Are You Cool? Pictures : Part 1

oh gosh. yall i know i've been super slacking lately. i'm gonna hit up the library tomorrow and hopefully get some blogging done!! i've been pretty occupied with class, the gym, and trying to live it up! had a really great weekend of randomness. :)

here are some pictures from the event i was telling yall about at the camel called "are you cool?". i'm still not done editing them all. tonight, i started watermarking [is that what it's called?] all my pictures. & since i don't have photoshop, i had to improvise. whatever i'm using takes FOR-EH-VA!! it's not really the font i want either. but hey, i'll deal for now. i think i'm gonna watermark all my photography from now on. it's a new year, so i figure why not. i know i don't have the best pictures you've ever seen, but i'm doing me. ya digg? plus you never know what type of exposure you might get... i'm trynna promote ME this year [while also promoting others]! :)

back to the point,
here are some of the pics i took:
[hope you enjoy]!

[remember my post about NDK??
bunny shirt in the middle--get yours asap]!
[nickelus f!!! in ATE clothing!!
get your ATE today]!
more pictures SOON!!
all of the pictures from the event will be on my facebook, i'll post the link to the album when i actually post em up. yall are getting a first look! ;)