Avant - When It hurts

today, i was listening to the radio and this song came on.

this is definitely not a new song but i found it to be really beautiful and true. heard avant sing "anything worth having is worth fighting for" and it got me thinking... what am i fighting for? & if i'm not fighting for what i want--why the heck not? what's the worst that could happen? << i really encourage you guys to ask yourselves the same questions.

& these lyrics:

Babygirl we gotta face it
There'll be times that we let each other down
And on the days that you ain't feeling me
Will you be able to stick around
Cause anything worth having is worth fighting for
If we really want this thing to work
We gotta go to war
Girl, I'm in this thing
I mean we're in this thing
But through the tears will you still be here

..it just made me think. when the time is right and i'm blessed to be in a relationship, i pray that we are strong enough to endure and pass the tough times. because i know it's not always gonna be happy go lucky. & because it's always during the tough times in your life when you realize who's really down for you and who's... not.

on a more general sense though, to me, these lyrics are just about not giving up when things get hard. because the things that matter most are gonna be the things that you are gonna WANT to fight for and stick with even when times get ugly.

idk, just a song that made me reevaluate some things in my life.

i need to go get what i want.
i've always had a hard time with that.
what are are you waiting for?
nothing comes easy.
work hard and persevere.
the things that are worth it will be worth the hard work.
but is what you're hanging on to--worth it?
are you focusing your life in the right places?
are your priorities straight?
my mind is spinning...


Ali.geezy said...

Blahh, it's stuff like this that I avoid. SMH
i guess i'm not as strong as I make myself thinkk.
bet definitely a reality check...
wat AM I fighting for?
thanks love.

Ma Vie D'amour said...

no problem babe. it was a reality check for me too! honestly, i might just be scared to fight for what i really want... but why? cause in not fighting for it, i definitely wont get it. so whats the worst that could happen forreal?? better to fight than not at all i suppose.

My name is Julieanne & I am... said...

i really needed to read this post and listen to this song...

love life wise and just in general.

My name is Julieanne & I am... said...

and it's funny cuz for me, i know what im fighting for, except the one im fighting for isnt really there to fight for me...