Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG [Mixtape]

it's  FINALLY here!! :)

Justin Bieber - Runaway Love

featuring raekwon and yeezy.
digg it!
skip to 0:35 for the actual video.

when a woman loves, she loves forreal.
love this song!

Trey Songz - Can't be Friends [Violin Cover]

this is great.
a back to school jam, instead of a back to school party?? I DIGG IT!!!!
amazing floor seats and a great concert.
thought bobby ray wasn't gonna perform airplanes when he left stage, but i was superrrr hype when he came back out and ended it right!
had a flippin BLAST tonight!! :)
senior year, let's get it!!!

a video i recorded from tonight.

i'll be in the skyyyy!

Kanye West - Monster

featuring jay-z, rick ross, bon iver, nicki minaj.



Bishop Lamont - Your Lover

featuring marsha ambrosius.

yeahhhhh i like this!!
drum roll please...
it's my last first day of school!!!

just thought i had to share.

hope everyone has a great day!
[i'll be back for posts later!]

didn't get to post earlier, but r.i.p aaliyah.
she was one of the best.
with music so classic that we still love it today.
here are some of my faves.

Big K.R.I.T. - Somedayz

U-N-I - Black Sky

never heard this song before, but awww!! all these youngins! bieber, diggy, etc.
featuring royce da 5'9" & elzhi.
cool video.

i'm way too motivated when i'm hated.
i take it as indication that i made it.

pretty cool.

Classic: Blu Cantrell - Hit 'Em Up Style

yessss! hahah.
featuring dom kennedy.
nice cover. digg it!

10.Deep Fall 2010 Preview

looks mighty dope.

featuring lupe and pharrell!
the whole track. ah, i love lupe.


back to school

on the road tomorrow.
back to school i go. 
senior yearrr!!
woop woop.
anyways, no posts for the day.

goodbyes are never easy.
definitely gonna miss my mama,
altho she drives me insane.
& as much as i hate this place, 
i love this place.
kinda complicated to explain.

yall pray for me.
i'm gonna be in a car for 10hrs without a/c.
which means plenty of prayers are needed! haha.


they only come with good stuff. love em.

snippet of their new mixtape coming soon greenroom II.
classic. LOVE this live!! :)
featuring jay-z and swizz beatz.

yall think it's better the original?? idk, i like em both!

i seen people abuse power, use power, misuse and lose power.
featuring lil wayne.

the girl actually used to go to my school. props to her for doin her thing!

Justin Bieber - Heartless/Successful


awww, get it justin! he doesn't want the hoes. haha he wants the shows. love it!
featuring pharrell.

i will forever love this jam!!

dope. i NEED to go back to nyc. asap.


more info, here.
i need this. i need this now!!!

dope clothes.
gazelle vintage mid.

i like!!

buy a pair, here.

featuring common and melanie fiona.

john legend x the roots album wake up! in stores september 21st!

Actual Proof - Competitors

i don't know... what yall think??

i know december is a while away, but just a head's up. support my boy!!

meanwhile, check out his youtube page! he posts new videos allll the time!
dope. this music reminds me a lot of stuff i used to looove in highschool! :)


hmm... i don't really like it.
they're performing in my hometown in a week or so. too bad i won't be here! sadface!


YESSSS. love!
featuring pat piff.
featuring the dream.
featuring nicki minaj.

hahah mr. steal your girl tho?! :p

Dr. Dre - Turn Me On


9th Wonder Presents: Thee Thom Hardy

9th is def the boss.

5th anniversary of hurricane katrina on the 29th.
the past 4 songs i've posted aren't necessarily brand new but i wanted to bring em to your attention because they're all on this mixtape!! it's a pretty nice compilation of songs. this made my day. i love it!

featuring kanye.

love this!!
featuring shawn chrystopher!!

yesssss, the beatttt!!! love.

Drake - Find Your Love [Parody]

fooooolish!! hahaha.
featuring lloyd.

hmm, what do yall think?

talent. can't get enough.

can't wait til the album comes out in septemberrr!

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie [Collab Cover]

yesssssss! dope.

featuring adam levine.

been listening to this song a lot lately. it puts things in perspective.
& i absolutely love it. plus, the video is awesome!
they say people in your life are seasons, and anything that happen is for a reason.

cause every worthless word we get more far away, and nothing's ever promised tomorrow today, 
and nothing lasts forever but be honest babe, it hurts but it may be the only way.
featuring kanye.

