For Everyone In Their 20s

random article i came about earlier today. 
i found these to be most relevant to my life and the people around me.

3. Goals are great to have, but speaking about them and taking progressive steps toward ‘em are two completely different concepts. If you’re constantly talking about what you’re going to do, but never actively pursuing it then it’s pointless.

4. Disliking everything is truly not a good look. Nobody is above occasional moodiness, but if you’re constantly being a giant ball of negative energy, you’ll find yourself being invited out less and avoided more.

6. The grass is always going to seem greener elsewhere. We’ve got to recognize the value of what we currently have, and then see if it’s possible to repair or improve instead of tossing it aside for ‘new’ stuff.

8. There is literally no such thing as normal. Don’t believe it exists, and more importantly don’t strive for it. Weird people are ‘normal people’ who have the confidence to embrace and be public about their distinctiveness.

10. Flashiness isn’t always a great idea. Buying a car based strictly on its luxurious reputation is foolish if it’ll set you back financially. There’s no sense in throwing money at shiny, expensive things that are acquired purely to draw attention.

14. Being comfortable doing things alone really comes in handy. 

15. Don’t dwell too much on your wins or losses. If you see a bit of success, be proud of it. Take a few moments to pat yourself on the back, but limit the self-congratulating before you grow content. On the other hand, when something goes catastrophically wrong, grieve briefly (if at all) — then get back to business. The beauty of being young is the acceptance of trial and error. 

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