12.21.10 Lunar Eclipse / Winter Solstice

well, as i've mentioned a million times before, call me crazy, but i am obsessed with the sky.
the total lunar eclipse happens at least once every year (i think), but the fact that it was on the same day as winter solstice is what made it a rare occassion. 
the last time both were on the same day was in 1638, and the next time it will happen again is in 2094.
(i def got super nerdy and did too much research on it--ahah i should have taken astronomy as an elective, it's toooo interesting).
sn: i thought it was too cool that you could watch it all go down on USTREAM! 
i still went outside to see it myself though!

it was simply amazing!
glad i got to experience it with my friends ana, kristine, and juan.
i couldn't get good pictures of the eclipse, 
but i caught the sunrise on the way back to my place this morning and that was just as gorgeous as well!

have a great day guys!!