Consequence - Whatever U Want

featurning kanye & john legend.
the greats.


not bad. right now my computer keeps skippin, so it's hard for me to tell.
random video i watched.

it's inspirational that she does what she has to, to help her mom. but she sounds so sad. you can hear it in her voice. :/

featuring talent couture.

it's okay.
yall like it?

dannnggg homie! that's intense. wtf was going on!? kinda funny though. but who the heck video taped it all?!!?

but apparently it was TWO years ago?! hmmm, DRAMA!

hmm, his voice is weird. "neeverrr everrrr happen againnnn!"

coma time!! goodnight!
"There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment, you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path? Will others tell you who you are or will you label yourself? Will you be haunted by your choice or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

"There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment, who will you be? Will you let down your defenses and find solace in someone unexpected? Will you reach out? Will you face your greatest fears with bravery and move forward with faith? Or will you succumb to the darkness in your soul?

-One Tree Hill, opening & closing quotes from season 4, episode 4 [can't stop this thing we've started].

i did this status application thing on facebook, while i procrastinated from studying for my marketing test tomorrow, and as a random status i've posted before, it picked the 2nd quote. i've always liked it so i decided to share it. shoot i mostly always like the opening and closing quotes of one tree hill and grey's anatomy. you should pay attention to them if you haven't noticed them before. they're pretty clever.

but yeah, these are more like questions than my usual influential quotes. just think about it.

persevere. define yourself.

Britney Spears - 3

what do yall think about britney's new jam?

featuring vaughn anthony & estelle!
ooh, i can digg it!
are you feelin it?

good music makes me happy!
it is something i can always count on calming me down on a rough day!

featuring swizz beats & weezy.
aw breezzzyy!

2 Kids Singing Gospel


yall know i love mr. hudson.
yall know i love miss keri baby.
so yall gotta know i likethis!!

her accent is kinda weird though!

If Tyson Had to Spend the Night with a Man...

the host loved it when he took tyson shirt off! hahaha.

obama. haha!! tyson beckford is never gonna be gay in my book. such a gorgeous man.

featuring t-pain.

aw, lil jesse.
yeah, i used to love his music.
i don't hate it now either.
i know it's cheesy, but oh well.

never heard this song til now.
not bad.
gorgeous girl.
so i have this jacket that is a little too big. so the shoulders are bigger. i'm just gonna say i was going with the big shoulder trend. bam! it's not my favorite trend, but hey i do what i can with what i got!
pretty rad.
kinda scary too, don't you think?
looks kinda silly on the outside. but it looks pretty dang awesome in the inside!!

more info/pictures.
nearly 4,459 diamonds.
almost 29 carats mounted on 18K gold.
only 3 made.

better not drop it!!

yeahhh, i'd rather buy a bangin car. or a house. or something!

amosu website.

Mickey Factz ft. B.O.B - Mind Blowin'

not bad.
i like it alot actually!!!

man, i'm soooo tired.
life goes on.
i'm bout to take a 30 minute nap.
pray i get up.
pray that i can sleep peacefully for 30 and not keep waking up feelin like i've missed class!
hope this isn't a big mistake!

this lil girl. talent. gorgeous. beautiful hair!! being young, talented, and gorgeous these days is a great thing.

break from studying, or lack thereof. tried to get some pineapple soda a few minutes ago. it took me like 5 minutes to open it because it kept squirting out the cap. i was so irritated! i'm just too tired right now. i swear i can't pull all nighters anymore. i'm gettin old!!!! man, it's gonna be a long day. after class is over [1250] i still gotta meet up with my group to prepare for this project. i've never done this before : but i'm not quite prepared. i usually ALWAYS finish my part of a group project as early as i can because other people are depending on me. but i didn't have enough time. ugh, sucks. gonna go see my sister's keeper tonight. never been more excited to willingly cry my eyes out! but that i WILL. i probably shoulda watched it online first to prepare... but we'll see what happens!

have a great friday yall!

