Kelis - They Say

featuring kid cudi!!

hmmm, i kinda like this!
all extra energetic like.
i like the all brown pair!

get em here.
i swear japanese everything is awesome!!
these jeans are nice!

wow, uhhh, around $200 a pair.
info here... in japanese tho. haha.
yoooo i love these!!
the blue one and the silver one are callin my name!

drops soon!

the ads turned out lovely.

whatever song is playing in the background... i love it. i'll figure out what it is tomorrow. hope i remember. goodnight!
[r. kelly cover]

easy listening. seeing that it has me swaying at 6:30AM in the morning... definitely could chill to this.
super late on this song.
don't know how i missed it.
but i'm jammin now,
& that's all that matters rii?

featuring the amazing justin timberlake.

first time i heard this song was probably love&basketball. never forgot it. & that's how you know a song is a great one.

I should be crying but I just can't let it show

I should be hoping but I can't stop thinking

Of all the things we should've said that we never said

All the things we should have done that we never did

All the things that you wanted from me

All the things that you needed to tell me

All the things I should have given but I didn't

Oh darling make it go away

Just make it go away now

i swear this song is so beautiful it makes me wanna cry each time i hear it. & every time i hear this song, i also think of the performance from so you think you can dance. that definitely made me cry when i saw it on tv. never thought a dance performance could make me feel so much. pretty much my favorite dance performance i've ever seen.

i like it!
instrumental is nice too!

download it, here.
you should know i love these guys by now.
orlando dixon and ryan tedder.

skip to the 2 minute mark for the actual cover.
they goof around in the beginning.
loveeee orlando's voice.
love the different spin on the song.
i know i've posted this song a while ago.
but i've been really feelin this song lately.
the lyrics speak to me.

been on constant replay.

my love.

you know, i got a couple questions.
is there something wrong with wanting to be loved?
cause i just want love to come and pick me up.
is it wrong to expect what i've given up?
i just want somebody to love the same way i love.

cause when i love,
i love hard,
i dig deep,
i go far.
my love has open arms,
so run back, get a head start.
cause when i love,
i love hard,
i dig deep,
i go far.
my love has open arms,
so run back, get a head start.

it seems i always get the short end of the stick.
cause when it comes to love i go head over heels.
sometimes i ask myself am i giving too much?
cause the love i put down never comes up.

cause when i love,
i love hard,
i dig deep,
i go far.
my love has open arms,
so run back, get a head start.
cause when i love,
i love hard,
i dig deep,
i go far.
my love has open arms,
so run back, get a head start.

either you love or you don't,
go hard or go home.
cause i want it all,
every piece of you with your flaws and all,
every part of you.
but if you can't i'll let go.
boy just let me know,
so i don't waste time buying in to your alibi.
i just want to show my love to you,
but only if you allow me to.

cause when i love,
i love hard,
i dig deep,
i go far.
my love has open arms,
so run back, get a head start.
cause when i love,
i love hard,
i dig deep,
i go far.
my love has open arms,
so run back, get a head start.

my love.

freakin extraordinary.
couldn't believe it was 3 women.
it looked so real!

craig tracy did this to raise awareness and help save tigers in china.
more info, here.
so beautiful.
so detailed.
i love it.

see more, here.

dang, valentine's is coming up isn't it................
erica anenberg has some awesome jewelry [necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings], but my favorites by her are the rings. she's the original designer of the twosome ring. >> which i LOVE and NEED!!!

check out more erica anenberg, here.
the snow is a beautiful thing, eh?

so why do most of us hate it when we get snowed in?? maybe it was just me but then i got to thinking... it's probably just the feeling of being trapped that i didn't like. i used to loveee the snow!! & i mean i've spent my saturdays inside all day before, just like i did today. friend of mine brought it to my attention--i should enjoy my day off. come to think of it, i really did! enjoyed my solo doloness. >> i enjoy my share of days to myself. the snow was my excuse to another one of those days. haha. another friend of mine reminded me that there were plenty of things i could do indoors. i actually got some stuff accomplished today. kinda not really, but more than if i had gone out today. got some homework done. took some pictures and edited them [as you see above]! caught up on some of my favorite tv shows. i'm surprised i didn't blog at all. haha. hey, it was a chill day--literally. ;)

sad i missed the homecoming basketball game though. but i just didn't want to walk a far distance in the snow. sorry. we won though!! :) i'll be at the next basketball game for sure.

oh, and congrats to miss va winning miss america!! :)

off to upload all my edited pictures on facebook. peep/comment em if you're friends with me!


