SB Shades Fallen Angel Collection

yoooo!! i just got an email from stevie boi notifying me and other bloggers of his new collection of eyewear called "fallen angel"!!!!
his glasses are different and creative.
fierce to say the least.
i love em!!

see the whole collection, here!!!

get your shades at
releases february 6th!!

photography by michael antonio.

nice day outside.
went to 2 classes already.
both where i learned things i actually cared about... how REFRESHING!!
in the library right now.
got 1 more class at 7-9:40... greattt.
it's my repeat class.
[had to withdraw last semester because i irresponsibly missed a test].
then i'm going to the gym with the girls!
instead of eating $1 burgers at capitol ale.
[gym or burgers... gym]
>> which i just found out about!
happens every monday so i'm def gonna be there next monday!

well, off to grub because my stomach is speaking.