Lupe - Streets on Fire [Live]


i don't even know.
at least she wasn't wearing her infamous hats & ponytail.
but uhhhhhh.........

i wanna get my hair cut again.
maybe like hers! simple.
kinda wanna grow it out too.
decisions, decisions.

ugh, nap time. hope i actually GET UP at the time i set my alarm...

featuring kobe & travis barker.

i decided to check this out because i love travis barker. i thought i would hate this song. but i really don't! the rap isn't bad and i love the instrumental as expected.

your thoughts?

hahha. that baby is working them legs!
snoowww paatrroooll!!! click here to see the video. [can't find an embeddable video right now]. i'm pretty sure it's a new video. i haven't been keeping up them. sadly! they're pretty amazing! go go go!

ahhh, i love mr. hudson. fly as ish. i love his music. well, the stuff i've heard, i've loved. :)

yall like him?
“Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”

--Mark Victor Hansen

there will never be a perrrrfect time for something. you'll waste time waiting for that time that might not ever come. & it's the challenges of life that help us learn and improve ourselves. so maybe the perfect time isn't that great anyways. i mean i get it. sometimes you just want everything to work out smoothly. & maybe sometimes they will. for me it rarely seems that way. but it's okay because it's all a learning experience to me. keyword being learning -- hoping that i do learn from things that go wrong. anyways, i love this quote. quite inspirational. hope it inspires you in some way.

have a great day yall!!
gotta go study for this business information systems class. yeah it sounds gross doesn't it?? cause it is!!! but if anyone want to make major bank after college... this is the major to choose. except i hate it. so i will NOT be majoring in info systems. sorry. i wish i loved it. like i wish i loved accounting. but...
i'm falling more and more in love with aaliyah recently. i mean i been loved her music, but these days, i love it even more!!

enjoy this oldie but very goodie!

& here are some choir girls singing it. it's adorable. make sure you get past the beginning where it seems a little awkward and silly. cause it's beautiful!

love it! sorry, the rap part is hilar. kinda hurts the song a little, but the soloist can sing forreal!! get it girl!

just got back from the gym. do i wanna study? heck nah! but i'm bout to take a shower and if i'm still really tired, i guess instead of going to bed at 5am and getting up at 1130, i can get up at like 7? tomorrow night is an all nighter though. hopefully my aging 20 year old body can handle it. i haven't pulled an all nighter in a while. it's almost impossible these days!! sad! i was so good at em last year! haha.

g'night loves!

Amerie - Heard 'Em All

amerie's back? i didn't know.
she's gorgeous!
don't know if i like this song though. i feel like i've heard something like it already...

what do yall think?!

i posted the snippet a while ago,
but here's the full song.

he sounds different than he used to,
but i still love his songs.

mario's album DNA releases october 13th!!
[from dvd deluxe album]

they edited it a little to take out the parts of cudi talking so we could hear the full instrumental. personally i freaking love it. i love love love cold play. & i love love love kid cudi! great combo. fly instrumental.

this show seems HILARIOUS!! premieres tonight @ 9!

click here to hear it!!

"me personally, i would never do that, i would never have deserved to do that." [makes sense, i feel ya jay-z... but it wouldn't be as funny if it was someone other than lil mama. jay-z said she shoulda tried to make that performance happen... ummm would he have accepted? nah!!! she had to take matters under her own hands!!]

hahahahahhhahaahahaahahaha!!!!!! lil mama got so close! AND she posed with jay-z & alicia!! i swore i thought she was going to rap or something and i was surprised by that and at the same time confused on how she got on stage. & then i was surprised when nothing happened and she was being shooed away by jay-z to beat it. & then when she got in close and posed, i lost it!

i'm sure i said it before... BP3 is nice. yall check it out!!

hmm. just woke up from a nice two hour nap! i'm about to watch some 90210 and do some homework before i hit the gym. i probably shouldn't even be going because i have so much to do by friday but i'm bout to get a whole bunch of food while i'm out to bring back. maybe just 2 bagels and some chick-fil-a maybe. hahah defeats the purpose of ... the gym! oh well. ya girl's got to eat dinner and have food for tomorrow morning!!

have a good night yall!
click here to see the video!

ugh, it keeps freezing.
here it is though.

i like the first outfit. flintstone inspired! what was her name? pebbles?! hah, sorry, yall may not know what i'm talking about! high fashion halloween costume! haha isn't that somewhat insulting?! i like the swimsuits too!

i died laughing when i saw this!! my friend sent it to me on facebook and he had told me it was gonna be funny, but i had no idea! definitely made me laugh hard! :) i needed it! so thanks! you know who you are!

my favorite part is when he dove across the room. that was something serious! i couldn't do that!!

hope yall enjoy!
if only we were all so happy to give money to the Lord!

hahaha silly!

wednesday @ 9 on FOX!

