Kevin Sinatra - Letter to You

Drake - Marvin's Room

J. Smooth - Anticipated Arrival [Mixtape]

this is the 10th official mixtape from j. smooth!
it's been almost a whole year since his last mixtape.
he describes it as "a cluster of visions, experiences and inspiration."

i've listened to the whole thing and it's good!!!
be sure to download it and also give j. smooth your feedback!

j. smooth has a lot in store so make sure you keep up with him on his website!
there are also downloads for his previous mixtapes on there!

featuring fresh moss.
oh hayyyy!
finally got to taiwan and settled in.

its been a pretty fun couple of days so far.
anywho, i should be able to continue posting daily, or at least every other day! :)



hey hey!

i'm flying outta the country in the morning.
i'll be gone for a month visiting the fam in taiwan.
i'm not quite as excited as you guys may think,
for the simple fact that i'm the baby and i'm not allowed to do anything,
but i'm praying things have changed and i have a good time anyways!
hopefully i'll be able to get online as much as possible and keep the posts going.


Common & Cocaine 80s – Summer Madness

"Debuting in mid-July in Japan's Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, the Takabisha rollercoaster features a 130 foot drop at 121 degrees. Including seven major twists over 1000 metres of track, and a nerve-jangling drop of 43 metres." 

the ride only last 112 seconds.
id die. 

more info.

man i swearrrr i had a vision exactly like this a couple days ago!

hahahah too dope.

summer 2011.

well im pretty sure this song was about me..............
featring roscoe dash and the rangers.
hahahah, i like it...?

everything this guy does is genius. i cant get over it.

no more UNI? i'm sad.
everything changes with time though.
featuring christina aguilera.

i've missed marron 5.

so my friends created a new band.
underwater seacreatures.
i'm in love.

check more of their music out!!
featuring talib kweli.
featuring mayer hawthorne.

Drake - Trust Issues

Frank Ocean - Novacane

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

featuring nigel hall.
featuring wiz khalifa.

Elzhi - It Aint Hard To Tell

elzhi is that dude.

Kevin Sinatra - Eyes of Medusa

featuring elle maxwell.

pretty legit!


i got a TUMBLR!!!
it's mainly for my photography.
check it out! :)

>> click here!! <<

Through My Eyes: 6/3/11 First Fridays

i went to first fridays art walk yesterday and gallery 5 had nothing but skulls made/decorated with cool things.
it was the skull appreciation day exhibition.
pretty dope right?

then outside they had fire throwers as usual.
always a fave of mine. it's too magical.
i want to be a fire thrower now.

steady sounds had a pretty awesome showing too.
looked at some vinyls and saw some amazing art.
my kinda place.

studio 8 had a body art showing with a dope dj outside.
with live models and cool body paint, it was a photographers ideal.

i love first fridays.
its one of my favorite things about this place.
i wish more people would come out and be exposed to the amazing art that is shown.


Linkin Park - Iridescent

Let It Grow: Clipse