Through My Eyes: 4/26/11 Jesse Boykins III!!!

today, :)
i met and saw jesse boykins iii perform live.
he's a fave of mine.
it was the last event monique and i planned for the semester, but it was the biggest event for sure.
my job here at the university is over, as i will be graduating in may.
but it was one of the best experiences ever.
i definitely want to get into event planning and booking concerts.
i hope to be booking more shows in my future. :)

i didn't have much time to speak to jesse because i was running around making sure the event ran smoothly, but for the couple minutes i was able to talk to him, he was pretty dang awesome.
he had the biggest smile and such a positive vibe that anyone would want to be around.
not to mention his hair was gorgeous, of course.
& his performance... WOW. 
he didn't come alone though, he brought machine drum, who was amazing as well.
if you like jesse's music, his music live is EVEN better!!
but if you haven't heard his music at all... you need to change that asap!!

here's just a few of the pictures i snapped during all of the greatness.


i was kinda sad i didn't get the chance to hang with him and machine drum around town afterwards,
but i had classes and meetings i couldn't miss. :(
i definitely have to see jesse in concert again one day.
& maybe we can go shopping/thrifting together because his style is another thing!