B.o.B - Bet I Bust [Live]

featuring playboy tre.

this song is gonna be on b.o.b's upcoming mixtape.

b.o.b's mixtape may 25th comes out february 1st!

tonight, i went to the "are you cool" event.
it was located at this place called the camel.
basically, it was awesome. i had an effin blast.
pictures are definitely coming. :)
been editing them since i got back!
i took 486 pictures, to be exact.
right now i've deleted down to 290.
i'm so bad at deleting stuff.
everyone kept asking me who i was taking pictures for.
i kept saying me or no one.
someone needs to hire me, i swear.
>>sidenote: i want photoshop oh so badly.

yup, i've decided i love the camel!
it's always a nice amount of people.
but never too crowded.
chill setting.
so i've only been to 2 events there but both were bangin.
last time i went was for the privileged kid event.
they were in the house tonight too!
they're the best.
i'm gonna post about em soon! :)

well i got back at 2, and it's now 5AM.
good thing i don't have class til 2PM.
but still, i have a full day of classes so


i had such a great weekend.
i'm so thankful for it and the people i shared it with.