Drake - Forever [Video]

featuring kanye, lil wayne, & eminem.

nothing could be worse than best i ever had. hahah. my computer is taking forever to load videos, but so far, this video isn't bad at all. i like the extravagant fire! this is basically his story all wrapped up in one song! okay drake!

i watched it all.
eminem looks scary.
what's goin on with him??

i'm mad legacy's shirt was blurred out... it's like can you just wear another shirt if you can't show it!? doesn't make sense to me. i don't like the vid, but the song is okay. i love these boys. i have no idea why!

Quote : Rev Run

"STAY FOCUSED! Do not become distracted! (A distraction is a fascination to an inappropriate attraction!)"

-Rev Run

p.s. the rev has the BEST tweets. you must follow him!!! he's so influential and encouraging!

simple quote. but i love it. yall stay focused!! stay on your grind cause there are tons of people out there that ARE working very hard to get to where YOU wanna be in life. don't let them take that from you!!!

i've got a long week ahead of me, but i'm planning to own it. at least i hope!! shoot, yall pray for me! honestly, i STAY getting distracted by life!! i'm gonna try my best to keep that from happening from now on!

love this song.
nicole is so gorg!!!
i like the slow part better though.
but the upbeat is fun too.

"Robert is a young American student at an elite East Coast preparatory school who accidentally captures the death of two classmates on camera. Their lives become memorialized as part of an audio-visual document intended to speed up the campus-wide healing process. But instead, the video creates an atmosphere of paranoia and unease among students and teachers."

i don't know. i just saw this on youtube. decided to post it. seems interesting but kinda scary.

waiting for vampire diaries episode 2 to load. yall should watch it! i like it. i basically love everything cw! i should be studying but a little break will do me good. but don't get me wrong, i'm on my grind this week! :)

get it girl!
great voice.

& here's joy leslie [ryan leslie's sister]'s rendition. i actually heard this before i heard the original.

melissa's youtube.
joy's youtube.
never heard of christopher kane before. not really my style. yall like it?

ah, i love her voice!!
young & talented.
how lovely.

album jukebox releases october 20th!

okay whitney!
i see ya girl!
song is alright.
is it me or does she look like she's lip syncing REAL hard?!

i hear people like muse.
so i'm gonna listen to em more soon.
this song isn't bad!

i kinda miss my rock listening days. gotta get back to that!
featuring kardinal offishall & carla-marie.

kinda like it?
i don't know.
it's something different.
real fast!

video is mad inappro!!!!!

go here to download it. i just downloaded it. i'm gonna listen later so i can't tell ya if i like it or not.

i'm about to go to sleep after i watch this episode of vampire diaries that i loaded. i know good and well that i should be sleeping right now. gotta get up early to wash/dry my hair before my 9am class!!

p.s. i swear vampires are the new trend. examples: twilight, vampire diaries, true blood, etc.


hahha yall see how he's weeding? hilarious. why is there a video tape of this though? nice tats breezy!!

Vistoso Bosses - Delirious

just heard this song today. i love it. :)

watch the video here. fair warning. the song is pretty old. i didn't bother to listen to the version with soulja boy in it. but if you'd like, feel free to look it up if you'd like! it may be better than this one for all i know!
awwww. tear.

how flippin adorable.

love this song too.
who doesn't?

call someone yall love and tell em you love em. ;)

Maxwell on Ellen

just heard this on the radio. fell in love.

sad song though.
i'm tired of sad songs!!