Quote : Kanye West


saw this on ye's blog. loved it. simple as that.

nice video.
very creative.
featuring lil wayne.

i think this could grow on me.
right now i like it.
something bout that first pair... digg it.

it's been a long day.
spent forever in forever 21.
2nd time i've been there since the remodeling.
it's freaking huge!!!
i went up and down the escalator too many times.
i just didn't know where to look. haha.
tell me why they didn't have any cardigans.
well they did, but they were all short sleeved.
wtf. its about to snow tonight...
it's still winter.
WHY is everything spring already?!!
got some ish though. :)
been itchin to shop,
so hopefully this was it.
got a pair of really bright neon pinkish/redish jeans.
2 shirts.
1 is gray with a cutout like design on the shoulder.
1 is blue and purple off the shoulderish.
[they're both hard to explain type shirts. haha]!

1 simple teal tank top.

went to see zombieland at the commons.
never again.
i mean it was too scary.
but i stillll didn't like it.
the zombies looked disgusting.
i went to sleep.

going to go see law abiding citizen tomorrow.
hope its good.
apparently they're playing movies all day tomorrow for those of you at my school that don't wanna be stuck inside snowed in all day. come to the commons!! they said they're probably starting with zombieland at 12 and then law abiding citizen at 2--back to back, alternating all day.

headache like whoa.
my teacher was right. sometimes you just gotta realize that you can't get anything done at the moment; you'll be more productive tomorrow.

so instead of doing all the things i planned on doing tonight, i'm gonna watch 1 episode of vampire diaries and hopefully be able to call it a night if my mind calms down!

stay warm!


still love the instrumental.
always love me some big sean!

Lupe Speaks on Leaked Music

can't wait for lasers.
featuring clinton sparks, diddy, and jadakiss.

fun video!


i didn't really like the song that muchhh,
but the video kinda made me like it more.
mannn, someone told me to check this dude out. i think i've been missing out... gotta get with it. love this.

instrumental... loveeeee.

Diesel Time Zone Watch

ya know...
in case 1 time zone isn't enough.

buy this baby, here.
any of you guys have kids!?
or kids you can buy for?
forever 21 is launching a kids line!
& let me tell you, these kids are ADORABLE!!
see for yourself...

[january 29th]!

more info, here.

Spike Jonze - I'm Here [Trailer]

a love story about 2 robots.
definitely... different.
but considering who it's by,
i'm sure it's gonna be good.

debuts march 30th.
i'll keep you guys posted.
yoooo i freakin love shawn chrys!!
do you hear the heart in this song?
no really... listen.
i know sometimes i just listen to songs,
but i don't really listen to the words.
open your ears to shawn's story.

random picture of yeezy's jewelry.
& i like it!!
i want that ringggg!!
it looked like eyeballs to me when i first looked at it, but right now i'm thinking i was wrong?! haha. like it anyways!

the apple iPad dropped today.
i been hearing all about it.
it's basically a large touch screen.

cool ish.
can't afford it though.
sidenote: it's looking like i need a new laptop soon... smh. not cool at all... at least i got my external hard drive the other day. put my music on that ish in a hurry!!! but then a friend of mine told me that his external hard drives have crashed before... that doesn't set well with my heart.

read about the iPad features, here.
i usually don't have downloads for the simple fact that i don't want to get blamed for any wrong doing/leaking/whatever--i usually find a youtube vid for you guys. but since i couldn't this time... haha!
cute yet totally functional!
i want it.

buy it here.

so all i know is,
this song is ALWAYS on the radio.
it's permanently stuck in my head.

so uh, all kinds of things are going on with my laptop right now. freezing and slowness among other things. so for the next few video posts, no i haven't seen them but i figured i might... judge for yourself like you usually do! you just won't get my opinion! :)

Are You Cool? Pictures : Part 2

here's the rest of the pictures i took from the camel. i hope you like them! i had sooo much fun taking them!

[ATE clothing]!
[happy party picture. haha.]
[lo la fo.
remember that brand.
website drops valentine's day]!

:) that's it!!
for the whole album of pictures, click here!
[you should be able to see em,
if the link doesn't work,
let me know please]!

had a good day.
2010 has been so good to me.
i can only pray it continues that way!

off to do my fashion promotion homework!