N.E.R.D. @ DePaul

haha i wanted to go to depaul. anywho, good call on them having NERD perform. :) random clip. i loved it when they came to perform at my homecoming. pure madness!!!! one of the best nights ever.

ahhhhhhh, i can't freaking wait. i love love stories. girls, did you see robert pattinson & taylor lautner?! can i just say--yum.

really feelin this song. i will admit i was shocked when i found out it was by teyana, but more props to her. cause i really like it!! hope she keeps making music like this. have you seen the latest pics of her though?! mad fierce. gorgeous. but smh on the pics of her and DRAKE!!!! ahhh!!

hahahaha, really though?!?! what about asians?! >> i guess they did say "all people" at the end. haha. this is too much. sad thing is, it's a real commercial. red house furniture is located in high point, NC. i almost went to college there!!!

hahaha, i died when i saw this. kinda precious. i bet if that was my child though, we'd have a problem after 5 minutes. very cute nevertheless. she looked so dang serious. she knew what she was saying, even if no one else did. ;)

R. Les - Something That I Like

ryan leslie. ugh, pure musical genius. love himmmmm!!! if you don't know about him by now, there's something seriously wrong with you. please educate your ears. :)

awww & yayyyy for his 2 BET award nominations!! don't sleep on this guy.

song grew on me. didn't like it at first, now i love it.

i'm sure it's hard tying shoes with hands like that. haha. love that they were outside. cute.

hahahah this is my favorite one thus far. adorable!! lucky kid to be babysat by lebron & kobe!

hahahahaa, i love drake. dude seems super fun. nice comme des garcons shirt boo! peter, you're a lucky man. but haha i don't think kanye liked you.
first thing i thought, was transformers. looks tight. more info here.
hahaha, this is cute. at first i didn't notice the name or the bottle, and i thought you had to put it up your nose... i was like... hmmm... haha. blonde moment. :)

Youtubing: ThemPRangers

i freaking LOVE the power rangers. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! they're some fly youngins. love the skinny jeans. backflippin and land jerkin. fly songs. dancing in busy intersections. what more could you want. precious. can we be best friends?? haha, check out their youtube.

scooter's a ranger! awww!

love the camera movement. dope.

aww lil boy is precious.

boy has beautiful hair.

& please tell me you've heard you're a jerk by new boyz. gotta love em. watch the video. & look, the power rangers are in it! :)

jerk movement!

Kristin the Villain is Back

never liked her. but why is she walking in late?! at a wedding?! not hers?! haha but she plays the villain role so well!! evil smile and all. i think her "i dont give a smile" is hilarious though. can't hate cause i even have a blog entry about her now. hahaa.

side note: so i don't know WHEN i missed the part that lauren said she wasn't coming back. NO MORE LAUREN?! it's like... the OC when mischa died... it just doesn't really work. but apparently she's done. bout time she took a break though, i know she wants some dang privacy!

gotta wait til 2010 for her album?!? aw :( but anywho, she's adorable!!
love this channel. she hasn't put up new videos in the longest. but i still like her stuff. :) i'm subscribed to a million people on youtube, & you better bet i'm gonna post more of the random stuff i love on here!

& p.s. i been really loving 90's music lately. good stuff.
i love beatboxers! look at these girls killin it!! pretty cool in my opinionnnn. better than i can even try i'll say! ughh, i can't find some of my favorites right now.

get it boys!! boys are def more known for beatboxing... it's all good though.

this dude has been one of my faves for the longest!!!

aww he's precious! made me laugh. pretty voice too!

still cool since i the day i seen it forever ago. if i tried this, i'd just get spit all in my flute. how lovely.

warning: it's not your typical cartoon. i'll add more of these later. you can make your own. it's pretty hilarious. & foul. definitely not for kids! last time i checked, "sexy spec" wasn't white--but i'm not sure if you can control that when you make your cartoons, haha. "pan-tees">>dead.

another vid my friend linked on her facebook. hilarious. i love rainbows tat! ...do prison's have libraries?! who did the voice?! sounds just like him. "drunk" hahah. jokes aside, whoever made this video is great at animation. check it out. "i ain't gay!!"

