Actual Proof Calling All Producers

"Our next project entitled "Still Hotter Than July" sponsored by LRG will be released July 1st. This is a concept project in which every song will be a Stevie Wonder Sample (inspired by Stevie's album "Hotter Than July"). For this project we will be giving any producer a shot at making the project alongside 9th Wonder and "The Soul Council". 9th has asked that if any producer is interested to send your Stevie Wonder flips to GOOD LUCK! And it can be ANY Stevie Wonder of ANY Album ..... Deadline for submissions is Mid June! Get them in as early as possible ...."
i got this info directly from actual proof's twitter.
feel free to hit them with any questions or concerns you may have!
to work with 9th!!!...  what an amazing opportunity.
i suggest you producers get on it right now.
if you're really about it........
& multiple submissions are allowed!!

do it to it.
i know i have some super talented friends.
& i wouldn't mind getting a first listen either. lmao!