Brandon Hines - In Search Of [Mixtape]

rant: this day has just been a lousy one. its just those rainy days spend a lifetime trynna wash away... but it's cool. i'm determined tomorrow shall be better. it better be!!! haha. i needa stop being a procrastinator i swear. hopefully all these group projects i have will make me do assignments on a better schedule since i know other people are depending on me. after my 7-940pm class, i went to the lib. left the lib at 1:30... cause it closes at 2. realized i left my fash342 cd in the computer. knew i couldn't get back in time. freaked the heck out. need that computer all semester. called the lib, "unavailable to take calls"... what?!! & then i prayed my friend mercy was still at the lib... thank goodness she was. definitely saved my life right there!!! yay super mercy for saving the day!! :) so now i'm in my living room trying to finish the rest of this hw/research knowing good and well i'm super duper tired right now and can't focus one bit. tomorrow shall be better.

back to the point

cutie with a voice.
i can digg it.

i shall be back tomorrow.

p.s. there was a handful more of yall that don't usually visit the blog daily that stopped by earlier today. just wanted to say thanks and i appreciate yall. tell your friends about the blog! & always feel free to give me feedback, post comments, say hello, etc. much love.