of this was written for your sympathy. i just speak on honest terms.
p.p.s. it smells like fried fish in my house. i hate the smell of fish. i'm disgusted and the smell won't go away. ew.
steph jones's take on the little drummer boy. with jordan sparks and b.scott on the front line!

"I didn't make this song just for Christmas. Its a song that I remade to show that when its your true calling you are to be the best you can in order to inspire others..which will bring people together. When me, Jordin Sparks and B Scott were marching with those drums I imagined us being on the front line in a war and it was my way of saying that it doesn't matter if you are man, women, gay or straight... We should all be able to come together and fight for a certain cause no matter who you are.. And once we truly figure that out then that's when we grow as a people."
-steph jones
i like the first look.
[speaking of swim suits... i'm waiting on mine to come! it's supposed to arrive--today! does UPS really work on christmas eve? i bet they do].
the rest of the collection... i'm not really feeling.

what do yall think about this australasian line?

see the rest of the s/s collection, here.

i'm gonna watch this a lil later and maybe come back to write something if i remember. meanwhile, enjoy!
beautiful, right?!
this is the suite martin margiela designed before he stepped down from maison martin margiela. it's called the suite ile aux oiseaux.
which basically means island of the birds suite.
[if my french knowledge serves me correct]!
it's located in bordeaux, france.
you can rent the room for a whopping 650 euros a night, which converts to about $930.

let's go!

get more info, here!!

Pacman vs. Mario

silly. hahaha.
i honestly don't know a lot of glc's music but i'm willing to explore! i've heard some songs i've liked before. :)

download the mixtape, here!!
this is the video for the last song off of their recently released EP. download it here if you don't have it yet!

starring lara stone and baptiste giabiconi.

thoughts on the film for the s/s 2010 pre-collection? people on youtube seem to hate it. i think i might be one of those people. sorry.

[but i love the bike].
i can't even front man.
these are some fly looks.
i can digg it.

couple more looks, here.

so, i went to bed real early.
11PM to be exact.
& i woke up mad early.
6AM to be exact.
this isn't me! hahaha.
well, i actually woke up at 4.
turned on the ipod.
tried to go back to sleep.
got up at 6, thinking it was 7.
[no one changed my clock back].
not that it matters.
no specific plans for today.
>> um, BORING.

still can't believe i have less than 2 weeks home. everyone's doing their family thing this week. so that basically only leaves me next week to see everyone. reality says that's definitely not gonna happen no matter how much i want it to. it's not like all my friends are friends with each other. suga snaps. haven't seen some of my bestest in a year now. if this is what growing up feels like, i don't want it.

but anywho,
hope yall have an amazing day. :)


Despicable Me [Trailer]

i kinda stopped watching cartoon stuff a while ago, but i see it's becoming kinda trendy for the adult population. haha, i'm not sure that made sense... [in my head it does]. but uh, you know, the movies like bolt, up, wall-e, etc. i know tons of grown people that love em. i loved up! :) kinda fell asleep in both of the other 2 mentioned... anyways, here's another:

can't decide if the characters are cute or not... haha. kinda leaning towards--not. don't hate me.

"A Love Supreme: U-N-I & Ro Blvd. shows how three young men went about creating one of the most critically acclaimed album of 2009 independently with no major music label backing them. The documentary will be released when U-N-I & Ro Blvd. release A Love Supreme 2.0 in February 2010.

The album is going to include remixes from the original album, plus bonus tracks that have never been heard before.

A Love Supreme 2.0 to be released in February 2010. Stay up to date on and

>> yoooo, i love the song that's playing in the video. gotta find out what it is!

february. can't wait!
wowww, i'd be so terrified. even if i didn't do anything. cause that's just how i am when it comes to the po-poes. cause they stay using their power. my opinion. smh, but anywho.

haha, more info, here.
here's part 2:

yes! it's been too long girl!

i absolutely love this song, still.
& i love brad doggett!
which makes sense if i love this.
love at first sound!

>>i'm home!! & well, let's just say... things don't change around here, as far as family goes. i wish my parents and i got along. but we just don't. of course i know they love me and i love them just as much, but it's just hard being home sometimes. i did miss it though! right when i got back, i ran out and hugged my baby [dog] katie. i missed her! :) my dad and i got back at like 7pm. started driving at 9am. yeah, long ride of trees, snow, and highway.

oh, and i found out i'm only gonna be home for less than 2 weeks... wtf?!?! i'll have 2 weeks left when i get back to school. hmmm, maybe i'll convince SOMEONE to go to new york with me. cause i've never been. & i'd effin LOVE to go. been thinking about it a lot lately!! :)

the good thing about me getting back to school lately is i'm gonna be back before the new gym opens! which hopefully means not that many people will be there and i can hit up that pool! :) i swear my new year's resolution of going to the gym more needs to be a success seeing how close i live to the gym!!

