Joe - Magic

are yall feelin the magic?
ahhhh, i LOVE!!! they look exquisite and just effin bomb. not sure if i like the tassel, but shoot, i don't mind it! [i question the man wearing them socks in picture 2...]

visvim is a japanese high-end shoe and apparel line; hiroki nakamura, the designer. ah the mind of a designer, i love it. the person recording---her voice is crazy!! yeah, i daydream of the day i get to be part of a workroom, where there are things being sketched, made, re-designed, etc. the chaos seems so interesting and fun to me. yeahhh.

featurning missy elliott & jazmine sullivan.
upbeat love.
missy is crazy fun.
jazmine and her vocals.
i don't know who jack splash is...
should i?
seen somewhere else that it was missy's song. either way, them 3 artists are in it, and it's bomb. the ennnndddd.

it's gotta be fiyah.
how can it NOT be fiyah?
it's trey songz baby!
the gorgeous trey songz baby!!!!

goodnight babes.

Youtubing: phatfffat

i was listening while blogging, and i really thinks she sounds like beyonce through a lot of the song. might just be me talking crazy. but i'm just saying. she's only gonna get better. fave beyonce song too!

with corey! check his youtube!

haha like 2 years ago.

one of her own songs. which i love. download is available.

her name is dondria. she recently (i think recently) got signed to the major label so so def. check out her youtube!
every girl's dream. well every girl that watches gossip girl and or loves their fashion.

anna sui is designing a line for target based off of the four main girls [serena, jenny, blair, & vanessa] on gossip girls. budget loving clothes. oooooh, that sounds ahh-mazing! the outfits are very very very much like the ones anna sui designed for her own line, some almost identical. so fans of her, you'll wanna hit up target too.

however, some of the pieces... mmm yeah, not feelin it, but that goes for a lotta lines out there so it's all good and gravy! honestly, i'm not as impressed as i thought i would be. the line could be so much more--GLAMOUROUS & FASHIONABLE! but i guess it's more toned down to reach more girls... ? i don't know.

the dates: september 13th through october 17th. imma get to target somehow. i know imma be at school (wherever that might be, i might have to t-t-transfer--ughhh my life. not sure yet... under the radar type ish) without a car, but you can betcha bottom dollar imma be at a target sometime between those two dates... preferrably closer to the beginning cause stuff be selling. & girls are crazy about gossip girls. i can't blame em! wait, but i'm thinking about it now... i don't want everyone to have the same stuff i have...... it'd be pointless. & so not gossip girl style! haha. we'll see. i at least wanna see the line, see if girls are going crazy with their huge red buggies trying to get to stuff. haha.

question is-->are girls gonna buy because they like the stuff, or because it's inspired by gossip girls? hopefully more of the first or both.

& those of you just impatiently waiting for the show to come back on: september 8th is the magical date.

here's my favorites of each of the 4 characters:

looks in order: serena, blair, vanessa, jenny.

blair's look above might be my favorite out of all of them... although on the show, i think i like serena and jenny's looks more? vanessa's looks in the anna sui line... not so cute. jenny's too...

click here see the whole line for yourself!
so i love the whole bondage look. the whole assymetrical/one sided look as you see in the red is taking trend quite quickly; i'm seeing it everywhere. & one pieces are supposed to be more in/trendy this summer, which is great. shoot, i'm trynna find a cute one piece! but be aware ladies--these are monokinis (one pieces with cut-outs) >> these do NOT hide your imperfections at all!!

i read somewhere the other day that surprisingly, monokinis are harder to wear than binkinis, so if you're a little self conscious about those--do not wear monokinis. makes sense though doesn't it? they require more confidence, can easily look trashy, and are not always that flattering. but hey, if you got the bod for it--go head girl!!

anywho, the herve leger line is fabbbbbulous. these were my favorites from the bunch. dresses are amazing too. check em out.

love these fellas.
pretty cool location for the video.
song... ah it's okay.
maybe it'll grow on me.
voices are nice though.
girl is gorgeous.

hot song for a quick minute.
what he says makes sense tho!!
don't yall think?
auto-tune... interesting topic.
that dang instrumental. love.
album in stores september 11th.
yall ready?

oh yeezy.
i still listen to 808s.
won't stop.
different side of kanye, but it grew on me.
i been in love ever since.

