Charles Hamilton Gets PUNCHED!

hoodnews>>hahah. dang girl!!!! briana, how you gon punch charles hamilton like that?! hahahaha. wow. slow mo had me rolling.

wait, hold up i just watched it again. so... she used to "date him" or whatever?! well at least she knew him and it wasn't some random girl... & the hype men are hilarious. "uh ohhhh, it's a battle?! take it to the streets!"

oh noooo, i just watched it again and dang, he put her business out like that though. that was foul. i love charles hamilton but i can't be on your side for that one son. however, i love his pink. her 16 wasn't good though... haha this whole video is just wrong.

"you punched me tho"

hm, p.s. i hope one of my friend watches this and does the same thing to her liar goon. girl, you better make sure he has some sunglasses on or something... ;) smack them mothers off.