Happy Valentine's Day!

happy love day yall!
hope you guys had an amazing one!

i woke up at 5AM [fell asleep at 9PM--wow] in hopes of getting some homework and blogging done before the day started but my internet was being rude and wouldn't let me get on... so sorry for the lack of posts today. since i'm online now so i'm gonna try to post some stuff tonight if i can. buttload of homework.

my day:
i spent my day with my 3 valentines.
haha, no i didn't have an official valentine,
but i had a blast with my girls.
hey, maybe next year! :p
but seriously, i'm blessed to have such great friends. spent the day with the people i love, not a horrible valentine's after all.



Ali.geezy said...

I spent V-day w/ my girs too.
& wat do ya know, it was 3 of them too :]
glad to see you had fun.