Seems like street lights glowing happen to be just like moments passing in front of me. So I hopped in the cab and I paid my fares. See I know my destination but I'm just not there.

first off, i'm saddened that i didn't get to watch the daggone BET awards when it aired. ummm, yeah, i only got basic cable at home. yes that cable plan still exists folks. so anyways, i def couldn't watch it and participate in the facebook/twitter play by play frenzy! haha. so i hopped off fb/twit during that time period--cause since i couldn't follow along, it was pointless. but yeah... i might catch it later. from what i have read it seemed good?? but award shows----um they usually bore the heck outta me! i don't think i've watched one all the way through... and i heard this one was THREE hours?! oh baby. i also read some peoples status/tweets that it was a waste of time because most people watched for the MJ tribute... uhhh, did it happen??? [serious question... haha].

random comments about this video:
  • "i'm great, my family is doing pretty good" >>five seconds later. "yeah it's been really tough" ummm, so... the answer was supposed to be pretty bad... right???
  • "yesss, yesss.... what was that!?" >>hahaha.
  • wait, hold up. WAS HE PROMOTING HIS RECORD COMPANY? say it ain't so. he def was not asked about that... NOR was it the time. at all. he coulda pretended to be a lil more sad.
the man is crazy. but maybe i'm being too hard on the man. he just lost his son... hmmm....

ps. BILLY MAYS, 50, passed today. RIP! what is going on?? we get it!! life is too short; live it to the fullest. we get itttt!! no more deaths please!!

This is Jim Jones Documentary [Sneak]

watch if you'd like. my computer hasn't been this slow since... dial up. UGHHHH, must i say more? the documentary shows a side of jones not many fans know. >>it's a lengthy vid, so like i said, watch if you're interested!

DVD comes out tuesday [june 30th]

eh, i think it's aight.
come on ne-yo!
you can do betttaaa!!
i know ittttt.

oooh, i love her voice!
i want moreeee!
clipse album drops in september i believe.

i love this!!!
fell in love with the lasers manifesto when i first read it. good things to live by. ahhh, lupe. genius. absolutely can NOT wait til the album drops. it's gonna be crazy. :)

happy sunday!
have a good one.

Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon: The End of Day Trailer

nice HD video.

yooooo, i freakin love this!
it's awesome how you can mash songs together!
kid cudi is love. and i like postal service too!
nice song to chill to. yes!!

i'm so excited for this!!
releases august 28th.
wow, it was made about the september 2007 vogue.
took a while huh?
it was the largest issue of a magazine ever produced!
not sure if it still is.
wish i had it. butttt i don't! haha.
i got the 2008 september! it's pretty hefty itself!
i'm catching up on my vogue even though it doesn't really make that much sense to be behind on fashion but imma read em anyways. they're addressed to my house, so when i'm at school--sadface! i'm 6 issues behind. but hey, sure does help pass the time of a boring boring summer!
oh look at anna wintour lookin perfect.
but of course!

kinda fresh! :)

In Memory : Michael Jackson

he inspired so many. here's a couple people that recorded vids right when they found out about his death to pay respects and keep his music/legacy going. there are a million on youtube right now!

touched my heart. :(

mj gave us such timeless music that all generations could listen to together and enjoy. how often can you say that about songs now??!? seriously though...

