Johnny Polygon - Rebel Without Applause [Mixtape]

how to make it in america premiered on hbo tonight. hope yall got to check it out! i'm sure there will be online episodes up in no time. that's how i'm gonna have to catch this series! anywho, the mixtape--BANGIN. if you haven't gotten it yet--wtf are you waiting for?! :) guess you're not an avid reader cause i def blogged about it the other day. didn't know how much i'd love it! >> get it here!

okay so there's a song on the mixtape called riot song by johnny polygon featuring kid cudi. i love it sooooo much!!! honestly never heard of johnny before then, but i just discovered he just dropped a mixtape today--i'm too eager to check it out!! mixtapes have been really good lately. i have a feeling this won't disappoint. *fingers crossed!*

download it now!!

update::: OMG. I LOVE THIS MIXTAPEEEE!!! i've heard around 5 songs so far and i adore this jank!!!! seriously. & the beats are simply amazing! GIVE IT A LISTEN. you won't regret. johnny is def a new fave of mine!!