U-N-I - Lately

long day.
but a good day nevertheless.
see, told yall i was gonna have a good one.

went to a concert at my school.
the band belief-->post coming up when i get a chance.
fun chill event.
how i love it.
they had free desserts.
bad idea.
cause i ate lots of sweets before eating dinner.
made my chest hurt all night.

i been living in the lib past few days.
def didn't get much done tonight.
ended up talking about life&boys.
[maybe i'll post about that soon too, i need to vent].
good convos are my life.

gotta be up at 9 to finish this project i've been putting off. it's 4 right now. sad. i need to get to the lib by 10 because i wanna make sure i got enough time to finish. absolutely cannot let my partner down. setting a million alarms.

sorry for lack of posts.
new readers, this isn't normally how it is.
i promise.


back to your program...

featuring miguel.


can't wait for a love supreme 2.0! soon enough! >>march 9th.


Ali.geezy said...

Oh do vent please :]
It's ok, we understand.
Hurrry up on that projectt yo!!!