Amy Gunther x WESC Headphones

something makes me love these.

only had one class today.
it was pretty cool.
i took this class [organizational behavior] last semester.
with a different teacher.
but i dropped it after the first class.
because he seemed horrible.
come to find out he was.
i'm so glad i dropped.
the prof i have now, way better.

loved meeting all the random people in my class.
& i used to hate introducing myself.

& hey you never know,
maybe i'm gonna meet the love of my life this semester!



p.s. i got my drake [homecoming concert] tickets this morning. got up at 715 just to get to the box office by 8 because they opened at 830. yes i was pressed. i'm short and i can't see when i'm off in the distance!! & ever since i've sat close up at other concerts, well... there's just no going back. 3rd row? yes babyyyyyyy! :)

2010, you've been so great to me so far.
i'm so grateful!