Snow Day!

the snow is a beautiful thing, eh?

so why do most of us hate it when we get snowed in?? maybe it was just me but then i got to thinking... it's probably just the feeling of being trapped that i didn't like. i used to loveee the snow!! & i mean i've spent my saturdays inside all day before, just like i did today. friend of mine brought it to my attention--i should enjoy my day off. come to think of it, i really did! enjoyed my solo doloness. >> i enjoy my share of days to myself. the snow was my excuse to another one of those days. haha. another friend of mine reminded me that there were plenty of things i could do indoors. i actually got some stuff accomplished today. kinda not really, but more than if i had gone out today. got some homework done. took some pictures and edited them [as you see above]! caught up on some of my favorite tv shows. i'm surprised i didn't blog at all. haha. hey, it was a chill day--literally. ;)

sad i missed the homecoming basketball game though. but i just didn't want to walk a far distance in the snow. sorry. we won though!! :) i'll be at the next basketball game for sure.

oh, and congrats to miss va winning miss america!! :)

off to upload all my edited pictures on facebook. peep/comment em if you're friends with me!