Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi - Symphonies [Remix]

diggin it a lottttt!!

it's 1:55AM.
& gotta get up at 7!
to run across campus.
to get my drake tickets!!! :)
i don't have class until 2.
yeah, it's gonna be a long day.
& the sucky thing is,
i feel like i'm seriously getting sick.
but nevertheless,
i'm excited bout tomorrow/today.
like i've said before,
this is gonna be a great semester.
say it enough times,
you'll believe it too!
gotta stay positive.

so glad all my babes are back to school!
i missed em so much!

random note:
finally got my red lobster fix today.
cheddar bay biscuits were bangin.
only had em once before,
but i never forgot em!

hope yall have a great day!!