such a tragic story.
rest in peace michael.
[be aware, this is a lot longer than usual. but it's got meaning to it. i think you'd wanna read it?! perhaps?! maybe?! haha. rambling with love]:

nba draft: aw, i didn't get to watch it when it happened because i have a whopping 10 channels at my house. LAME, i know! OH BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!!! ugh. but anyways, these boys that get picked... this is their dream >> to be in the NBA. point guard from my school got drafted in the first round. yay for him!!! that's freakin great!!! this was his dream. he chased it-- and he was lucky enough to catch up to it and grab it. i really am proud of him! i know i didn't know him or what not, but just his story is a lesson for me and an inspriation; a great reminder.

when i heard where he got drafted i was like yayyyy!!!! & then it saddened me. he chased his dream... am i chasing mine? i mean yeah, i have a dream, but i often think of the risks it requires and what not and become scared and lose hope--so flippin easily it's ridiculous. i often feel like my view of reality overrides my dream. it's just the way i was brought up. i'm so realistic, it's damaging. this past week has been a really trying week. i've been trapped at home [no car, barely any tv, etc] with not much to do but jam to music and think. so i've done a lot of that. i wanna chase my dream. obviously! but i bet everyone does. i just don't know how to go about it. but you better bet i'm gonna try my best. it's the hard work that is gonna set you apart and make it worth while.

as i was also reminded this week >> life is short & you only get one. so i better make it worth it. everyone wants their dream to come true, but the ones that work the hardest are gonna see their dreams right in the palm of their hands. that's what sets them apart: true hard work. [well for the most part. there are those that live their dream because of who they know. and don't get me started on that. totally unfair how that works. but it's society right? maybe if i knew a lot of important people, i'd be okay with that... haha. but i'd hope not. i'd hope that i would wanna work just as hard as i am gonna work now to make a name for myself and not just hop on someone else's name. blah blah blah].

are yall chasing your dreams?
i hope so.

& if you're not, that's totally okay, if you...
take today, for it is a gift, and work on making your dreams come true. it's okay to be a dreamer, but you gotta go after it too! because it's not gonna happen on it's own, that's for sure. one step at a time babes. & it def won't happen all at once! remember, patience is a virtue. we all have so much potential that we need to put to use. believe in yourself. na'mean?! ;)

& if you have been chasing your dream and feel weary, don't you worry. if you're trying your gosh darn best... that's all that really matters, honestly. i highly admire people that put their everything into something. i mean, it's all you can do! keep pushing, you may be closer to your dream than you think. and you never know, you might actually come about another dream along the way.

& if you're a lucky one--one that has gotten their dream, and is living it... i congratulate you and i admire you. i also hope you realize you are a lucky one. & i hope you don't let your dream slip through your fingers, because it can happen. hold on tight, and please pleasseee don't take things for granted!! [this goes for everyone, but especially you dream livers, haha. realize and appreciate what you have].

my school's point guard got his dream.
he chased his.
now let's chase ours.

i hope i was a wee bit inspiring to you guys today.
use your time wisely, be productive, and stay determined!
time can never be refunded.
now go go go!

Marquis & Camus Jewelry

marquis & camus. fierce. i love the one on the right with the anchor especially. but oh my gosh, i just visited the website and i fell in love. there are some really amazing necklaces on there. check it.
you never know what tomorrow brings...
or today for that matter.

ed mcmahon, 86,
farrah fawcett, 62,
& michael jackson, 50.

in all of this, i guess we should all live life to the fullest. i know i have the hardest time doing that, but i can only try.

i think the worst thing you can do when someone passes is talk about anything but the good highlights of their life. SERIOUSLY. where is the love?! and if you don't have anything good to say... don't say anything at all!!!! it's definitely not the right time for that. AT ALL!! & we're all human; we all make mistakes. i say this mainly for MJ. okay, he did some crazy things in his life and what not... but can we not celebrate him right now?! geez!!!! let's honor the man. not bash him. just had to get that out. a death so sudden. really makes me reconsider some things in my life right now. wake up call to live everyday as if it's my last. sad that it took a death to be reminded. RIP.
prayers for jackson's family.