Kanye West - Paranoid (Official Video)

here it is.

random footage for ya. cool to see artists inspired by other artists.

yo, this is kinda tight. different. & this boy is talented. justin ryan. just discovered him. he played taylor swift, and i was immediately a fan. love her stuff. check him out on youtube.

back with another david sides for you guys. i'm telling you, he's one of my favorites. mad talented. & i love this j. holiday song. so enjoyyy!
cool... but no. ya know?
amazing. some of these took up to THREE years to create!! & i can see why. just paper & glue? and the outcome is this?! toooooo cool. check out more.
aww, a goodbye (for now) mixtape. how thoughtful!! i'm no good at government & law stuff, but why is it 366 days and not just 365? shoulda paid attention in class i guess. back to the topic at hand, the mixtape releases this friday [may 29th]. check back then, i'll try to have a link for ya!

here's the track list:

1. “T.I. Year and a Day (Intro)”
2. “Don’t Forget” featuring Mary J. Blige
3. “Hell of a Life”
4. “At It All Night”
5. “Make You Sweat” (Exclusive)
6. “Get That Money”
7. “Done It Now” featuring Lil Wayne(Unreleased)
8. “Show Off” featuring Young Dro (Exclusive)
9. “Leaving With Me” featuring Chris Brown
10. “You’re a Freak” featuring Blue Marley
11. “On Top of the World” featuring Bobby Ray & Kanye West (Unreleased)
12. “Still Ain’t Forgave Myself” (Throwback)
13. “I Do” featuring Big Kuntry King and Young Dro
14. “All G”
15. “Collect Call” featuring Mitchellel
16. “T.I. & MLK (Outro)”

ooh, chris brown! :) mary j! kanye! weezy! this should be nice.

No Words, Kinda

hilarious. if you haven't seen the original video of "sexy spec" doing whatever he is doing in his panties--i mean... it's mad hilarious to me, but WARNING dudes, i'm not sure you wanna see it, unless you roll like that, and in that case... you might like it. (which is perfectly fine by me). hahaha. WATCH AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. "anybody that want it, come get it">> WHAT?! he was def talking to dudes at that point in the video... ummm, & that's fine... challenge or not. i don't even know if i liked the song, i was so distracted by this madness. hahahaha. dead.

and i'm mad this dude that made the video is cursing in front of a child>>>wowww. that's not a good look. the video is mad long, but for someone that can't focus studying & is bored, it's quite entertaining. "how you doin myself, alright? ewrrr!"end is funny.

but uh, sexy spec, you're so not... sexy. & to find out what NYG stands for--hahaha.

& ummm... so the sexy spec vid was originally uploaded on the pretty ricky youtube channel... WHY WAS IT DELETED?!

"they told me it was easier as you get a little older--yeah right!"

blame it on not studying. how yall feeling bout this song? not my favorite from mr. foxx. i mean by 30 seconds, i am 100% sure he doesn't need it. haha. i like the background/instrumental though.

doing everything but studying. GAH! i like this though, so i wanted to share it with you loves. yall know i love santigold.
is it true? i mean... they both match each other's fly, but i'm not feeling it. whatever. how reliable is media takeout anyways? i wouldn't know. when i do visit their site though, they be having some really interesting issues/topics/pictures. like oh no beyonce is wearing tights with sandals... well i didn't notice til they zoomed all the way in on her feet. come on now. beyonce is gonna be fierce for life, socks & sandals or not. haha. & this picture is a horrible one of kanye. is jay-z gonna be upset? oh well. this should be interesting.

nice chill joint. something bout musicians from chicago. love it. always love discovering new artists. vote for them, or whoever you want, for this week's freshmen video on mtvU. chop chop.

coooool stuff.
prettttty tight! chair designed by eric ku.
i'm late on this, it's already in stores. but ain't it a beauty? comes in orange red, fuchsia, & green. goes for a chunk of $2610. if you can't afford that, the coin purse is $475, but i sure hope you wouldn't pay that much for a tiny coin purse no one is gonna see.

Kanye West - Paranoid

not the official official video, but it's the official video. na'mean? i'll put the actual vid out when i see it. riri looks fierce as usual! :)

Charles Hamilton Interview

before the madness went down. :) all smiles. "i don't even like this [guy]. we just hanging tonight, just because. cause i really don't like him." haahaha :) but forreal, his album is gonna be fiyah.

well that's good he apologized. but why didn't he get to talk to her about it?!? hmm... i still love CH though!

i'm loving it.

