'Ye & Rihanna Together?

is it true? i mean... they both match each other's fly, but i'm not feeling it. whatever. how reliable is media takeout anyways? i wouldn't know. when i do visit their site though, they be having some really interesting issues/topics/pictures. like oh no beyonce is wearing tights with sandals... well i didn't notice til they zoomed all the way in on her feet. come on now. beyonce is gonna be fierce for life, socks & sandals or not. haha. & this picture is a horrible one of kanye. is jay-z gonna be upset? oh well. this should be interesting.


thomas said...

wat happened to AMBER ROSE???
this is a SEVERE downgrade.
and i thought she was goin wit Drake???

Ma Vie D'amour said...

rumors, rumors, rumors.
from what i know 'ye & amber called it quits. & drake and riri is just a rumor... who knows. i feel like this isn't true though... 'ye & rihanna???!