KR3W Footwear 2010 : The Franklin

something bout that first pair... digg it.

it's been a long day.
spent forever in forever 21.
2nd time i've been there since the remodeling.
it's freaking huge!!!
i went up and down the escalator too many times.
i just didn't know where to look. haha.
tell me why they didn't have any cardigans.
well they did, but they were all short sleeved.
wtf. its about to snow tonight...
it's still winter.
WHY is everything spring already?!!
got some ish though. :)
been itchin to shop,
so hopefully this was it.
got a pair of really bright neon pinkish/redish jeans.
2 shirts.
1 is gray with a cutout like design on the shoulder.
1 is blue and purple off the shoulderish.
[they're both hard to explain type shirts. haha]!

1 simple teal tank top.

went to see zombieland at the commons.
never again.
i mean it was too scary.
but i stillll didn't like it.
the zombies looked disgusting.
i went to sleep.

going to go see law abiding citizen tomorrow.
hope its good.
apparently they're playing movies all day tomorrow for those of you at my school that don't wanna be stuck inside snowed in all day. come to the commons!! they said they're probably starting with zombieland at 12 and then law abiding citizen at 2--back to back, alternating all day.

headache like whoa.
my teacher was right. sometimes you just gotta realize that you can't get anything done at the moment; you'll be more productive tomorrow.

so instead of doing all the things i planned on doing tonight, i'm gonna watch 1 episode of vampire diaries and hopefully be able to call it a night if my mind calms down!

stay warm!