Rin on the Rox

these gorgeous girls, Erin & Roxanne, wow. killed it. discovered them tonight, and they def got me watching every video. check them out!

slow mo, is always a plus. hahah, they are so serious about these commercials. i love that there are so many.
so, i love cameras. but what's better than a uniquely bangin camera?! nothing! i've never seen decorated cameras like these before... well i've never seen decorated cameras ever! check these awesome thangs out! most of them are holga cameras. they're pretty cheap too, makes me want one just so i can pimp it out. love.

i love tokidoki designs!!
aww this one is preciously small!
kanye west is selling these unreleased size 10 louis vuitton jaspers on craigslist (yeezy uses craigslist??!). they come out mid june. "best offer gets them" >> i wonder what type of offers he is getting!!! they're called jaspers because on his blog, he said he names all his louis shoes after his friends. how nice!

but let me ask--why are the pictures such back quality/small 'ye? i KNOW you got a nice digital camera or knows someone that has one...
this is a caravan by mehrzeller. i didn't like how it looked on the outside, but inside, oh wow. i like the inside! you design your own layout online and they build it for you. cool eh?

beyonce. so i never heard this song before, until today. & the first time i heard it was the cover by erika david (below) WHY? i think it is an unreleased track from her i am sasha fierce album. dedicated to her hubby. awww, i love it.

go maxwell! i'm excited about his album BLACK Summers' Night that releases july 7th. it's the first album of the trilogy. the next two are Black SUMMERS' Night and Black Summers' NIGHT.

one of my favorite song's right now is actually pretty wings by maxwell. ughhh love it so much!

& this would be the shot that everyone and their facebook statuses was talking about. get it lebron!! i'll admit that was quite beautifulllll. 3 pointer seen/heard around the world. or states.

hoodnews>>hahah. dang girl!!!! briana, how you gon punch charles hamilton like that?! hahahaha. wow. slow mo had me rolling.

wait, hold up i just watched it again. so... she used to "date him" or whatever?! well at least she knew him and it wasn't some random girl... & the hype men are hilarious. "uh ohhhh, it's a battle?! take it to the streets!"

oh noooo, i just watched it again and dang, he put her business out like that though. that was foul. i love charles hamilton but i can't be on your side for that one son. however, i love his pink. her 16 wasn't good though... haha this whole video is just wrong.

"you punched me tho"

hm, p.s. i hope one of my friend watches this and does the same thing to her liar goon. girl, you better make sure he has some sunglasses on or something... ;) smack them mothers off.

i mean, it's fiyah & i want it. the end.

david choi and amy kuney's rendition of esmee's song. haha, i love that she came out of a refrigerator. the video looked fun. i've been wanting to go to a playground for the longest time... ugh. don't think there are any closeby...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Sneakers

i think these are fly. can't go wrong with marc jacobs any day.

these, few boys can pull these off. theyre cool though!!

lupe & nerd collabo? i love it. can't get no betta! can't wait.

okay esmee! youtube star is on her way. boy is... um... fine! esmee looked gorgeous. i loved that outfit she had on with the striped tank top. song is pretty catchy too.

karl lagerfeld, you never cease to amaze me. coco woulda been proud! the collection is gorgeous. 78 looks though?! wowwww! amazing! the fashion show took place in venice, italy last thursday [may 14th, 2009].

adidas editorial done by M.I.S.S. let me just say, i LOVE how they did the ads. love. love. love!! & i do love neon. :)

i love converses!! anywho, this is the edge by U2 for converse's 1hund(red) artists collection. converse has been partners with (product) red for a while now. this design will be released in london and online.

oh alexander mcqueen, this is beautiful. hmm, let me think where could i wear it to. i'd have no problem keeping it on the mannequin at my house though, if it were free. :) a lot of times designers make things that seem so illogical or just dramatic to get our attention. well this has gotten my attention. i'm thinking about alexander mcqueen aren't i? gems sewed onto mesh. it's spectacular!

oh my gosh. these are so pretty!! these are from just another rich kid. and priced at $4500. what would you do with a pair of gold dipped hightop dunks though? you surely can't wear them around, and i'd hope you wouldn't want to!! (you'd ruin them & how are you gonna get your foot in if they're permanently tied up?! duh.) apparently they were made in 2007 and no one has yet to buy them... i find that kind of surprising, kind of not. maybe they just haven't told the right people that these babies exist? i don't know, right now they're at the Scoop in Soho. pretty pretty.

haha i think these commercials are adorable.

bmw car for lil babies. livin the life. supposedly this is for kids up to age 3. i don't think your kid will care what kind of car they are scooting around... at least i hope not!!

kinda cool. definitely something different. the french made shoes not sold in the US yet, but you can buy/check them out online. more designs/colors on the website. click here!

ummm, i love love big hair, but uh... i love beyonce but i don't know about this video. this isn't my favorite song either. but besides the hair, beyonce looks great. opinions?