and prayers for fawcett's family.
>>if i could have a story like hers. fought all the way to the end. and what a true love story. i never read much into her story, but wow. o'neal turned down jobs to take care of her and fight for and with her. what a man. i hope one day i find someone that dedicated to me and loves me as much as o'neal loved fawcett. "And now she has peace as she rests with the real angels," Jaclyn Smith said. no more suffering. RIP.

and prayers for mcmahon's family.
>>so i don't know much about mcmahon. i just know i've seen him on so many shows. aw, i wish i knew more. RIP.

what is that UGLY lip ring mya?
hope that's an old picture!!
hmmm, not sure about this song.
it's not ... like whoa! ;)

hmm, at first i was like BOYYYY why you hatin on drakey boo?! then i thought about it for a sec... i kinda get it. drake does get mad plays, and he's not signed to anyone. that's huge. but it's also like... how is he getting all them plays if he isn't signed?? cause these days--the people rarely get to choose what is on the radio, it's behind the scenes people>>the labels, or whatever. interesting topic.

looked like a fun show.
i love these two.

can i be part of the crew and video tape shows? i think that'd be mad fun. to see the energy of a show on stage and not have to perform. that'd be tight.

ps. i don't condone smoking and driving, at all, but i do love this song!
bomb. LISTEN TO IT! i'm lovin it!!!
over 77 MILLION plays on birthday sex.
ummmm, wow?!?!! i don't know if i've seen that many plays on anyone's myspace player. forreal. i don't think i have!

album releases tuesday [june 30th]!!!!
yall ready??!
i mean. i think it's hott. check it.
A City with No Seasons available August 11th!!
can't wait.

if you don't know,
educate yourselves!

oop, another song >> keep your classroom.

& he recently he made it on myspace's music homepage. yay for shawn!! that's great. don't sleep on him.

awww, i love me some day26!!
cute song.

don't lie,
you know it sounds cool!!
i can digg it.
can't wait to hear the whole dealio.

goodnight babes.
sweet dreams.

Spaceport America

alright. you know what... the world is moving at a pace that is too fast for me. what the heck is this?!!?! like sooner than later, i'm gonna be so far behind on everything i feel. like people are gonna be inventing, making, building, or whatevering things that i would never understand let along have imagined. this is crazy. i have no idea what the point of this is... and honestly, i don't feel like reading about it quite this moment. i'm sorry. i'm really annoyed by life (not because of anything i said above, haha. just some things). anywho. yeah... new mexico, what is this?! they started building this last friday [june 19th]. pure confusion.

click here to learn more.
maxwell. i luuuhhhhhve maxwell. really nice song. i def love pretty wings more though. that song is my favoorrriiitteeee!!! ugh, i love it. but stop the world, yall listen to it.

disappointing though: i heard the album only has 9 songs on it. what. the. fudge. but i guess it's okay since he's got 2 more albums comin out afterwards. i guess!

no he didn't take beckham's car for a spin!
love it. haha
so yeah, that's about as far as i got in the video, it kept freezing and i'm bout to throw my laptop out the window. ugh, this frustrates me. wi-fi ain't good enough. suga snaps.

yall enjoy now.

very cute!
so much detail.
didn't expect any less.
i still think nooka makes the coolest watches.
it probably would take me a while to figure out how to read-readily
but i think it's dope.
one day imma have one of these janks.

this is a nooka and undrcrwn collabo.
only 200 available.
$275. releases monday [june 29th].
available for pre-sale now.

are yall seeing this?!
flow is nice.
(this is when he was on mtv monday!)
but yeahhh, don't sleep on him.
definitely up & coming.