& another thing i've been excited about lately : homecoming!!! ahhh!! :) :) :) [we don't have football--ew i know, my high school didn't either. i was so upset when i came to college and learned this. but yeah, we have homecoming for basketball which is why it hasn't happened yet]!


Jojo Returns to Music

college? cultural anthropology?? nice. never heard of that as a major... cool! it's always important to have a education to fall back on... unless you're kanye.

i'll post the part 2 up whenever it's uploaded.
featuring jay-z.

hello, i gots insomnia.
& it's officially winter.
oooh, the beautiful life is on youtube!! i think it got pulled off the air after 2 episodes, but i liked it! which is why i'm excited the 3rd-5th episodes are on youtube right now. i usually like shows that get pulled off... wonder what that says... hahaha.

here's the 1st episode if you haven't seen it.

see the other episodes, here!!

yeah, i'm gonna be dozin at the wheel today!

i don't like the commercial.
but i do like how the beat comes in.

been a good day. cleaned all last night so i went to bed at like 7AM. haha. woke up... really late. went and chilled with a friend. came back. finished packing. now, its 3:20AM--i'm supposed to be up by 7:30 to drive say... 12 hours home. well i'll probably drive 8 out of 12... my dad will probably drive the rest. so i def need to get my butt in bed. but every time it's the night before i leave, i can't sleep. backfires when i'm driving for hours and all i see are trees and highway. not to mention--------NO MUSIC. whatttttttttt?!!? i know... horrible. tragic really. if my dad isn't accidentally falling asleep at the wheel, he's sleeping while i drive. so... i can't be blasting music. bummer. so sometimes i slip in the headphones. now i know that's dangerous... not to mention illegal... but dangerous is when i fall asleep and die because the view is so drab. & yall know i can't live without music. mannn, if it was a roadtrip, either just me or with friends, i'd love driving hours and hours. as long as i got music, i'm SET. so yeah, the car ride tomorrow................ ugh.

so probably no posts today.
sorry loves.

pray for no traffic and no icy roads!


hahha, love it.
these are so cute.
be sure to watch blitzen raps and santa raps below.

update: whoaaa, i didn't realize this was chuck inglishhhh! :)

Youtubing: eme10d1c

love his voice,
& his accent is adorable.
[he's from the UK].

check out his youtube!

here are some of his vids:

^^love that, and i don't even like that song that much!!

ahhh love ittttttt.

get it lupe!!!

love it.

featuring jay rock.
dedicated to michael jackson.

don't like the song,
but the dance moves are nice.

so i just spent the whole night cleaning my room. at least like 4 hours... yeahhhh, it was a total mess and i don't see it staying organized for long. [clothes is the main issue. no place to put em. & i swear i don't even have that much]! at least my room will look nice when i get back from break. oh, i'm offically leaving monday! glad there was no rush, because i still got a little more to do before i leave. & seeing i haven't slept yet--it'd be a bad idea to drive!

well, i'm beat.

too bad i can't dj.
now that would be awesome!

click here to see more dj desks and other works by metrofarm.
featuring pharrell!

you might be thinking,
say whaaaa?
gucci mane, on MY blog?!!
>> no worries, i only like pharrell's part.

i rarely listen to gucci's stuff. okay, more like never. that BURRR is so annoying. but this song is tolerable. however, it woulda been so much better with someone else rapping.

the beat is niiice! as to be expected from the neptunes. :)


all i need in life is for tyrese to come back with some bangin jams. [on top of his movies, comic books, and whatever else he's doing]. that's all i need.
i love me some slow jams.

featuring tank.

al green is amazing.
what more can i say?!

Alicia Keys : What Music Is She Into?

love. jam for life.

looks fun.
love alicia's haircut.
asian boys reppin!
get em!!
hahaha, love.

featuring illmillion, traphik, IBU, lil crazed, skip, dee, phlip, and trixx!

they make me chuckle.
1st of all,
i love these pictures.
love, love, love.

i love her hair.
i want it.

i love her nails.
a mixture of silver&gold nails never looked so cool.

get me one of these,
& i'm your new best friend.
guaranteed. ;)

buy it here!
i just fell in love.
robin thicke's new album.

you need listen to it!
>>> click here!!!

mannnnnn, good music makes me so hype.
[sorry, the code is being stupid and isn't working properly, so click here to see the video]!

i love these guys!

a love supreme 2.0: the divorce party

>>february 23, 2010!

so hype about a new year of great music!!
i'm kinda snowed in... so you'll prob see a plethora of posts today.

i love corinne.
classy voice.
i missed her.
glad she's back!
so sad her hubby passed. :(
well, i'm a nail polish addict. & they've got some cool colors. 18 shades. $6 each.

>>buy, buy, buy!
see, i don't even like christmas songs like that. is that bad? [i might be a grinch that way].

i love THIS:

they got it going on.