This Game Got Me Looking Insane

here is something really random for you! haha the things i do... that has nothing to do with what i'm supposed to be doing. :)

it's called the bounce ball game. i found it randomly online on this website where you can take pictures on your webcam with cool effects. i love taking pictures so you already should know that i was doing too much.

anyways, so you see that white circle in this picture? [it's a screenshot of how it all went down] yeah, that's the ball that you're supposed to bounce around using your hands. the instructions were "smack the ball around the screen with your hands" >> i SURELY was struggling. i mean, if you move, it'll bounce the ball. you can bounce the ball with your shoulder if you'd like. but i wanted to be official with it ya know? like really bounce it and know where it was going. nope. you see in the picture the ball wasn't even near my hand (which looks crazy, by the way). nice going. yall should try it and look stupid with me. or master it, but don't tell me, it'll make me feel bad. not! NOW GO!

here is a piano one. and there is no way that can be official. these games are a phonnnyyy!! smh. haha. NOW GO!

just felt like sharing that madness with you. but forreal, i don't think i've seen a webcam interactive game before on the computer?? kinda rad.

kinda like the song, it's nice, but i def love the instrumental part. as you can see, the progressions produced it. the progressions is a team of two talented men: porter and david sides. gotta love anything david sides is a part of though. (porter too). please tell me you know who david sides is. he's a BOMB piano player. plays (mostly R&B songs) by ear. BANGIN. please check him out on youtube. i absolutely love him; he's amazing. here's some videos he has done. [make sure you check out the progressions too].

UGH, marry meeeee david sides! boys that can play the piano... smh. love that!

haha, i died at the title. & the whispering. the other stuff was crazy though. it's just gonna keep growing?? just an interesting little video for ya guys.

the inspiration of the devil wears prada, editor-in-chief of vogue, anna wintour! haha. she's fabulous. hair & clothes on point at 59. but with 200,000 a year to spend on clothes, you better be nothing less than perfect! aww, andre leon talley! & alexander wang!!

"what bores you?"

hahaha, she's got a point. i love it.

would you be scared?!? i would.

i'm nothing like this woman. except i love fashion. but people like her make me think i'm not right for the industry because i don't think i could be as strict, stern, serious, etc. not like her. she's more than dedicated. & that's why she is where she is in life. she's the best of the best fashion editors. i mean, i'm willing to work hard, but that's not always enough. i feel like there is a persona that goes with being in the fashion industry. ya know what i mean? i guess it all comes with experience and just working your butt off. doing what you need to do to get to the top. but would you pull others down on the way up? hmmm...

she better not go quietly! go out with a bang!

Lauren is Preggers With ____'s Baby!

i don't know, i'm sure i'm late about this info, seeing that i didn't even know that she's been on and off with weezy for five years. & the baby daddy issssssssss............................... WEEZY F BABY. hahaha. so... what is this baby gonna look like? i personally don't think lil wayne is a looker... sorry? but ms. london is gorgeous, so who knows. i'm sure the baby will be adorable.

yo, can i learn how to skateboard by playing this?! there aren't any wheels... i don't get how it works. hahaha. seems cool though. even though i haven't really had an urge to play wii or anything like that. maybe i should get on that. click for more info.

it looks mad breakable. but yeah, this is for you game lovers. me, i just want a skater boy. ;) wooorrdd.

wait, i just found a video... i'm mad they had an elderly man try it. he coulda hurt himself.

not sure if i'm liking what i see, but who knows; neutral. i don't have a tv, so i doubt imma get into a new show that i'm not siked about. but here's the preview to the new show. glee premieres in the fall. imma watch the first episode online though [it's already available to see], maybe i'll get hooked and watch it in the fall. don't need another show to love though. i like underdog shows though, if that's even what this show is about. haha, we'll see.

i forgot how much i loved the black eyed peas. i recently started liking boom boom pow; hated it at first. but this is nice.

i'm feelin this song. check it out, love it, download it.