& if yall like what yall are hearing or aren't sure or whatev, sign up to get his EP the second it drops. i'm sure you wont regret it. & if you're crazy and hate it... it's no big deal, just delete it! but if you don't wanna sign up, okay fine, understandable --> i'll def be reminding you guys when i get it. so no worries either wayyyyyy!

but like i said, don't sleep on him. ;)

breezy & pharrelly?
dreams dooo come true.
beat is fresh as i don't know what!!
i can digg it.

dang is this new?
the video at least?
i know i saw it the other day,
& i def didn't know it was new,
so i was like oh whatever.
i don't watch mtv, bet, vh1 like i used to.
rarely any music is on there anyways...
only except like 4 in the morning,
which since i'm not at school
i don't get to do that anymore.
mom be fussing.
anywho, yeah.
new ciara joint?
i guess?!
she look mad fierce.
them oufits, them over the knees,
swanngin that hair!!
& i love missy!

mad late with it.
but hey.
drake is the mannnnn.

Sexy Spec Grind Off Contestant

i needed this laugh. life's been rough lately.
hahaha. deadddd!
"subscribe pleeze" button right on the crack.
smh!!!! hahaha.
at the same time,
i'm appalled,
& grossed the heck out.
dudes should NOTTTT own stuff like that.
panties. are. a. no. NOOOO!!!
& never dance/do ANYTHING with a shirt off --
if you are sportin some :
manbies. moobs. or straight up breasts.
please no. even if it's meant to be funny.
ps. nice fro.
but hey he made me laugh.
& that's all that matters. i suppose.

dang, i'm being quite rude today. oooops, guess i kinda forgot about my 1 complement a day challenge. like i said, life's been rough.
forgive meh.
you are lookin way better than you did yesterday! hah smh.
NEW STATEMENT. just posted minutes ago. check it. if you're bored. only if. haha.
album name was mad long.
CurT@!n$ - The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: Dope for President
so i won't lie,
haven't listened to this joint yet.
but yall take a listen.
i'm bout to!

new song!
what yall think??
i know i like a lotta stuff,
but i really do like this song!!
the boy is presh.
and his voice!
got this song stuck in my head.

check his youtube.

i love it.
touches my heart.
especially right now.

Jon & Kate Divorcing

so apparently they are indeed getting divorced. gah, i'm so sad about that. well, not so much sad, but like... dang, that realllly sucks for them kids. divorce is at such a high rate these days it's really a freakin shame. i'm one that really wants to get married. like i really really can't wait til i get married, but the thought of divorce just scares the crap outta me. now i'm sure no matter what, i would be able to handle it... but, to even have to think about divorce - i don't like at all. marriages way back when never thought about divorce. what changed? are we just not as dedicated? do we let things get us distracted? what is it??

anyways, read jon & kate article here.

so i read that the beat was produced by an 18 year old kid from chicago. pretty cool to have nas flowin to your beats don't ya think? yay for him!
drama rama. yall can read the info i just read here.


"Will.I.Am comes into the club, sees me [and], like a heat-seeking missile, comes directly towards me and he says, 'Yo I need you to do me a favor, I need you to never write about my band on your Web site again,' right in my face, he was saying this, very aggressively. I was not wanting to antagonize him. ... He was screaming, and I said 'Listen, I can't make any promises, but I'll try,' " Hilton said. "And then he says 'Why are you disrespecting me?' ... And that's when I made the split-second decision that I was going to say what I thought was the worst possible thing that a thug would ever want to hear. ... I told him, 'And you know what, I don't need to respect you ... and you're a f--. You're gay and stop being such a f----t.' And I knew that was going to set him off, but I didn't want to get into a fight with this person, so we leave. [He] followed me outside of the club ... then his manager, Polo, whom I have met before, from behind, comes up to me, clocks me in the eye and punches me two or three times. I am in shock. I just did not know what to do."

i kinda died reading this. half of it i don't even get. maybe i'm retarded. but hey. "heat-seeking missle" >>>HAHAHHAH. & i mean... did he said that he was a F and thennn he left? or he didn't say it at all because he didn't want to set him off??? i'm mad he called him a "thug".... wow. how rude of me for thinking this drama is funny... maybe i should watch the videos they both posted about the instance. maybe i'll understand this mess--if it's even worth my time. which it's totally... NOT!

