Busy Week

hey guys!

i've sucked at updating lately. sorry about that!! however, it's going to continue to be slow around here for a couple more days. got a busy week coming up. which is kinda good because i've been sooooo bored recently.

my summer class ends this thursday!!!! whew that was fast! wasn't half bad at all!! :) it only consisted of a midterm and a upcoming final, and 3 papers--2 of which my other 2 group members are doing. so this week, i got a paper to write, a presentation to put together, and a final to study for. along with meeting up with a couple of people for business matters before i head home for the summer...

home. it's bittersweet. like i love going home and seeing my friends and parents. but my parents can get overwhelming in uhhh .5 seconds, and i say after a week, i'm ready to RUN 565 miles back to school. wish i lived a lil closer so i could run away to school when i wanted. haha.

anywho. bear with me guys.
tons of updates coming soon!
but be sure to check every day. 
i'll post a couple things every day, just not as much as usual.