This Is Rosewood: Starring Kanye West & John Legend

i gotta see kanye and john legend in concert one day, soon.

featuring harley is majik.
<a href="">Wish I was Stronger by Illien Rosewell</a>

ahhh, download this ish!!


these are nice.

Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight!

so i was informed that there's a meteor shower tonight! this is splendid, cause i def need a few shooting stars to wish on! i'm definitely hoping i see something this time, cause last time i tried to catch it, i was more in the city and it was too bright. i just pray i don't get too many mosquito bites while i'm out there! haha.

yall should definitely step outside around midnight and see if you see anything!! & don't forget to take pictures if you see anything spectacular! :)

more information, here!

yesssss!! this girl is good! be on the lookout for her. she's on a track with big sean comin out soon called wrote you a love song!

hahaha. get sillyyyy!
featuring hollywood holt, kanye west, lykke li, and santogold.

i love this!!
i'm telling yall, the mixtape is awesome! if you stiiiillll don't have it. get it!
featuring beyonce and charlie wilson.

yeahhh, i can digg it!

i bet bieber feels like his life is accomplished after this point!
hahah. it's a funny shoot. wonder how girls will react. 
because little girls all around the world went crazy when bieber tweeted a picture of him and kim and said that she was his girlfriend. when she jokingly agreed, girls started sending her death threats and ish. bahaha, now that's some intense bieber feverrr!

september issue. get it.

M.I.A. - Illy Girl

2 videos in one day?! i can digg it!

NDK exclusive. 
now when i say exclusive, i'm talkin bout 20 made.
august 16th is the date to remember.
if you want one of these, you better be ready!
>>click here to get familiar!!!

<a href="">Finally I Win! by Illien Rosewell</a>

yuppp! loves this!
watch out for this kid, and mel-v, who produced it!
make sure you download!

this chick is toooooooo dope!! & she makes all the jams! :)

love this kid!

k.i.d.s. mixtape out august 13th!

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

cute song. i wanna feel like i'm in a teenage dream!!
thought he had a nice voice...

if you like it, you can download it here!
yeah, this is cool!  i gotta get one!

in stores september!
featuring daniel merriweather.

if i gotta settle for a piece of you, then i gotta say peace to you.

one of my favorite tracks off the mixtape,
which is just a great mixtape all together!
if you haven't heard/downloaded yet...

download it here!

always dopeness.

i freakin love lupe!! you should too.
i mean just listen to the greatness.
i could listen to his stuff all day, it's just too genius!
he makes me think, and i love that ish.

i didn't stop doing what i was doing for nobody.
 you go do what you gotta do to win the victory.
so i missed a bunch.
imma catch you guys up.


in approximately 5 hours (a lil less), i'm turning...
*drum roll*

now can i please stay 21 forever?
cause i don't wanna get old.
really, i'd love to be forever young.
how about a young body and a old mind?
i can deal with that...!

haha anyways, i think it's gonna be a great year guys!
i feel very blessed and thankful God has given me another year.
that's a present in itself, don't ya think?

catch yall on the flipside.
i might run away to ATL tomorrow.
maybe, maybe not.
cause uh, the last time i took the car and went to atlanta without asking...
my car died the day after i came back.
i got in too much trouble!


oh the fierceness. the pants are awesomeeee!! & the jacket is lovely as well.
if you're impatient, skip to 1:35 to get to the live footage.
otherwise, the beginning was somewhat interesting, although i don't understand it!

YESSSSSS!! this live footage is making me think of the time lupe came to my freshmen year homecoming at my school. ahhh that was a DOPE concert. i can't wait til i see kanye live one day!
featuring ricky ross the boss! haha.

The Most Amazing Catch Ever

masato "spiderman" akamatsu.

i happened to be watching ESPN's winners circle, and i saw this abundance. 
toooooooo coooool!!
i saw this online a couple days ago but i never watched it. bad choice on my part, cause i like this song!

now or never in stores september 21st.

my internet wouldn't let me watch the whole thing but from what i saw, the blue shoes were fierce. not too sure if i really liked the part of the collection that i saw.

i'm really loving the vintage "classic" look!!
i want to be a lookbook photographer. that'd be DOPEtastic!!

like the concept.