The Twilight Saga : New Moon [Trailer]

NOVEMBER 20th!!!
i love how they are so into it!! i love watching people make beats/remix songs. makes me happy!

go here to see the video. c-breezy is in it! :)

who is this girl? i've honestly never heard of her, but i do admit i like this song! haha.
me and my friend were talking about justin bieber today. i didn't know he made it on mtv!! aww, that's adorable. i been following him on youtube before he was on the rise! he betta get it! cute kid. cute song. yeah i like it. and?!

he's adorable. but what does he know about love?! maybe he does. heck, i don't even know about love. smh!!


haha "you da breast".

Cold Flamez - Miss Me Kiss Me

haha, YESSSS!
look at these cali kids!
with a million face piercings.
i love the cold flamezzzz!!!
my fave song by them is "loosn my mind", it's bomb.
their beats are wild.
actually... that's probably why i like their songs. i probably wouldn't like em at all if it were for the lyrics... just sayin.

anywho, hit up their myspace!

very nice! love.

bandaaagee! so hott!! i love the line. herve leger might be one of my favorite lines out. i love the slow mo. haha.

& KID CUDI!! one of my fave songs off of the amazing album! "pursuit of happiness" love.

oooh, i would love to be the one video taping a sneak peek of a line for yall one day!!

song is pretty fly, whatever it is.

how can someone with such a common name just be called by his first name? no clue who this is... but the song is okay...

do yall like it?

[formerly known was voyce alexander]

i love.
i like the beat by itself as well.

awwww. i accept. everyone messes up.

hahah aww p.s. my dad was asked to be on jay leno once. wayyyy way back in the day. he declined. it was a good reason don't worry. i love my pops!

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind [Live]

BP3 is amazing.
alicia is amazing.
so dang beautiful!
this song live is amazing!
one of my very favorite songs.

aww look at beyonce jammin to her hubby's song. that's presh.

why was lil mama on stage?? i might have missed the point of that since i didn't get to see the actual show but uh... girl stop!! she just looked silly!

yes mam, yes sir!
[you know you like my title for this post, hahaha].

sometimes, there are things that i just don't understand. i found all the twitter and facebook updates, whenever she was seen at the VMAs, quite entertaining.

seriously, i give her props for doing/wearing whatever she wants, but she looks a little insane. but who could pull of insanity better? no one! :)

there's a lot of big movie stars in this! some of my faves! chris brown looks older with his 'stache/beardy.

what do yall think?
seeing it at the theaters?
hmmm, sounds kinda insincere... too many dot dot dots and it just seems all too fake to me. but hey, he still makes good music!!

dang, can't even get to his website right now. wonder whats up with that!

& hold up. what's up with the henny? was he drinking at the show?!!? i mean dang, half of the bottle is gone!! haha, maybe he was tip... that isn't an excuse though. & what the heck is amber wearing?!

from what i hear, the VMAs sounded pretty chaotic.

sleep in a few. waiting for my nails to dry. watching america's next top model online in the mean time. petite version. gotta love that. i'm only 5'2"... sadface. i wanna grow like... 10 more inches puh-leeeaaassee! hahah.

Kanye West @ the VMAs

sooooo, i get online [facebook] and everyone and their mama is talkin about kayne and the vmas. so i had to find out what was happening via the internet since i don't have a tv!!

be aware,
this vid might be taken off youtube by the time you see this. cause i've seen people post links up and when i clicked to play, it said it was taken off due to copyright issues. it'll be like it never happened... except it did. i bet when the VMAs are replayed on tv, MTV is probably gonna cut out this part. just like they cut out dane cooks part at the teen choice awards when he told vanessa hudgens to keep her clothes on.


my thoughts as i watch:
  • aww, taylor looks so pretty.
  • look at pink!
  • whoa, wtf.
  • rudeness.
  • is this a publicity stunt?
  • this was taylor's time to shine, not kanye. very uncalled for. i love kanye but dang.
  • beyonce's face/reaction.
  • wow.

