Nike SB Dunk High Lost Oceanic Airlines

i like the colors!

get these kicks, here.

so i'm sittin in the library.
waiting for my friend to finish laundry.
[always happens when i have nothing planned after class! haha]!
so i'm gonna wait about an hour.
while blogging i guess.

went to my 2 fashion classes today.
fash342 & fash350.
everything is group projects.
got my partner for 342,
so i'm not worried bout that!
but uh, i don't know that many ppl in 350.
i always end up with slackers somehow.
[in situations like these].
let's pray this time, it'll be different.

went swimming this morning.
i mean i didn't even really swim.
just went in the whirlpool and hot tub.
why the heck am i so tired?!
i feel like i swam 30 laps.

basketball game tonight!