if yall wanna see it:
perez's statement's statement

[so, i'm back. i watched both statements. interesting. perez was in tears. mad dramatic. wayyyy dramatic. but i mean i get it. he's reacting to how he feels, so that's that. whatever. and will was pretty whatever about it. who's to blame... i have no idea. but it's just funny, i know it shouldn't be. well drama in hollywood. drama anywhere. ughhh, it'll never cease!!]
chris brown accepted his plea of 180 days of service (which he has to serve in VA) instead of 4 years in jail. he was also ordered to stay away from rihanna--at least 50 yards on a regular circumstance, and then for events--10 yards.

i won't write my opinion in all of this. i don't know them, i don't know what really happened. ya know? imma just keep all that to myself.

read the article here.

yo, i really love this. it's got this old feel to it that i love. i don't know if that's the right way to describe it. but whatevs! oh baaaabyyyy. oh yeahhh!

big deal or not?
you decide.

i'm mad late, but here it is.
ugh, half way sad song.
escalates my sad mood.
no worries though.
anyways, beautiful video.
beyonce looks great as expected.
black & white is nice.

she's soooo adorable!!
i love her!
talented too.
something different about her music that i love.
check out her youtube page!

what cha'll think?!
this is by one of them power rangers.
think it's kinda fresh.
but you know i love themprangers.

Lee Carr - Talk to Me

yesssss! love.
hope he makes it big.
my friend told me bout "breathe" while back.
loved that joint!
i know he's on the radio now,
but i ain't hear much bout him really.

"you know wha' i mean?"
mark your calendars girls and boys!!! NOVEMBER 14th, jimmy choo is releasing a line of shoes for H&M. now they won't be dirt cheap, but compared to the regular pricings of a pair of jimmy choos, you could probably say they're mad cheap! (the prices, i'm not sure on em. i only saw one article with US prices, and the rest were euros, so yeah. but they said boots under $300). i feel like they're gonna be sold out like... within the first week. honestly, i probably won't be getting any since i rarely wear heels [somewhere between stupid uneven sidewalks and pain], but it's been said that jimmys are crazy comfortable. hmmm!! i may reconsider... oooh, bags and accessories too. oh babyyyy!

oh, reason i said boys too, and not just girls, is because there will be a line of shoes, bags, & accessories for men too. don't yall worry. classsayyyy.

read the article here.
the girl is flawless. man if i were beyonce...

song is mad long,
but i likes it.
wish my computer would stop effin skippin.
but other than that...

look at them girls wildin!!
wellllll........... i'm mad that girl flashed them.
smh on that!!
now i'm hoping you boys don't watch it closely just to see it go down... hahaha.
i'm mad dudes are wearing jackets and hoodies besides weezy, i know they were on fire!
d. woods betta work life after danity kane!!
looked like a really fun show though!
i wouldn't be mad if them boys performed at our next homecoming or something! i wouldn't be mad at all!! girls would be mad wreckless though...

good, bad?!
think it sounds kinda cool!

yeah that was more like a lil bite.
but enjoy what you got.
hahaha. ;)

yeah i'm a little late with it.
but if yall don't have it already,
here it beeeeee. BAM!

listen listen.
hahaha i love it.
i always love me some sammie!
any dude with a voice!

found my headphones!!
thank goodness!!
even though i really need new ones!
but i can't live without music, yall know this!
kinda feelin it!
who is lil eddie though?
should i know?!
imma do some researchin right now.

i can't find my headphones right now so i can't listen to this, cause i'd rather not play a song that could potentially be inappro. this probably isn't though, but the parents are around!! house is mad small. haha. anywho, yall take a listen.

oh yeah, and parents being around--means i'm home you guys! made it back. drove 8 out of 10 hours. pops was sleeping. i was so annoyed. hahah. cause i was driving on like 2 hours of sleep. anywho, we made it back. :) and it's a freakin inferno down here!!! "feels like 100°F" according to never remember it being this hot. but welcome to the south!!