Jeremih - Break Up To Make Up

i like this song.
don't know why.

hahah, he is reallyyy jammin out in this vid!! it looks kinda low quality though... like the part where the background is just white... he's kinda blurry. maybe it's just me.

i liked the first video for this song better, but this is cool too.

awww, this is one of my very favorite songs off of her in a perfect world album!! miss keri is soooo fly. i'm hatin! haha.
it's a nice collection. very laid back and casual. i'm loving that.

excuse my laziness, but instead of me saving a million pictures and posting them on here, would you guys just click this link?! you can see the whole collection there. i'm just trynna watch true blood... i just loaded the whole thing and i'm ready to watch [especially since every episode ends on a cliff hanger]!!

yall have a great night!
by gabriel dishaw.
gah, i love art!!
yup, this is awesome!!
oooh, nice! everything is so angular and sharp. i like!

this gorgeous work of art can go over 200mph!! yeahhhhh boyyy!! so where in the world could i drive that fast??

there's going to be around 20 of these babies made. prices start at $1,750,000. yeah, that's right. nearly two million. or a house, a nice car, a lifetime of food, a husband... haha jay kay!!

more info.
not really feeling it, personally.

do yall like it?!

release in december.

ugh, i swear i wanted to be there [fashion night out] so bad!!
oh my love pharrelly! :)

Nike Delta Force High AC

nice & simple.
i like.
go listen to the whole kid cudi album before you buy it tuesday [september 15th]!! it's pretty bombtastic if you ask me... seriously, i absolutely love it! what'd you expect?? i mean really...

go now!
french brand. ooh la la! aw the fella seems adorable! you never know until the shades come off though!!! honestly. haha, but yeah, the jackets are fresh. i love.

noir basic website.
kinda fly!
kinda too extreme for me.
not sure which i'm feelin more.

just chillin at the dorm. it's just one of those days i don't really feel like hangin out with everyone so i decided to opt out of the hang out sess at a friends house. instead i'm gonna watch true blood >>which i just started watching and find interesting [i'm on season 1, episode 4], do some homework [i have tons and it's my friends b-day weekend so i'm trynna get some stuff out of the way], and just chillllllll. oh and catch up on some blog posts. na'mean?

Kid Cudi Album Promo Codes

yall gettin the cudi album next week?! how about ordering it on amazon and getting saving some bucks?

$2 off - Deluxe Edition promo code: KY52W6KB
$1 off - Regular Edition promo code: F7SINW3I

click here for more information.


Dirty Money - Angels

it's okay at the beginning.
i feel like i started liking it more when the chorus started and the girls came in.

any thoughts??
guess what #1 was?! click here to scope it out and see if you agree! & maybe catch up on some good ol jams!

Fashion's Night Out 2009

seems too fun!! i wanna be thereeee!!! & i want that SHIRT! click here for more information. taiwan better be on the map! :) get em!

one day,
one day,
one day,
i WILL be part of NY's fashion week.
whether it's backstage slaving to the designers,
working the production of the show,
showing my own line,
or in the audience!
ONE day!
i pray!

cool stuff! :)
all located in montreal.

click here to see more awesomeness!
i almost forgot about me wanting to post quotes on here every now and then! here's one that is pretty well known [i think], but is always relevant. in my life at least.

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."

[this is directed to no one at all... just my thoughts in general--probably way off topic but i'm typing them as they come].

often times, i let people get to me and make me think less of myself. i really shouldn't. i'm working on that. but i just don't get it. what's the point of putting others down?? does it make you feel better? & if that is the case, well i feel really sorry for you because instead of working and focusing on your own issues and becoming a better person [as we all have room to improve], you focus on belittling other people. i don't know what you get out of it in your head, but in reality, this gets you no where at all. you're still going to be in the same place you were before you decided it was a good idea to make someone else feel lousy. if it brings you enjoyment, well let me ask... how long does that last? & who are you to judge anyone?

i know i'm not anyone to judge. it's not my place, ever. so i really try not to. i have not and will never be able to walk in anyone's shoes, but my own. so who am i to judge? who are YOU to judge?

& i definitely do not ever try to make someone feel inferior.

well... the point of this quote was for me to tell yall that if someone or some people seem to always be there to try to bring you down or keep you from doing what you need to be doing in life... don't listen to them. they've got their own issues to worry about. as you've got yours. don't allow someone to impact your life so much that you feel less important than you really are. just brush them off and don't pay any attention of haters. ;)

haha, i don't know. sorry if i didn't make much sense. i just felt like rambling. & hopefully i encouraged at least one person with this post. i'm all about encouraging one another. why not ya know?? let's build each other UP. never down.

have a great day! rainy or not.

p.s. eleanor has many more amazing quotes. they're worth looking into, if you'd ask me!

featuring miss alicia keys!!

ahhhh, my friend told me that this was a must listen. he was completely right!!