& yes, congrats everyone that completed the semester, alive! :)

sidenote: as i get older, it feels less and less like christmas. sad.
another classic for you guys. i was at buffalo wild wings last night with my loves. apparently they do karaoke at bww? well anyways, it was super fun. [i sang along... in my seat]! they played this song. remembered how much i love it.

featuring lauryn hill.
yes, please.

music is my therapy. music is my cure. sometimes it really does help me forget what's going on. even if for a moment. it's just me and the music. sounds crazy, maybe. all i know is, it's a blessing. i absolutely can't imagine life without it.

almost forgot that my parents and i don't get along so much. i hate it. i wish we could be civil. i hate arguing. i love em to death. they mean the world to me. but we just cannot communicate at all. makes me super sad. makes me not wanna go home actually. tonight, arguing and yelling over the phone with my mom made me remember. i'm secretly wishing for the snow to keep me at school for a couple more days... isn't that a shame. i was super excited to go home too. pretty sure i'm not leaving tomorrow. look at the snow! picture taken from my window. [this was earlier tonight]. wish i could see the streets from my apartment though... but i'm on the inside. so this is the courtyard. not so exciting.

i swear if my dad calls me at 7AM saying he's outside my dorm, i might just flip out. cause he's all--we MIGHT go home. & i'm gonna be tired seeing i'm still awake. i feel like the roads are gonna be a mess. & he knows i'm gonna be driving most of the 12 hours. plus, i'm not packed at all. fault on my end. i did a whole bunch of laundry today though! but still. i like definite plans. can we just say sunday for now? geez.

just some late night rambling.

click here.

noooooooooooo, looks like that christmas gift we were expecting from lupe won't be happening. sadface. oh well, i'm sure he's got some great stuff coming for 2010! worth the wait for sure.

follow lupe on twitter for updates.

Nardwuar vs. Kid Cudi [Interview]

hahaha, most hilarious kid cudi interview i've seen to date... he was kinda rude but gotta love him.

who is nardwuar?
props to him for researching before he did the interview.

  • "microphone's too close to my mouth"
    >> he wasn't kidding. cause it was.
  • "yeah man, some people do crack"
  • "crispsy space bacon"
  • "ummm, one second, uhhh, this is uh, i gotta dip, i gotta leave"
  • "o-i-uh-are you gonna come back?"
  • "you're not telling me nothing new!"
  • "doot-doola-doot-doo can you say bye bye?"
  • "chill out man"
but i really hope he's not always like this at other interviews!!!

kalil madi is such a cool name!

can't wait til cudder comes out!!

so it's snowing. pretty hardcore for where i'm at in virginia... my dad called me this morning telling me we should leave for tennessee tomorrow instead of sunday. i really doubt that's gonna happen seeing that it's coming down pretty hard right now. i might not be able to leave til monday. cause i feel like by sunday, the roads might be worse with the snow all iced up. bestie left to go back to maryland today so she wouldn't get snowed in. so i'm kinda just here. grrreat.

i definitely need to check more of nickelus f's stuff out, pronto! the stuff i've heard by him, i digg it.

click here to listen to exhibit f!
& slap that on ya ipod.
the video wouldn't embed, so click here to see it!

til the casket drops is in stores now!
featuring ludacris.

lovin this song right now.
but i like the original better.

thought he sounded a lil like trey at first. haha.
2nd tshirt design.
[here's the 1st].

the tshirt drops this sunday [december 20th] at the bape store in LA. kid cudi will be there for a special signing session [12pm].

man... if only i was even close to LA, i'd be there! the dude is too chill.

i'm gonna start posting oldies that i love. it'll be my classic series. cause i been listening to a lot of old stuff lately that i wanna share with you guys.

ahhh, classic!!
good music warms my soul.
had to bring it back real quick.

ready or not, here i come, you can't hide. gonna find you and make you want me.
footage from deluxe CD/DVD

kid cudi, is the man.
man on the moon.

"the key to being different is just being you, because nobody can duplicate you. you can do you better than anybody else. and that's just the key, it's not a secret message or something that's hidden. being different is just being an individual, being yourself.

^^true story.

yeah, thank you richie for sending me this video!
check out his blog, here.
he's an awesome artist.

i love this kid.
he's awesome.
love this song.
yay for his album coming out at the beginning of next year!

great night.
i love the people in my life.
[for the most part] ;)

caught up thinking bout some issues in my life. i swear over-thinking may be the death of me. maybe i'm just running from a lot of things. or maybe people just really don't get me. cause the second i finally try to tell someone what's wrong... never works out.

hittin the shower.

yall have a good night!
[might snow tomorrow night]!!


Rihanna - Hard [Video]

featuring young jeezy.

too fierce.
this isn't new new, but it's one of my current favorite jams.
i looovvve it!!

featuring weezy and juelz santana.