The Game is Canceled

the show, so it's canceled? what type of ignorance is that?! is it official?? i don't know how accurate my source was... but at least she ended up with the boy. but it still wasn't a good ending... cause it shouldn't have ended.

did yall see the one tree hill finale though? that had me in tears. gossip girl was good too. & 90210. & grey's... well i still gotta catch that one because it's like 2 hours long. and yall know i'm in summer school and all that mess. i only have one class tomorrow! and then no class until tuesday morning. but: test wednesday. test thursday. so no, i don't get a nice lil break from school this weekend. i told you, i'm committed. oh shamwow. i'm over it. & i'm scared for these tests. it's a LOT of stuff to learn/remember/understand.