& i keep hearing the album is a must listen as well. i'm gonna get on that ASAP. yall should probably do the same. i posted a link less than a week ago. hit that up.



going to bed soon so i can wake up early to study for my test & quiz tomorrow. the life of a full-time grinder... i'm trying at least! this year is not gonna be anything like the last if i can help it!!

B. Scott Says Don't Be Afraid To Be Alone

ahh, the truth.
b. scott couldn't be more right.
in my opinion at least!!!
i love him!!

in a way though,
i think i'm almost scared of actually finding someone. cause right now it almost seems impossible to find the right guy. maybe i have my standards too high? but then again, i feel like i deserve a man with the standards i've set for my dream hubby! i don't know, but for now, i'm definitely focusing on me, "i'd rather be by myself, so i can focus on where i want to be".

well i'm off to study & do my homework. just got back from a 3 hour trip to the gym because the campus connector stopped running at 7 and so we called the escort to drive us back. they took an hour to pick us up!! ridiculous!
one of my fave songs from the new album. but then again, i love all of the songs on the album.

september 15th, go buy the album!

New Boyz - So Dope

they said this wasn't the official video. it's just a video for the internet. enjoy.

they're so adorable & fly!
haha. youngins.


Esmee Denters - Admit It!

wow it's so fast!!
i don't like it.
she looks fierce though!!
love the hair cut.

which one of my roomies turned the A/C to 75?? some days it's on 65, freezing as heck... some days like tonight... it's extra warm... i don't like waking up feelin like i might break a sweat!!

haha he betta work them shoulders! still not my favorite song. but i really like the colors of the video.

running on 2.5 hours of sleep.
so goodnight!
had a fun day though.
very lovely weather!
& that just makes me happy!

happy labor day weekend!

Day N' Nite Crookers Remix [Behind The Scenes]

soooo apparently one of my roomies made the fire alarm in our apartment go off. it wasn't anything serious i'm sure cause the whole building's alarm would go off... but now it's just beeping. this all happened before i returned to the dorm. i got back and had to get my stuff to study and now i'm in the community room about to study for my business informations test and do this econ assignment, both of which are going down/due tomorrow.

so enjoy this behind the scenes video. it's not new, just some unseen footage from the video you've already seen. love the remix, well i love the original too! anyways, i'll be back in a day or two! can't wait for a nice long weekend. hope yall have a great one too!!

cutest thing i've ever seen. when he came to perform at my school, he was def wearing a cute milo sweatshirt. i bet he was burnin up. but it was adorable nevertheless!!

releases september 10th.
random short interview. but mannn, they came to my town monday and i didn't go see em again. saw em last year, but still......... AND the clipse was here. good gosh. shoulda woulda coulda!

real quick. yall gotta look up the kid cudi demo tape. it's bomb as heck. that's where "i be" came from. i would post the link, but unless it's official and supposed to be downloadable, i will never post such links on my page... i don't want any issues to arise. na'mean?? anyways, find a way to listen to it though!!

goodnight love bugs!

haha, they're pretty dang tight.

so i'm bout to start studying... otherwise i'd try to find ONE video of the whole interview, but hopefully this is alright for you guys that missed the interview. i definitely did too, but i'll watch it later.


Fame Contest Winner

omg, i've been following them on youtube for a while! gorgeous sisters! yay them! click here to see what i'm talking about. i'll add their youtube link later if i can find it, i don't know what their user name is.

life-sized lego house! nifty. but will rain leak in?

i'd rather blog than study any day! i kinda missed blogging!!! i have a test friday though! for business information systems class. yeah, GROSS!!! i'm gonna wrap it up in a lil bit, cause i'm going to dinner with the babes at 9, i wanna get a little hw/studying in. ;) it's a new semester to get focused!