Rainbow Roses

story time! i was in the cafeteria earlier tonight and i saw this guy come up the stairs with a juicy bag and some roses. i was like awww. my friend dacia was like let's go see who he gives it to. [yeah we def followed him over like stalkers to see the whole thing go down, haha]. he was with this girl, but she was clearly a friend because she was pointing someone out across the cafeteria. he snuck up behind his girl and surprised her... it was so adorable. she hugged him for the longest. & everyone started clapping. i thought it was too cute. but honestly... i was kinda sad because i was thinking where my man at?!!

one day, that girl is gonna be me.

back to the post... aren't these roses coooooool?! not so much lovey themed, but i love color! :)


Ali.geezy said...

aww that's soo cute.
But definitely, that will be US one day, don't give up.
Have Faith :]
And those roses are shite!
Hmm, i can tell they're all yellow roses to begin with then they put some dye in them.