David Sides - Paparrazzi

love at first sound!

>>i'm home!! & well, let's just say... things don't change around here, as far as family goes. i wish my parents and i got along. but we just don't. of course i know they love me and i love them just as much, but it's just hard being home sometimes. i did miss it though! right when i got back, i ran out and hugged my baby [dog] katie. i missed her! :) my dad and i got back at like 7pm. started driving at 9am. yeah, long ride of trees, snow, and highway.

oh, and i found out i'm only gonna be home for less than 2 weeks... wtf?!?! i'll have 2 weeks left when i get back to school. hmmm, maybe i'll convince SOMEONE to go to new york with me. cause i've never been. & i'd effin LOVE to go. been thinking about it a lot lately!! :)

the good thing about me getting back to school lately is i'm gonna be back before the new gym opens! which hopefully means not that many people will be there and i can hit up that pool! :) i swear my new year's resolution of going to the gym more needs to be a success seeing how close i live to the gym!!

& another thing i've been excited about lately : homecoming!!! ahhh!! :) :) :) [we don't have football--ew i know, my high school didn't either. i was so upset when i came to college and learned this. but yeah, we have homecoming for basketball which is why it hasn't happened yet]!