Gucci ft. Kanye - So Much

i like how this sounds. as far as the point of the song, not much meaning to me.

sooooooo, it's def 4AM, and i probably have to get up at 7AM (whenever my dad calls to tell me he's close) and drive 10 hrs south. ummmm, yeah imma be mad tired. i just couldn't bring myself to pack and clean until like 12AM. this is what i gettttt. ugh. eerything is still a mess tho. i have entirely too much stuff. pack rat.

title is hilarious. hahah.
song is hilarious.
it's almost father's day you guys. don't forget. tell ya father's or father figures how much you appreciate them!

haha, i will be in the car for 10 hours with my pops tomorrow. it's gonna drive me insane. the man is gonna lecture me all the way home. blah!!! haha, he sure knows how to push my buttons. & i know imma end up saying something smart and then it's all gonna go downhill from there. but i love my papa. he's a pretty cool guy when he's not nagging at me! :P

i wanna sleep, but i must pack. boohooooo.

i'm falling asleep,
i need to pack.
my pops will most likely get here early.
like 7AM.
imma be falling asleep at the wheel.
hahahaha, pray for me yall.

song sounds kinda cool.
i'm too tired to tell if i really like this or not. from what i'm feeling, it ain't bad!

Voyce - You Chose Me

this song wasn't promoted and still got over 500,000 views (voyce said on his twitter). definitely wish i heard this before now. i really like it. voyce got a mean voice. def a fan.

how rude of me.
he just looks so young and small.
he's like.... 14 i believe.
anywho, i won't say much else.
okay but he was enjoying himself.
and i have mad respect for people that just do them and have fun and don't care what others say. but then i think... is there a line? where do you cross the line between not caring, and just being ignorant to the fact that you look stupid? not that i'm saying this lil kid looks stupid!! haha. he's so young, it'd be mad wrong if i said that! i probably don't make sense.

back to decorating my room.
nyle is gonna be on mtv on monday!! he's gonna be on "its on with alexa chung". he said it's gonna be at the time trl used to show, [i'm not sure what time it's gonna air] so be sure to check it out if you can! cause i def thought that show was gonna be on vh1?? i don't know. but if you don't remember me mentioning nyle, this click here to go to that entry.

:) check it out!

chill jammy jam.
i love it!

really like the video.
all i can think, is i want my ride pimped.

he's got that different thing going on.
can't hate. love that.

yesssss!!!! jammin.
beat is hot.
i loves it.

yup. digg it.

(this is actually the shortest entry ever).

awww i love it.
pretty chill song.
hope its really rihanna.
yall remember what happened last time right?
song was leaked by a singer/songwriter priscilla renea.
she sounds much like rihanna and she wrote the song for rihanna... people thought it was her, but it was priscialla!! i've posted her best i ever had drake remix on here a while ago. she's great. i'll post about her later.

gotta go out in this blazin heat to get some registration issues handled. i swear if they get smart with me... cause at my school, administration/faculty love to get smart and act like they are forced to talk to people--when it's their dang job. smh!


jerk movement.
love that.

did i hear pharrell?!!? that's gonna be nice.
yeah he sure is running in the right circles!!!
drake is bout to be bigger than big.
hahaha lady swag. that, he's got down.
think this is kinda rad.
but i still believe in happily ever after.
well... mmm lately i haven't believed, but ultimately i do.
i guess.

by Dina Goldstein
"The '...happily ever after' is replaced with a realistic outcome and addresses current issues."
here is part of the series. there are a couple more on the website-->link is posted at the end of the post. rapunzel was too sad.

more of this series here.
i could listen to this boy sing all day.
mmmm, love acoustic.
he's also in a band called earthtone,
i'll post about them later.
they're freakin awesome!!
they go to my school!
woooop woooop!

check out his youtube.
he's got even more amazing stuff.