This Game Got Me Looking Insane

here is something really random for you! haha the things i do... that has nothing to do with what i'm supposed to be doing. :)

it's called the bounce ball game. i found it randomly online on this website where you can take pictures on your webcam with cool effects. i love taking pictures so you already should know that i was doing too much.

anyways, so you see that white circle in this picture? [it's a screenshot of how it all went down] yeah, that's the ball that you're supposed to bounce around using your hands. the instructions were "smack the ball around the screen with your hands" >> i SURELY was struggling. i mean, if you move, it'll bounce the ball. you can bounce the ball with your shoulder if you'd like. but i wanted to be official with it ya know? like really bounce it and know where it was going. nope. you see in the picture the ball wasn't even near my hand (which looks crazy, by the way). nice going. yall should try it and look stupid with me. or master it, but don't tell me, it'll make me feel bad. not! NOW GO!

here is a piano one. and there is no way that can be official. these games are a phonnnyyy!! smh. haha. NOW GO!

just felt like sharing that madness with you. but forreal, i don't think i've seen a webcam interactive game before on the computer?? kinda rad.


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Ma Vie D'amour said...

hahahah I KNOW RIGHT!!!! good lookin out.