NDK Spring 2010 Collection Drops Tonight!

[i told yall i'd remind yall]!
april FOOLS is almost here...
& you know what that means...
NDK's spring 2010 collection drops tonight!

check out NDK's newly updated website, here!
grab you some fly NDK gear at 12AM tonight, here!!
hmmm i kinda like these!
cool classy casual.
hahah :)

buy em, here.
like the reddish one!
available tomorrow [april 1st], at select retailers.
nice, very wearable.
may he rest in peace...
i love these.
kinda cool! kinda fresh!
they look pretty exquisite.
i'd have to see em on someone though!

featuring big boi.

she's so spunky! i like the lyrics! make sure you listen to em. but yeah, fun song. love the video too!

they try to take all your dreams but you can't allow it.

J-Griff - Autumn

so a guy named nyrell tweeted me to check out this song [he produced] for a guy named j-griff, and i have to admit, i digg it! :) yay for college students getting their education on and making music at the same time! gotta love it!!

it's a nice lil chill slow jammy.
check it out.
download/listen here!

[yall got any other music i should post on here? hit me up]!
awwww nice photoshoot. i love it!
cudders for life.

okay, i'm sold!!! love it!
see the whole lookbook, here!!

fairfax in cali, not VA unfortunately. haha.
man i NEED to go to cali.............!
loooove the song. [jay-z - allure]!

i don't know why i... get so high off... get so high off... get so high; high off the life!

MGMT is love.
featuring will.i.am.

never heard this song til right now.
don't know quite what is going on.
i miss the old usher, dang it!

when i first saw the teaser for this video i knew i'd love it! 
costumes are amazing!!
that eye mask is fabulous!
BUT. i don't like this song?

kelis's album flesh tone releases june 22nd.

i'm a tad bit late in posting this but yeah.
justin bieber is the cutest lil kid.
 his songs are so precious!

Jasmonster - Ready to Win

featuring kayo.

chill song with attitude. i can digg it!! 
watch out for my buddy jasmon!
tiiiight. although i don't think i'd wanna drive this, i love the photography!! cute.
hmmm, interesting.
kinda like these!!

classics with a lil pizzaz.

Eco Coke Bottle Concept by Andrew Kim

awesome concept. futuristic coke bottles though? haahaha. funnn.
& there are good reasons behind it too!!
saves space for shipping, and a smaller carbon footprint!
i'm sold!
except, i feel like it's gonna be harder to hold...

& to think this was for a freshman project...
wow, i'm impressed!
 time-lapse painting video.

pretty awesome, huh? this video was shot over a 3 week period.
[he sure does wear black a lot!]

see more of patrick's artwork, here.

yo, this is tighttt!

more info, here.
oooh, niiiice.

visuals are nice. got meaning. pretty cool video.
& it's even cooler that i recognize some of the places he shot at!

i didn't like this song at first, but somehow it grew on me. maybe it's just the fact that it's so catchy...

i don't like this video though...
oooh, i really love!
pre-order, here.
for you sneakerheads,

 one of the country’s premier sneaker magazines.

releases tomorrow. [march 29th].
buy it, here!!
 really reallyyyy high class safe.
there is only gonna be 30 made.
designed by the one and only karl lagerfeld.
damage: over $300,000.
yeah, if all of my stuff got stolen, it still wouldn't amount to that...
maybe one day though, right?! 
it's definitely beautiful though.